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  1. Every fan moans about decisions. But at the end of the season the best side finishes top, the worst bottom. My fear with refs, at the top level, is that they are reduced to what cricket umpires are who now effectively just count to 6 and walk to square leg. I quite like the spontaneity of the odd poor or contentious decision. Sport isn’t perfect. I’d scrap all VAR other than the goal line technology.
  2. Pearson is an oddball. Re refs, they are as good now as they’ve ever been. It’s an impossible job, and I’d implore anyone that criticizes refs to give it a go, even at junior level. It would give people a whole new insight into the job and how tough it is. Decisions are dissected through 259 different media channels. All of which have the benefit of replays etc. The offside law is unfathomable. Refs are faced with multi millionaire managers, players and owners many of whom have zero respect for anyone, never mind referees. And that filters down to fans.
  3. Miles off. We have some idiots in the fanbase, and no doubt some racists, but no more than any other club. Idiots far outweigh racists. In effect most cross over on the venn diagram. Mentioned on another thread bloke next to me giving Patterson dogs abuse after 9 seconds on Saturday. He couldn’t wait. Instant idiot, just add alcohol.
  4. Didn’t Forest lose 7 of their first 8 last season? Moore had been good for this club in so many ways. But it’s a results business. He simply has to get us promoted this season. And he knows it.
  5. Had Paterson done that he’d have got dogs abuse on here this morning. And he gets subbed more than anyone.
  6. So players that are passionate and want to stay on, stay on?
  7. You weren’t there. You don’t know what was said. What we saw was a player clearly upset at getting subbed. And he reacted poorly. His job when getting subbed is to get off the pitch asap and support the team from that point on. Smith shouldn’t have reacted either. Peterborough will have laughed their balls off at such small time behaviour. These lads are professional footballers for a reason. The key word is professional. Whether it was the right or wrong decision to bring him off is irrelevant. Slippery slope to let players behave in such a way. Byers is a very good player, and seems a decent character, so no major issue.
  8. Incorrect. Take your medicine and sit down. Came across as petulant and disrespectful. It’s a team game.
  9. Dyche was one of the highest paid managers in the Premier League. He is just sitting and waiting for the first decent job to come up. Take your pick from Everton, Southampton, Fulham, Wolves, Villa, Leeds et al. Warne would be out of his depth here. Comes across really well, and has done a good job but this is a different animal. Re Moore, he gets until Christmas. If we aren’t at least top 6, he’s a goner. He knows the score. His transfer activity in the next 2 weeks will hold the key. Make or break time.
  10. It’s a contact sport. Plenty of other great sports available that are non contact. Darts, croquet, tennis etc.
  11. Wasn’t a dig at all. I really enjoyed the Euro’s but the whole thing since has been hijacked by the latest crusade for those who like to be offended. Souness talks sense and is a really good straight talking pundit. Micah Richards talks nonsense in my opinion. I just don’t get the hype and they are really trying hard to make a double act with Keane who in reality is on a different level.
  12. Give me the likes of Souness any day over the sterile media trained bores that populate Sky Sports daily, just to pacify the wetknobs in society that can’t get out of bed without bellyaching about something.
  13. Sorry but ‘battle like hell’ is nonsense. Loads of local teams both now and before the Euros we’re and remain desperate for players. The equality thing with female football is a bulllshitt story perpetuated by those desperate for a cause.
  14. Sourness is a top bloke. Brilliant player and very good pundit. I’m just glad he’s edging towards retirement as the lunatics take over the asylum. Football is getting dominated by some right old tossbags. Micah Richard’s is one of them.
  15. In the way that the rent a protest mob get hold of the issue/problem/agenda and blow things all out of proportion. The Womens Euros was brilliant. But let’s not forget the average attendance in the Womens Premier League was around 1500 last season. Equality isn’t the issue. Interest in it is.
  16. Hirst has the got the makings of a very good player but he’s 24 in a few months and if I were his agent I’d be telling him he needs to be the main man somewhere. He’d be behind Windass, Gregory and Smith here.
  17. Aye. And I’m signing for Bayern Munich.
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