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  1. Cash in the Attic

    Agnew on recruitment

    Agreed... I would rather wait until the summer and see who we release and create some room for SB in the salary budget to add some better quality youngsters from the premier league and players out of contract because thats where we are going to be shopping for a while.
  2. Cash in the Attic

    Agnew on recruitment

    Having been at the fans forum and heard Chansiri first hand and the difficulties we have circumnavigating FFP this season never mind next, I cannot see any players joining this month other than a loan or a player out of contract. Those talking our youth team players up with regards to next season need their bumps feeling if they think thats the answer next season and its nothing to do with being too young or inexperienced but more a case of just not being good enough!! Of all the lads given a chance over the last year only Thornily and Penny look like they could play at this level... the other are quite frankly likely to get us relegated as they are league 2 players at best! On top of that I will be royally shagged off if thats the way we go as ive signed up for another 4 years on my season ticket and expect better... just sayin!!
  3. Cash in the Attic

    SYP Call for weekday Sheffield derbies only

    SYP can suck my sweaty plums
  4. Cash in the Attic

    George Boyd.

    Isnt it amazing what happens when you start playing players in the position they have always played in??? Left back and left wingback are neither!!
  5. Cash in the Attic

    Press conference today?

    Ive hit the dog 9 times out of 10 practicing....hes in for a reyt mint pounding!!
  6. Cash in the Attic

    Press conference today?

    no need i have my stash of mints in a tin...sorted!
  7. Cash in the Attic

    Press conference today?

    I can do this......ive been practicing my angry and expressive finger pointing too
  8. Cash in the Attic

    Press conference today?

    Its an absolute disgrace....I'm rounding up the lynch mob as we speak!! Just gotta dig out my pitch fork and strongly worded sandwich boards!!
  9. Cash in the Attic

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    What an absolute spoon!
  10. Cash in the Attic

    Bruce’s first signing...

    is that Roberts brother?
  11. Cash in the Attic

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Im surprised this is even a question!!! Leeds have some proper scrubber fans and always act like full on red bulbus ends but that alone is about the only thing that bothers me about them. They dont register with me unless we are about to play them and I soon forget about them once we have finished playing them until the next fixture comes around! The truffle hunters on the other hand are classless cumbuckets and the build up to the game begins a good month or two before and just gets worse the closer it gets!! We all get that gut wrenching feeling in our stomachs for the last couple of days leading up to the game and its horrific when the day actually arrives and doesnt leave you until the final whistle!! No other game gives you that much stress!!! We all have to go back to work with the scruffy trotters and listen to them bleating on about bouncing day and bobbar like that, but we still have boxing day and the semi final which trump that although it is pretty annoying nonetheless. For me, its not even remotely close!
  12. Cash in the Attic

    What is the furthest out..

    brunty at home to coventry takes a bit of beating i reckon
  13. Cash in the Attic


    sky sports news just said between us and Hull for Marvin Johnson whoever that is
  14. Cash in the Attic

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    That totally sums it up for me!! I am a bit gutted as I genuinely think hes one of the better right backs in the division, but I would rather let him go than have to sacrifice someone else like Fessi or Bannan because no-one wants any of our fringe players. We can only sell the players that other clubs are interested in! Anyone suggesting Kieran Lee as a ready made replacement can't obviously remember his crossing skills from when he was playing right back, which were worse than both Hunt and Palmers, so thats a no from me! He needs to play cm where he is much better placed and good at making those late runs inbetween the centre halves that he does probably better than most in the the division! I would expect we will sign a wingback either from the left or right to compete with Reach, Boyd, Palmer and Baker for those positions. Boyd would be better on the right for me... good engine and will balance the team up better than having to come inside all the time as he did on the left. I expect to see a youngster from the prem or some free transfer from Germany, Holland or Portugal that none of us have heard of but Jos knows.. Lets see what wheeling and a dealing we do before now and then...I do expect someone else to leave who we dont particularly want to lose, but we have to deal with it and see what Jos has up his sleeve.