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  1. Cash in the Attic

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Im surprised this is even a question!!! Leeds have some proper scrubber fans and always act like full on red bulbus ends but that alone is about the only thing that bothers me about them. They dont register with me unless we are about to play them and I soon forget about them once we have finished playing them until the next fixture comes around! The truffle hunters on the other hand are classless cumbuckets and the build up to the game begins a good month or two before and just gets worse the closer it gets!! We all get that gut wrenching feeling in our stomachs for the last couple of days leading up to the game and its horrific when the day actually arrives and doesnt leave you until the final whistle!! No other game gives you that much stress!!! We all have to go back to work with the scruffy trotters and listen to them bleating on about bouncing day and bobbar like that, but we still have boxing day and the semi final which trump that although it is pretty annoying nonetheless. For me, its not even remotely close!
  2. Cash in the Attic

    What is the furthest out..

    brunty at home to coventry takes a bit of beating i reckon
  3. Cash in the Attic


    sky sports news just said between us and Hull for Marvin Johnson whoever that is
  4. Cash in the Attic

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    That totally sums it up for me!! I am a bit gutted as I genuinely think hes one of the better right backs in the division, but I would rather let him go than have to sacrifice someone else like Fessi or Bannan because no-one wants any of our fringe players. We can only sell the players that other clubs are interested in! Anyone suggesting Kieran Lee as a ready made replacement can't obviously remember his crossing skills from when he was playing right back, which were worse than both Hunt and Palmers, so thats a no from me! He needs to play cm where he is much better placed and good at making those late runs inbetween the centre halves that he does probably better than most in the the division! I would expect we will sign a wingback either from the left or right to compete with Reach, Boyd, Palmer and Baker for those positions. Boyd would be better on the right for me... good engine and will balance the team up better than having to come inside all the time as he did on the left. I expect to see a youngster from the prem or some free transfer from Germany, Holland or Portugal that none of us have heard of but Jos knows.. Lets see what wheeling and a dealing we do before now and then...I do expect someone else to leave who we dont particularly want to lose, but we have to deal with it and see what Jos has up his sleeve.
  5. Cash in the Attic

    jack cork?

    i havent got a scooby doo if hes any good or how much he went for as i dont follow premiership football... in fact i dont really follow any football unless its Wednesday or a game that affects Wednesday... so wouldn't know
  6. Cash in the Attic

    jack cork?

    cheers thought as much
  7. Cash in the Attic

    jack cork?

    just had a tweet forwarded to me but dunno if its a wind up that we have signed him from Burnley on a free.... reckon someone is taking the urine as can't find owt about it!! Anyone heard owt?
  8. Cash in the Attic

    Big Atdhe haters

    did so! I can keep this up all day!
  9. Cash in the Attic

    Big Atdhe haters

    And on the subject of the big fella.....I've been a fan of his all the way through his time with us and I don't think he has particularly improved on what ability he had already but have been given a chance to play games with the better players we have now compared to when he regularly started games under SG. Under Carlos people talk about his goal return which is really unfair as he was used to kill off games when we had a lead. Getting the last 15 mins to hold the ball up and run it into the corners and slow the play down... He was rarely sent on to try and score a goal just to waste time which he is really good at too! He has always had good technical ability and you can see that by watching things he did prior to this season but not seen enough as he was used sparingly and as a game killer.... Now hes had the opportunity to have a good run in the side with our better players we are seeing what he is actually capable of but hasn't had the chance to prove... Go on Adthe lad.... keep the moaners quiet!!!!
  10. Cash in the Attic

    Big Atdhe haters

    no it isn't! it happened i remember it..... trying to remember who we were playing but it definitely happened 100% i was embarrassed listening to it at the time it made me cringe!!!
  11. Cash in the Attic


    Yeah Im not saying that we will find the perfect cb but Im sure we can find a rough diamond to nuture from the lower leagues that will be more suited and much cheaper than what Fred is available for? Football is all about opinions... Ive just not rated him since he came into the side...maybe thats just me but Im predicting we wont sign him unless we can pick him up as back up for peanuts!
  12. Cash in the Attic


    Leeds fans were glad to see the back of Tom Lees so I don't really hold what they say with any credence!! With regards to Bamba hasnt he made more tackles than any other defender in the Championship this season in the tightest defense in the division? I'd have taken him.
  13. Cash in the Attic


    That opinion would maybe hold water if I thought Venancio was indeed a championship centre half but my opinion is he isn't so I would rather pick a young hungry league one player up who may be able to step up a league. Otherwise look for a cb out of contract with championship experience during the summer.... we dont have to pay a fortune to replace a cb that can only play in a 3 and is physically not strong enough imo.... How much did Cardiff pay for Bamba? wasnt he on a free? What about Stearman at the pigs? didnt they sign him for a packet of wine gums and truffle from a local truffle hunt? I'd rather go down this route than waste a couple of mil on a player i dont think is good enough! And its all about opinions
  14. Cash in the Attic


    Same here i think hes weak defensively and easily knocked off the ball... not physically strong enough to play in a 2 and his distribution is particularly poor..... so its a no from me!! I think we can pick someone up cheaper and who is upto the physicality of the championship and more suited to it!!
  15. Cash in the Attic

    Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    gotta love the big man.... he offers a different option... ive always liked him!!!