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  1. they have lost the loanees and the out of contract players, not sure how many that is
  2. He did go to Hillsborough until he broke into the team, was a season ticket holder, don't know if he has swapped back now he isn't with them, but Vardy has said he has told him he has to choose and that he cant support both teams
  3. Need experience if we sign a lot of young players
  4. Yes, well done for submitting the accounts late and having under an unnecessary embargo if we are better than 8 clubs, we are worse than 63
  5. i didn't ask that question, again how many clubs make a profit?
  6. How many football clubs make a profit, and are not reliant on the owners to put money in?
  7. Who do you think makes the rules and votes on them?
  8. We are the rule makers, along with the other 71 EFL clubs
  9. The reason we got the penalty relegated us, and we all know whose fault that is, and its not the EFL or the players
  10. No, the same rules for all 72 clubs, just DC seems to think they don't apply to us
  11. So knowingly break the rules, fail when you have broken them, and then its the EFLs fault that they impose the penalties that you know would come if your breaking the rules failed That's the EFLs fault?
  12. I cant remember them punishing a club that hasn't broken the rules
  13. Buts it not DC's fault, its Urhoghides fault for not signing the longer contract that wasn't offered him before he got into the last year of his contract
  14. and if the yearly test says there is no funds, what then, the club goes under?
  15. They want us to work within the rules, it is that simple
  16. 2 million is a drop in the ocean, unless we have another 10 players we can sell as well that would leave us with 5 players plus kids, should be OK with them starting the season
  17. At the moment he is a body who would do well next season we wont be selling to get 2 or 3 new players in, the money will disappear into the abyss the more we sell the less players we have in the squad for next season
  18. Going to wait and see what happens before i decide, having got all my money back from the club i am going to very careful before i give them anymore i would like some confidence that we are going to sign players, 15 pros and kids will not be a good starting point, especially if we have a big points deduction, which could happen, it will be either a wasted season or a battle against relegation again
  19. its nothing to do with the employer, it is in employment law, your employer has got to pay you what they owe you when you leave, likewise if you have taken more holiday than you were entitled to they can reclaim the extra money you have been paid listen to what every else is telling you about this, or research it your self
  20. You can, i have been paid for untaken holidays from the last two jobs i have left, so that definitely happens
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