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  1. reddishswfc

    OFFICIAL - Abdi and Pudil Sign

    Stick the tweet up mate
  2. reddishswfc

    Paulo Regula

    It has Dave Allen as our chairman....!! :ls: :st2:
  3. reddishswfc


    Hope it's not the same person....Can see a stalker claim on the way
  4. Why botherBy the sound of it, all the poo poo was on the inside already....
  5. reddishswfc


    I live in Stockport but the only time I've been to Edgeley Park is to see the Mighty Owls Anyone who has the misfortune to support County will wish they had been chosen too WAWAW
  6. reddishswfc

    Your 100% right, the Media do love us.

    To be fair they have put an advertisement for the Blunts promotion party in the bottom right hand corner of the front page
  7. reddishswfc

    Just how mental did you go?

    Went mental at work Showing the plastic ManUre fans what real passion means... UTO
  8. reddishswfc

    free avatar

    Genius Trev Changed my avatar at half time today so gonna have to stick with it now
  9. reddishswfc

    Interesting comments from Megson

    This should be an intersting listen to those of us in the Greater Manchester region... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16738723.stm
  10. reddishswfc

    We're our fans from?

  11. reddishswfc

    Bus To Oldham from Manchester

    Piccadiily Gardens is only 2 minutes walk from the train station - or one tram stop
  12. reddishswfc

    free exeter tickets?

    Unfortunately, they can't do that. Once a price is quoted and the customer accepts that price and offers payment then a contract exists The error may not be with our box office though - it may well be with the ticketing provider, in which case the club should be able to claim any difference from them ust a thought..
  13. reddishswfc

    Putting things in perspective

    If it wasn't for Milan we could be facing up to the same sort of problems that Plymouth are going through Some people have short memories
  14. reddishswfc

    Who's taking penalties this season?

    I'd worry about who is going to get the ball in the box in order to win a penalty....
  15. reddishswfc

    billy paynter

    May be shopping for some new boots The ones he had on last Saturday definitely weren't working