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  1. Was there at the match, excited to see DiCanio & Blondeau
  2. I guess we will probably prefer different types of players then. I like winners and players with skill, not ones who argues and gets himself booked then doesn't win a flick on because he's not timing his jumps. I am being a bit pedantic there, I think if Paterson applied himself more to winning headers, closing down players in unison with other team-mates, then he'd be a better player. For me he doesn't influence a game positively enough, he gives away silly free kicks and his dark arts are often to the detriment of us, not the opposition
  3. Watch when the ball is played towards him in the air and how many times he mistimes his jump or is in the slightly wrong position. Also watch when he appears to be in the wrong place to close someone down so doesn't bother. Watch when he gives needless fouls away when there are options to close down and keep the opposition under pressure. I have some sympathy for him, never knows whether he will start, asked to cover several positions, but he winds me up because he seems to make wrong choices far too often and we lose possession so often when the ball is played into him.
  4. Be interested to see if Smith does start. I expect him to and I thought at Harrogate in the first half, Smith and Windass seemed like they could develop a partnership. I wonder if many fans have listened to the BBC sounds episodes that were added in the last couple of months covering Rotherham and Oxfords last 3 months of the season. I thought they were a good listen, told you a lot about the characters of the two managers. In that they revealed Smith was playing with an injection before the match and at half time. He was consistently playing at less than 100% fit.
  5. Possibly, but it's not always the case. Ask Chris Marsden.
  6. I agree with you largely on Fessi. He should have been told to play wide left and stay with that, especially given that we had Hooper, who also came short and found the hole. Up front he was only effective against certain defenders, the clever ones could mark him out of the game because he had his back to goal. We signed him on the basis of what he could do cutting in from the wing. Agree regarding João also. I'd add Wickham as being as good for his brief decent spell with us, you could see he was a Prem player if only he could have played big spells injury free, which he never did throughout his career.
  7. To answer your original post I think most Wednesday fans have mixed thoughts. We've made a lot if signings, especially at the back and at this stage it's difficult to see whether they will gel. In our last friendly and opening game we conceded 7 to average sides, in both games we had more possession, more shots and looked more threatening for longer spells. We've taken Wycombe's goalie and Rotherhams centre half, both teams have little away, so you'd hope we'd start to be like that with those 2, but we looked completely disorganized. First match, so time will tell. Personally I think we've enough for top 6, it's down to our manager to make the difference and get us into top 2 and I'm not sure if he will make the difference. I'll be off to MK which will be a good test as our leading scorer from last season is out, but up front we should still have enough and actually now have a player who could play as a lone striker. As for your lot, you look a few players short but you have a wily manager so I suspect a lower half finish as it stands. Surprised you didn't buy 2/3 quality players to be honest, but there's still time and the loan system will kick in shortly for a few clubs I reckon. As for the debate on you posting, I enjoy other fans commenting on here and actually wish there was more friendly banter. I'm all for taking the ******** out of each other if it's overall respectful and sharing views, should be like that at the game too. You do that at the pub and in work with mates who support other clubs, no reason why it shouldn't also occur on forums and at the ground.
  8. I've defended Iorfa and said he could still be our best CH and needs a run of games, but that was awful defensively from him today. He's talk, strong and fast but not using his attributes at all
  9. I don't blame the supporter and I don't want him banned, personally I didn't use the phrase we should all be as one. However, families often bicker, at times fall out - sometimes over money, at times they let each other down. When the crunch comes though, they stick together and they wouldn't stop themselves from seeing each other. To me there's only a couple of facts we know. Firstly, the guy wants a season ticket and felt a need to take action against the club to get his refund (we don't know why he felt that way). Secondly, he gave the club lots of chances and explained his situation, the club did not. He didn't cost them lots more money, they could have replied to him. On those 2 bits of information that seems to be the only things we actually know, the club is at fault and shouldn't ban him, if indeed they have done. My supposition, as I've mentioned before, is that Chansiri sees this as the fan disrespecting the club and showing a lack of honour, when in my mind Chansiri should have been more open about the refund process and he could have instigated a policy for these types of cases. A simple message to fans like "I will be refunding, I urge you to take credit rather than cash, if you do take cash it may take up to 18 months due to Covid and the lack of cash flow, if you feel you have an urgent situation please email the club.......etc". Transparency often stops these things from escalating.
