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  1. It will just help pay the mortgage and the loans
  2. It will be an undisclosed fee, which will mean they will say it was at least 30million
  3. yea, a few years older than me, went to the same school, and i was in the same year as Les
  4. And they have lost their best player which makes them a lot weaker as well
  5. Losing at Wembley can get you a lot of money, so out tonight
  6. But that wasn't the PL, so it doesn't count
  7. From Football League World Centre back Liam Palmer and midfielder George Byers both dropped to the bench at Adams Park, with both ending the day as unused substitutes, which Moore confirmed was to give the duo a rest and keep them fresh.
  8. That's what he is supposed to have said, cant find the article now though, if i find it i will post it
  9. This, Moore over thinks it and tinkers, he dropped Byers and Palmer yesterday because he wants the fresh for the next two games think is if we had won yesterday, he could have dropped who he wanted for the next two matches as we would have been in the play offs already
  10. at the moment that team is Millwall
  11. Looking at that the fit persons test will be a breeze for him
  12. Strange how they have made a profit but had borrow from various sources, looks like the borrowing against future income is hitting them at the moment, and as next years failure payments have already been borrowed against, they could be in serious trouble
  13. a lot will depend on whether Forest can keep it up, and Middlesboro seem to be getting their act together Utd have the worst record of the top half of the table over the last five matches, lets hope they keep that up over the next five
  14. 3 wins 3 draws hopefully will be enough to get in the play offs, might be OK with 2 wins and 4 draws if we are lucky
  15. Sharpe has a hamstring problem, but was supposed to be nearly ready yesterday, as was McBurnie, but they want to risk them with important matches coming up lets hope this is a Wednesday "nearly ready" and we wont see them for the rest of the season
  16. This is why they want to reduce the number of teams in the PL not because of the number of games they have to play, but because the top 6 can make more money playing matches abroad
  17. The level of loans they have taken out shows they have some problems, you don't take out out loans against your own property and against future payments you are going to receive if you have money
  18. Think MK will still be looking at 2nd the way Rotherham have been playing recently For us 82 should be enough hopefully, but it will be any three from five right up to the end
  19. Said the same on another thread the other day, the problem we have is we have to play too many teams who will do this, not sure if we will make the play offs, but if we do we may have a chance because, hopefully, teams will not do this
  20. The problem for me is that every time a team bullies us, we cant win, and with games against teams that will do just that still to come, and with all the teams around us winning, i fear we will drop too many points
  21. And Boris is going to visit, to see if we can sell them more arms to bomb Yeman
  22. I'm being greedy as well, us to go up and them to stay down
  23. Think you will find there was a vote in parliament about that, and not many MPs disagreed the point now is why we went to war, not that MPs of all sides thought it wrong at the time
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