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  1. Im not having that!!! what if he fires one out just before the turn and sprint and everyone tastes it on the way back
  2. 1 Norwich City 46 29 11 6 96:55 41 98 2 Leeds United 46 26 12 8 80:46 34 90 3 Sheffield United 46 24 14 8 76:41 35 86 4 West Bromwich Albion 46 24 13 9 86:55 31 85 5 Aston Villa 46 19 18 9 83:62 21 75 6 Middlesbrough FC 45 18 17 10 49:35 14 71 7 Derby County 46 18 16 12 59:52 7 70 8 Sheffield Wednesday 46 18 16 12 58:57 1 70 9 Brentford FC 45 18 14 13 76:59 17 68 10 Nottingham Forest 46 16 19 11 64:53 11 67 11 Bristol City 45 17 13 15 55:49 6 64 12 Hull City 46 18 10 18 63:62 1 64 13 Preston North End 46 16 15 15 65:60 5 63 14 Birmingham City 46 14 18 14 64:59 5 60 I had us only losing one more game from the last 9 away at norwich because Im confident we will get something at Leeds as we usually do barring the season Rhodes missed that penalty. Draws were the killer though....I had us beating both forest and Bristol City and drawing with Villa at home and still wasnt enough to break into to top 6...plus boro and brentford have a game left over so that one point could be 4 by the end of it all or Brentford leap frog us into 8th. I did notice that the pigs have loads of winnable games and they may well nick second spot the scruffy. matalan tracksuit wearing truffle snorters!
  3. I think its quite funny... never heard of the geezer who has done it but looks like he has done a few different ones. Soz if the pope is dead..... WAWAW
  4. Couldn't have put it better myself..... Also it might have been far easier for Dawson too as he got pelters for it when he was just doing as he was told. The rest of his game is fine and his shot stopping is great...I did feel sorry for him the abuse he was getting from round me was ridiculous... I do love Westy though..got a man love thing going on!
  5. Agreed... I would rather wait until the summer and see who we release and create some room for SB in the salary budget to add some better quality youngsters from the premier league and players out of contract because thats where we are going to be shopping for a while.
  6. Having been at the fans forum and heard Chansiri first hand and the difficulties we have circumnavigating FFP this season never mind next, I cannot see any players joining this month other than a loan or a player out of contract. Those talking our youth team players up with regards to next season need their bumps feeling if they think thats the answer next season and its nothing to do with being too young or inexperienced but more a case of just not being good enough!! Of all the lads given a chance over the last year only Thornily and Penny look like they could play at this level... the other are quite frankly likely to get us relegated as they are league 2 players at best! On top of that I will be royally shagged off if thats the way we go as ive signed up for another 4 years on my season ticket and expect better... just sayin!!
  7. Isnt it amazing what happens when you start playing players in the position they have always played in??? Left back and left wingback are neither!!
  8. Ive hit the dog 9 times out of 10 practicing....hes in for a reyt mint pounding!!
  9. no need i have my stash of mints in a tin...sorted!
  10. I can do this......ive been practicing my angry and expressive finger pointing too
  11. Its an absolute disgrace....I'm rounding up the lynch mob as we speak!! Just gotta dig out my pitch fork and strongly worded sandwich boards!!
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