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  1. I've no idea to be honest. Forbes reckons their business plan is to achieve a group turnover of $8billion by 2020 through numerous acquisitions. It states they currently have revenues of $3.7billion so they've got some way to go. It doesn't mention profitability of the group, only the family wealth at $700million.
  2. Do you think so? I'm not so sure, as Lee Strafford's plans back in 2009-10 were initially budgeted at circa £25million from memory. If a phased redevelopment started with the West Stand there would basically be the lose of revenue from away fans initially. Lets say an average of 1,000 per game at £40 each, that's £40,000. £40,000 over let's say 26 home games (poor cup runs!) and you're looking at a loss of revenue of circa £1,040,000. Say the West Stand redevelopment started at the end of one season they'd be approx 13-14 months to complete the work. Depending on what was being built I'd say that's a fair amount of time. (Btw - I do this for a living so I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about ) Assuming it was then the North Stand next, then the new west stand could be used to temporarily replace the north. Probabky not quite as many seats but not a significant loss of seats and therefore revenue. Let's say 4,000 seats at £40 each would be £160,000 per game and circa £4,160,000 over the season. North stand redevelopment could take longer, but if overlapped with the west during the summer, completion by the following August could be achieved. The big one would be the Kop redevelopment. But even if you doubled the revenue loss to £8million during that phase you're still some way off the construction costs IMO. In order to keep 3 stands open I'd imagine something in the region of a 3, possibly 4, year rolling project. That said I agree in an ideal world the work would be complete before we get to the Premier League. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long!
  3. They'd better have a few vans.....might take a while
  4. If, and that's a big IF, they could find a suitable site in the city - I don't see one currently - they're probably looking somewhere in excess of £100million, depending on what they want to build. Forbes currently quotes the family wealth at $700million or £550million. That's a hell of chunk of the Chansiri family pot if they were to fund it directly.
  5. That's a good point and something I'd forgotten to mention is In terms of accessing Meadowhall and the Arena (and soon Ikea) Weedon Street is a very significant road. SCC Highways and therefore Planning would likely require significant upgrades to the existing road network to accommodate a stadium on that site. If indeed they would even allow it. Having been involved in the overall Ikea development I know the restrictions currently imposed on Weedon Street, especially around Christmas. The construction of the Ikea store required significant upgrades to the highways network as far as the roundabouts at junction 34. The mind boggles at what would be required for a stadium on Weedon Street. In fact I imagine the road network just wouldn't be able to cope on match days, which is why along with everything else I've posted I believe this is a complete non-starter.
  6. Plus it's worth noting that by redeveloping Hillsborough DC would be limiting his financial exposure. One stand at a time means a limited outlay, which could be curtailed if we tank and end up in League 1! Once you press the button on a new stadium, with costs likely to run to at least £100million+ you're committed to complete the project and move.
  7. That site was subject to wider Planning Application by British Land in 2009. That particular area of the scheme was due to be developed for residential use. Given that Outline Planning was granted and because it's used as overspill parking by Meadowhall I'll wager British Land own it. If that's the case then I dont see them selling it as the return on developing it, and the wider scheme which involves commercial development, will by significantly higher than I'd imagine would pay to build a stadium. And in any case, you'd still have remediation issues / costs to bear. It just doesn't stack up for me. Option - Redevelop Hillsborough: Cost - a phased redevelopment of the ground, potential short term revenue loss due to reduced capacity. Option - Relocate Ground Cost - land purchase, site remediation, infrastructure development (roads, utilities, etc), stadium, potential loss of revenue due to relocation & access for current fan base, potential increased revenue due to 'new stadium' effect. Unless DC has got incredibly deep pockets IMO I don't see us moving anywhere.
  8. But where would you propose? The area of land that the Keepmoat is built on is huge. Space wasn't an issue. The Keepmoat is substantially smaller than Hillsborough is now in terms of overall footprint. Plus there was already good infrastructure and means of access in place. There simply isn't a flat site anywhere in Sheffield that can accommodate the size of stadium footprint we would need.
  9. Acces is poor though and I would estimate it's not much bigger looking at Google Maps. Its also been used for industrial / manufacturing in the past so the ground will likely be heavily contaminated - which means it will be costly to remediate before anything can be built on it. Plus from memory the area isn't flat so it's a non-starter IMO.
  10. Whereabouts in Neepsend were you thinking? As with the training ground plot, access is poor and I couldn't see Planning being granted to be honest.
  11. That plot is far smaller than the current one. Plus the means of access are poor compared to Hillsborough.
  12. I don't agree there mate. Apart from levelling and remediating industrial buildings / land in the Don Valley I don't know of any site in the city big enough to accommodate a new stadium. The cost of land is high, the cost of purchasing buildings and remediating the land would be hugely expensive. A phased redevelopment of Hillsborough, on a site that the club already owns, is easily the cheapest option. There's also the potential hidden cost of relocating away from Hillsborough and the impact that could have of fans that can currently access the ground on foot. Putting the new ground at the end of some soulless industrial estate in the Don Valley doesn't exactly inspire me.
  13. I made this point on a similar thread a few weeks ago. The amount of unused space underneath and behind the Kop (and the North) is phenomenal! It's just begging to be used. Re-developed right it could create some incredible spaces for concession and retail, potential hospitality space and / or space for non-match day revenue generating opportunities, plus of course great views from all seats. The only potential negative could be what material is in the mound that the original Kop was built on. There's a substantial amount of material to excavate and take off site. Transporting excavated material can be pricey; if there's contaminated material in there - quite possible given the time it built (they'd have chucked anything in there back then) - the cost could be eye-watering.
  14. Very happy with this news. Continuity off the pitch is exactly what we needed. A few changes on it and we could be looking at automatic promotion. Thankfully we won't be falling into the trap that so many teams seem to do and that's sacking a manager every 12-18 months and having to clear the decks and re-start time and time again.
  15. Football for me hasn't quite been the same since Andy Linighan. I don't think I've ever truly recovered from that night.
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