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  1. Ordered 2. One for my mate and one for my new "Wednesday room"!
  2. Cheers for that mate. Really can't be bothered to stay up for FLS. Early start tomorrow!
  3. Burtringham

    Chrissy O'Grady song

    I couldn't hear them sing even after going 2-0 up although I was shouting at the telly quite a lot so that may explain why!
  4. Burtringham

    Chrissy O'Grady song

    Watched on the TV last night and all I could hear were the Wednesday sing. Proud of the lads regardless of what was sung. Massive!
  5. Burtringham

    Owls on SKY

    I threatened to leave a month ago and was offered Sky Sports free for 12 months as long as I kept the Movies open as well. Keep negotiating!
  6. Burtringham


    get blue & white striped wallpaper in his room now. Place posters of Semedo on the wall and don't stop talking about how massive we are. Worked for me!
  7. Burtringham

    Chris maguire song

    Chri-i-is, It's Chrissy Maguire (to the tune of Sex on Fire)
  8. How do you approach an angry Welsh Cheese? Caerphilly
  9. I wouldn't even wipe my ar$e with this! Maybe United Pork Scratchings!
  10. Burtringham

    Antonio-statement of intent

    "Lapsed Owl"? What are you talking about? You are either an owl or you are not. Supporting Wednesday is for life, not just for Christmas!
  11. Burtringham

    Behind enemy lines

    Just Say No Mind you, that didn't work with Ched!
  12. Absolutely flippingbrilliant!
  13. Burtringham

    Anagrams of "Sheffield Wednesday"

    I like the anagram of Milan Mandaric - A criminal, damn!