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  1. I seriously despair at most of the posts on here. We have a threadbare squad that are giving it their all. Playing some nice football going forward but have no quality up front. So 9 times out of ten you get beat. Not Monks fault, wouldn't blame him for walking away. Not the players that stayed fault either. Bad management of the club to blame, end of story
  2. I've been supporting The Wednesday since 76, had a season ticket for 35 years. Sacking yet another scapegoat really the answer
  3. Had a season ticket for 30 years. Not renewed, not been for over two months. Just absolutely fooked off with it
  4. Had a season ticket for 30 years. Not renewed, not been for over two months. Just absolutely fooked off with it
  5. Me being one. Still not managing to watch on bloody iplayer
  6. Yep paid for that. Still can't watch it in my current location apparently
  7. I'll go for a walk and forget it about it then. After seeing the team might be the best option
  8. Spent the best part of the day trying to register then an hour trying to log in. My brother was having the same issues Email address not recognised. Finally logged in to be told I cannot watch from my current location! And to listen I need to upgrade my account. Bought a match pass as on holiday in Cambridge using the site wifi. Thiught it was billed as watch anywhere in the world
  9. Really? Westwood will be gone by the end of the season at the latest. Dawson and Wildsmith are the long term future goal keepers. We're not going to be challenging for top 6 this season so what is the point of playing Westwood?
  10. Two youngsters looking good at the back, controlled large parts of the game and Fletch should have had a couple at least. A youngster between the sticks also looking the business. Not going to pull up any trees this season, but quality players finally coming through the ranks and getting a chance. A couple of seasons slowly rebuilding. Not exactly the end of the world.
  11. From Chesterfield but have a Wednesday fan in the band. Great young band building a big local following
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