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  1. You can still buy tickets on their website. It’s like Fox News in here.
  2. Let’s not allow the truth to get in the way of yet another inaccurate rant against the club. There is a militant majority on here that love it. Opening the lower lep for a few dozen more Lincoln fans would probably have cost us money, rather than generated profit. Engage brains please.
  3. I’ve heard that Wilder is sat waiting for that job.
  4. I fail to see how a club that has been accused of such behavior can not get a ban, fine etc. The league fine clubs for stupid things like late submission of results (10 minutes) yet seem to let stuff like this go. The only way to stop this is to send a message and start banning clubs. As soon as kids can’t play, the penny drop.
  5. Heard exactly the same a while back. It’s basically dog food. People aren’t interested in fancy, supposedly healthy food at the match. Just better pies, chips, burgers. Simple. There is a reason the chippy on Leppings Lane has queues going around the block.
  6. That number 7 was fully deserving of a pineapple planting right up his bullet hole.
  7. The whole thing needs a spark. We lack a Ben Marshall, Antonio, Jones.
  8. I think he inherited a unique situation. And they are his players. We can’t do anything on that side of things until January, and I suspect not a great deal can/will happen anyway. He does know this this league. And I actually think our recruitment has been good. Windass and Gregory keeping fit will be huge. But for whatever reason it’s just ain’t working. I fear he’s one bad result away from a big problem. But all things equal, I’d give him until Christmas.
  9. Last night was poor. First 25 minutes in particular was as bad as anything I’ve seen since Moore came in. I’ve got no idea what the plan is. It’s nearly October and he doesn’t know his best side, or formation. The players look lost and scratching around for some kind of method. I’m firmly in the give Moore more time camp. But, my patience tank is running dry and the atmosphere amongst the fans is getting toxic. Very toxic. It’s time to play a 4-4-2, pick a team and stick with it, and get back to the basics. Or, he will be gone in 6 weeks. It’s simply not good enough.
  10. Nice little away trip that. Great social club for a drink beforehand. Friendly bunch. As for the game. Wednesday were garbage.
  11. A1 it is then. Guessing 2.5 hours.
  12. Absolutely this. It’s incredibly difficult not to call a ref out on what you perceive to be a bad decision. But there are ways to do it. I think there’s a direct link between VAR and abuse at grassroots. Everyone now is convinced they are right. My big issue with refs is more the training. They turn up 2 minutes before kick off , invariably not in the proper gear. The younger ones are clearly there for the £25 not the love of the game. No communication before or during the match. To me, the most important part of reffing is before the game. Speak to the players, even the supporters of necesssry and explain a few basics on how you will manage the game, and what things are expected. Get the basics right, and it makes the rest of the job easier.
  13. Junior football brings together the 2 subjects everyone thinks they are an expert on. Kids. And football. Recipe for disaster.
  14. One other reason for the shortage of refs is the growth in the girls game, which is excellent btw. 10 years ago there was hardly any grassroots female football. Grassroots football is a very strange world. But its the same as anything in that the small minority can spoil it for the majority. Re refs, especially the young ones, they are often scared to give a decision. When you factor in some of these lads/girls are 15/16, that’s kind of understandable. I’ve actually seen very little ref abuse, and I do wonder sometimes if someone shouting ‘ref!’ after a decision is seen as a ‘abuse’ rather than just a natural football reaction.
  15. Can someone let me know if we can find a ball playing centre half in the next 29 hours. It’s not Champ Manager btw. You can’t just reboot the ZX81.
  16. There’s been a gypsy curse on the club ever since we released Beswetherick on a free transfer. We need Barry Fry to wazz on the corner flag.
  17. I think there is a huge problem with a very small minority. A tiny minority that have a huge voice because of social media.
  18. Moore isn’t beyond criticism. It’s not great at the minute, but with so many new players it was always going to take time. And I do think the standard of this league is a lot higher than what it was when we were here last time. But Wednesday fans do love sacking a manager. As for the point I think you are making, with respect, I think that’s ballacks. Nothing to do with it.
  19. When Wednesday fans get their teeth into a manager it’s game over. The most negative fanbase in British football. Moore hasn’t got a chance.
  20. Last time I checked it was Sheffield Wednesday in the league table, not Chansiri. You support the club, not the Chairman. Quite simple really.
  21. So you will be back when we’ve got a better team. Glad we cleared that one up. If all fans took that view there wouldn’t be a team. If and when we ever do get back to the Premier League I’d be a tad embarrassed to rock up, to be honest.
  22. Just a hunch but at this stage of his career having recently played for Man City, Chelsea and the Argentine National team, my guess is the attraction of acting as back up for BPF in League 1 may not be tremendously high on his list of desired destinations. Absolutely worth a phone call though, even if it’s just for bants.
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