  10. I tend to agree. I'm still not convinced he will get the very best out of the players and be tactically astute, but he is so likable and seems to want to improve everything. Last year the buzz watching Wednesday returned and we played some cracking football at times, plus he seems to be influencing Chansiri positively, he's very fan conscious and I hope he succeeds. He has enough good traits to think that if he can get us achieving on the pitch then he could be here for a good while - and as a club you'd think that would be beneficial to us
  11. I'm mixed on Paterson. I'd love him to have a good season. He annoys me that he gives so many free kicks away. At times he appears more interested in spoiling than doing stuff that helps the team. He often runs a bit aimlessly rather than closing down. However, I've not seen him have a bad game at RWB so would try him there more often and to be fair to the guy, not knowing if you are in or out if the side week to week, or where you might be playing must be tricky. It's hard to even say he has a regular position anymore, probably striker, but I do think that must affect him and I don't doubt his desire to do well.
  12. Of course they did it for themselves, but we all do that at times, so I'm not sure what your point is. The fans with the most away points buy tickets for away matches that they won't attend (and often sell them on) leaving those with slightly less points unable to get a ticket whilst someone who doesn't have enough points is going instead, or in some cases the seat is left unoccupied. Their consequence for putting themselves first is they keep getting away tickets. That's just one example. As for putting themselves first then they may be guilty, but I don't think they put themselves in front of others. Anybody who kicked off had generally been waiting til 6-12 months after Chansiri had started the refunds and had said he was going to make the refunds (he never said it would take him 24 months or whatever timescales it's taken)
  13. Think you've got the nail on the head. My brother-in-law waited for ages for his refund at a time when he was really struggling for money. He emailed and phoned the club several times and got nowhere. As a result he's not renewed and he may never come back now. He lives in Leeds and has other priorities with family and so he'll probably just pick his games for the rest of his life. At £500 a season roughly that could be close to £10,000 the club has lost over the next 20 years. That's one fan. I think Chansiri had his idea of "honour" and this will be why he's done it - he'll feel that the guy who took him to court has no honour because you wouldn't do that to something that you consider to be your family. What Chansiri can't see or won't see is what he does that we feel is just as bad. Personally, when he issued a survey with only 2 choices of pay top prices for decent players or pay average prices for zero signings was his biggest "lack of honour". He knew full well at the time we were overspending and likely to face a ban, plus there was no middle options and he was going it purely to justify his overspending and the fact he was charging top whack at the time. Just like this season ticket example, if he'd been more open fans would have understood. Nothing wrong with saying I've made some mistakes, I perhaps got caught up in the belief we would get promoted and I've overpaid on transfer fees and wages, which has inflated prices, but I'm learning and will not make the same mistakes again. I endeavour to reduce prices in the long term etc
  14. I tend to be more in your camp than the other view. It's true he started the season poorly and got better but I made the argument a while back that I'd rather have started NML there than Hunt. I'm just not convinced Hunt makes or saves enough goals and against Sunderland, for example, he offered very little. I think if NML had have played there more than Hunt we maybe would have conceded a couple more goals but scored a fair few more, plus I think an opposition player would be more wary of NML than Hunt. Going into this season I hope he proves me wrong, but if we adopt 3-5-2 most of the season it's an area I feel we could be lacking in. Johnson has his own shortfalls but his delivery is as good as I've seen at Hillsborough for a fair few years (Brunt and Marshall spring to mind as similar), plus he can beat a man and has better pace than Hunt.
