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  1. Win lose or draw, its not that big a deal

    Go and wash yer mouth out pal.... got a couple of the nobs at work who haven't shut up since the end of last season blabbing on about premier league quality fleck and coutts!!!!!!!! It does matter and its the ONLY game that it does matter in!!! Scruffy Manor tramps with their Matalan tracksuits and fake gold necklaces!!! Hope I dont hear another peep out of em until the next game at the piggery!!
  2. Kieran Lee/ Isco

    cracked me up that!
  3. Watch rangers game in spain

    Cheers mucka!! I'll give that a go!
  4. Watch rangers game in spain

    Torreveja in Costa Blanca. .. nowt ere from this side of 1982!!
  5. Watch rangers game in spain

    Aye let's go with that!!
  6. Watch rangers game in spain

    Was hoping someone might do that periscope thing tomorrow as I'm in Spain atm and a bit gutted I won't be there! I registered for ifollow and new Wednesday app but it says €130 for access to live streams... I'm not that bothered!!! Anyone any idea how I can tune in or get a dodgy link?
  7. Meeting Nuhiu

    Hahahahahhahaa thats the sorta thing that happens to me!!!! funny that is!
  8. Nothing getting done!

    Nope just having my dinner hour now... in the office and put Netflix on for a bit to watch sons of anarchy to try and take my mind off of tonight! Jeremy Kyle can suck my balls!
  9. Nothing getting done!

    Same here..can't concentrate on anything!! I'm just generally reading on here and looking a articles in the press and doing jack diddly at work! Not that I usually do loads at work either but even less today!!
  10. Not many hotels rooms left

    16 of us booked in at the Holiday Inn for one night from the 29th - 30th.. £54 quid each but free cancellation up to 24 hours earlier. As Jon from Woodseats said, be loads become available once the semi's are sorted and the losing fans cancel theirs!!
  11. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    ffs got right down to login screen...clicked to login and sent me to back of queue 2170!!! So my mate will have to watch it in the Rawsons while we are at the match!!!! tough breasticles!!
  12. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    down to 81
  13. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    just dropped down to 116
  14. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    think they might be gone... ive just jumped up to 555 in the queue... not a good sign me thinks!!!
  15. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    down to 929 now.... my mate better bleeding appreciate this!!!!!