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  1. 3 minutes ago, Tewkesbury said:

    They are there as a safety net for promoted teams to sign players, so they aren't stuck with big contracts and no way to pay them if relegated.


    If you were a mid Prem player, would you play for a relegation side and take a massive pay cut if relegated, or bench warm at a mid table side with a guaranteed wage?

    That depends on the players ambitions, and whether he wants to play or be a highly paid spectator every week

  2. 1 hour ago, smhouston said:

    Linked to Willy Cabellero now

    They are getting linked with everyone, because everyone knows how desperate they are


    21 minutes ago, darra said:

    Maybe not? Depends on how easy he thinks it would be to get another job. His stock is still high (?) so he might think it would be worth it to walk away. The longer they go on losing and or drawing the lower his stock will drop.

    Looking at the table with GD they are already 8 points adrift of the playoffs. I know it's early days but for a club that isn't scoring goals, they can't afford to let that gap get any bigger.

    This, he might as well get out asap and go back to where he was

  3. 2 hours ago, Nut said:

    Sorry, what I meant was there's almost £24m coming back into the club. Whether it's profit or not, it's still a lot of money that can be spent. 

    It wont be the full lot because i doubt they paid it all up front to Bournemouth


    So it will be what's left after paying them back, and again they wont get the full fee up front


    And they cant reinvest it because its needed for the running of the club

  4. 42 minutes ago, Owl Rly said:

    I can see them getting a good fee for “Rammers” and then getting a much better goalkeeper. The jammy buggers! Also imagine that a ridiculous fee will kickstart some of their much needed recruitment 


    if they have already spent this years parachute payments, and more, it will need more than 1 sale to kickstart anything

  5. 10 minutes ago, CalmJimmers said:

    I think they'll be top 6 and may even trouble the top two. Their squad is too strong for them not to imo.




    Sure thats what a lot said last season, lets see what happens, but not looking good, with little or no money to spend

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Incognito Owl said:

    Maguire is different though as he supported Wednesday first and was supposedly a season ticket holder and went to games with his family when he was a kid/teenager. He was in United's Youth and made his breakthrough with them. In one of the past few games between us at Hillsborough is was in with the United fans and he has said he supports both I think. Jamie Vardy has questioned him on this and his allegiance several times too.

    He did go to Hillsborough until he broke into the team, was a season ticket holder, don't know if he has swapped back now he isn't with them, but Vardy has said he has told him he has to choose and that he cant support both teams

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  7. 6 hours ago, hk_owl said:

    I thought there might be some apologies on this thread… but that’s not the Owlstalk way is it?!


    Well Done Mr Chansiri! A better run club than at least 8 others. FACT.





    Yes, well done for submitting the accounts late and having under an unnecessary embargo


    if we are better than 8 clubs, we are worse than 63

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