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  1. Yes it has, which one of the two will be at Coventry tomorow
  2. at least they got exposure every time it is mentioned how bad they are doesn't seem to have done any good though
  3. There is a section for waste management, that's the only reason they are 11th, they are good at that
  4. RIP, saw him second time around where you could still see the class he had
  5. Edit - Looks like the law changed in 1997, missed that
  6. Thought that was out of his hands i didn't think you could either, did the ref think the other goalkeeper touched it or something
  7. They will be 3years older with their confidence shot instead of being on the up though
  8. But they only lost 3-2 against Man Utd, i know it was only one goal off a massacre, but it means they have a chance against them and City now 6 points nothing less from the rejuvenated ones
  9. Probably, and the one who was the last captain from a non top division club to lift a trophy at Wembley
  10. Can they afford them after already borrowing against failure payments? they could be in a position where they have to go up or else, that's if the prince can borrow against future failure payments to meet the cash flow this is Wilders first season for them where he had pressure on him, after last seasons so called success, if he stays he is going to be under more pressure, and looking at this season he might not like it think he will bail for that reason alone
  11. So guaranteed play off spot, we know how good they are at those don't we
  12. Yet all three teams that were relegated last season were much better than them, and which one of those is running away with the league this season
  13. That's not the point, we aren't even a top half championship team, and Westwood would improve them
  14. Its bad enough been known as Sheffield Wednesday at the moment but would be even worse being known as Wayne Rooneys Sheffield Wednesday
  15. Yet we are above them, despite -6points, and with a better points per game than they have
  16. No chance, according to some on here, he is always 100% correct
  17. Its not like it used to be, they don't have to run a pub once they retire any more, a lot of players are secure financially before they make the first team If Reach has looked after his money he is made for life already
  18. This, it will take someone to pay the clubs £Millions then they will stop or the players to take a massive pay cut while they aren't playing No chance of either, so it will continue
  19. The mortgage for the ground, players wages, paying off McCabe, no income, And paying back the loans taken against future income i think a large proportion of that money will have already gone
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