  15. Any info would be useful. I ruled out the possibility of being able to watch it whilst I'm in Greece as I thought ifollow was just for overseas residents and you needed a foreign address. I reckon it's 30+ years since I missed the first game of the season, home or away, so it would be great if there is a way to watch it. No local bars seem to be showing it
  16. Does anybody know if you can pay on the day for the fixture? Can't seem to see anything on the site and I'm working but may finish early.
  17. Im not completely saying that Berahino wasn't ever going to be the right option, he certainly improved, but I felt like he struggled against the better defences. He was superb on his hat-trick game, as was Gregory from memory, but at Sunderland and Wycombe away he was ineffective. He lacked pace and strength and though he had good technique I can completely understand why he was released
  18. Never particularly liked Derby but that's a balanced view and I feel for your supporters over the past 2 years. To be fair as well, you've stuck by your team which is commendable. Our record at your place in recent years is truly awful so it's never a trip I look forward to. Hope you enjoy L1, there's some decent trips and days out, obviously hope we get automatics and then I couldn't care less who else goes up.
  19. I agree that it was a really good post, but I'd go further than you on FDB. He has something few midfielders have at any level and that's the physicality to stride away from other midfielders due to his pace and strength. I think he could start a fair few for us this season and may be the one at the end of the season who we say has made the biggest improvement to his game.
  20. In the odd games he's played there he was. I know that is no barometer, but I'd be using him there pretty much exclusively. Yes Hunt has the shirt, but Patteson could be his challenger. If you break things down, he's got an engine and is probably as quick as Hunt, he's better in the air, he could be the type who comes in at the back post unseen and he likes a tackle. He started as a RB and gained recognition playing in that position. Who knows though, it's what I'd do rather than playing him here, there and everywhere.
  21. I'd like to see him as a RWB and compare him to Hunt. It's the one position I think he could perhaps be good enough for the 1st team. He's our 6tg choice CH, out 6th choice midfielder and our 5th choice striker
  22. Given those players he has a fair few options. Plus if Windass is fit he may well replace Gregory in some games and Bannan (with Bannan being deeper) in others. Wilkes adds another option for sure if we sign him and I can't believe DM won't use the loan market. If he does, I wonder how many loans may be guaranteed starters.
  23. I honestly have no idea how you have that opinion, though everyone is entitled to one. Just check on Who scored website. Last year NML averaged 0.9 tackles per league match. Jack Hunt averaged 0.8. Plus NML played up front some of the time. For clarity, Harley Dean averaged 0.7 and Patterson 0.5, who nobody questions regarding his effort. He won MOM twice and only started 12 games. He had some average games, but like I say I'd have kept him.
  24. On what basis do you think he's lazy. I watched every Wednesday match last season and NML seems to have been judged by many on one incident in the play off semi. I don't recall any fan saying before that match that he was lazy. Who knows at the time if he was given a shout from the technical area or another player to stay up for the counterattack, or if he just saw the situation differently, or he was given certain instructions when he was brought on. I've seen Palmer not track back more than any other current Wednesday player and that's often been him not tracking the a risk player he's marking, yet I don't call Palmer lazy. It's a flaw in his game, on of the reasons why he's only a L1 player. Personally I saw NML work hard last year and he came to us after a break in football and was in and out of the side, he was played as a RWB, a LWB and a striker, 3 different positions and 3 positions he's barely played before. In some games he looked real quality and he may be a miss this season if we don't replace him. I suspect he'll play as a winger at Derby, but I'd argue if we played a full season with NML at RWB and the same season with Hunt at RWB then we'd get more goals and assists from NML and he may have been one of our game changers, which Hunt will never be (yes we'd have probably conceded more but regularly playing there would have improved his defensive traits, like Gooch at Sunderland). Not knocking Hunt there, but my opinion on what NML had the potential to be.
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