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  1. That depends on the players ambitions, and whether he wants to play or be a highly paid spectator every week
  2. Who owns the ground, will any new owner get that as well? Could be a massive problem if Morris owns that still
  3. Surely they cant take the full hit of all the points this season, if one set of points deduction sends them down the rest must go onto next season
  4. If Wilder doesn't get this one, who is going to offer him a job?
  5. i was there what a great midfield that was, Craig, Harvey & McMordie not long after that game they were all gone
  6. They are getting linked with everyone, because everyone knows how desperate they are This, he might as well get out asap and go back to where he was
  7. Lets see how confident he is on Wednesday morning
  8. It wont be the full lot because i doubt they paid it all up front to Bournemouth So it will be what's left after paying them back, and again they wont get the full fee up front And they cant reinvest it because its needed for the running of the club
  9. if they have already spent this years parachute payments, and more, it will need more than 1 sale to kickstart anything
  10. Any fans from any club that travel 500 mile or so round trip for an 8pm kick off, that is on TV need congratulating
  11. Reports they are trying to sign Ben Davies on loan, for a million pound fee, looks like they are trying for 0-0 draws in all their matches
  12. Sure thats what a lot said last season, lets see what happens, but not looking good, with little or no money to spend
  13. We don't sell, he goes for nothing at the end of the season, all the complaints come in about allowing players to run their contract down and leave for nothing when we could have sold them
  14. True, but it wasn't paying the office staff less than the minimum wage
  15. they have lost the loanees and the out of contract players, not sure how many that is
  16. He did go to Hillsborough until he broke into the team, was a season ticket holder, don't know if he has swapped back now he isn't with them, but Vardy has said he has told him he has to choose and that he cant support both teams
  17. Need experience if we sign a lot of young players
  18. Yes, well done for submitting the accounts late and having under an unnecessary embargo if we are better than 8 clubs, we are worse than 63
  19. i didn't ask that question, again how many clubs make a profit?
  20. How many football clubs make a profit, and are not reliant on the owners to put money in?
  21. Who do you think makes the rules and votes on them?
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