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  1. I was also at that game and it was sung a lot, not just once.
  2. I don't agree that he's been the best player at the club for years. How many player of the year awards as he won? He's normally our most creative player and yes I'd have him in my midfield, but he wins very few headers, he's not box to box, he rarely scores, he gets booked too often and he doesn't seem to cope well in a midfield 2.
  3. I think you said previously youd done 140+. I'm over 120, but I don't keep a record and there's maybe 5 current teams I've never been to. Morecambe are one and I couldn't get a ticket (I go to most away matches but not all) and Cheltenham another when I had a ticket but then got Covid. I've probably got another 5-10 to do again due to a change of ground, such as Spurs. I occasionally go to non Wednesday matches, sometimes do that abroad, but I've never tried to do the 92.
  4. So are the 80% who voted for Patterson still of the same opinion? We voted on this straight after Crewe, wonder how the vote would go now for all of them
  5. Yes, but you have to get the ball. Obviously it's all just conjecture etc, but I put Kante and Vieira on the bench in case of such problems. Obviously, my team would play the high press and use the theory that if you score 7 we'd score 8! But I reckon with Messi, Iniesta, Maradona then we'll have 75+% possession and the sheer pace of both Ronaldos, Messi and Maradona would mean you darent attack in numbers. My final tactic is if your side get above your station and start to do well Zidane will nut your most influential player
  6. Buffon Cafu Baresi Beckenbaur Maldini Zidane Iniesta Messi Ronaldo Maradona Ronaldo subs cruyff Vieira Moore Hirst Henry Kante
  7. It’s interesting that there’s a massive positive vote for Dunkley and a similar negative vote for Hutchinson. A couple of months into the season and I guess it would have been the polar opposite. Some would argue that Hutch has proved he can play in the league above (at CH) and can play with Iorfa, whilst Dunkley has looked poor in the Championship even before his leg break. Personally I’d keep neither, I feel like we’ve got Iorfa, plus several other experienced players who can play CH and we ought to then be getting in a couple of younger CHs who can take us forward. I’m also yet to be convinced that Dunkley is as good as he looked in that 4-6 week period. We still were conceding goals and looked shaky at times, I’d only consider keeping Dunkley if we don’t go up.
  8. At some games more than others, but I tend to. Just cos a minority of fans sit and stand where they want that doesn’t mean I adopt that policy. Just like a few ran on the pitch at Crewe, I didn’t. If all fans ran on the pitch, if all fans decided not to sit in their designated seat, all we get is chaos.
  9. Not sure why that is relevant cos it’s standing which is different, plus it’s my choice how to buy tickets that best suit my circumstances and I’m following the rules, but if you want to know, I’ve been to around 120 different grounds watching Wednesday and usually average around 75% of away matches every season and have done that every year since the early 70s. So a reasonable away fan, but not the biggest. I went to Accrington and was standing behind the goal, if it’s standing obviously I wouldn’t mind getting a ticket at a different time, but at Crewe you’d have struggled to sit in the “wrong” seat so I risked buying mine at the same time as my mate because we had a bigger allocation. At Cambridge I bought a seat ticket on my own, but managed to sit with mates, however I did what I did at Portsmouth because I was travelling down with mates and staying at the same hotel so it made sense to be sat with them. A couple of my mates who are in the first allocation and are on over 800 points have only been to the same number of away games as me this season. Like I said, no blame on the club or any fan, it’s just a flawed system. The best way it could work is if you only got points if you attended the away game in person but that’s impossible to put in place.
  10. Like I said, no blame at all, we all do what’s right for us. That said, 3 Wednesdayites in theory won’t go to the game because you’ve used the system to get points and you get points for not going whilst I get no points for going. All I’m saying is the system isn’t fair, but I can’t really come up with a better one. As an extra “funny story”, I know lots get points by buying tickets in categories they aren’t in (like buying a reduced price ticket when really they are an adult, knowing they aren’t going anyway) and some buy them that way for every game, I tried it once and got a call from the club refusing to see me the ticket unless I paid adult price. I’ve been told the club know it’s going on but only challenge fans who buy single tickets, so you’ve got way with roughly £9 per head for the 10 points, if I did it then I’d have had to pay full adult price (but I’m going anyway). WAWAW
  11. I don't blame you but it shows that the system is incredibly flawed. Im in the 3rd wave so can get one, but the mate I go to most away games is in the 5th for Shrewsbury. Our solution was a mate in the 1st tier buys one (he won't wait til the 3rd tier) and then I go in his place. If my mates tier opens up, which it hasn't, we buy 2 together and possibly take my mates son, who is 50/50 but only goes to 3-4 away matches a year. What's actually happened is I now have a ticket from my mate in the 1st tier and I'm going on my own, but I've not got the 10 points. 4th match this season I've been to without getting points, Portsmouth away being last one where some of my mates in the 1 tier were going so I went with them and stopped overnight but got tickets with them using one of the guys going so I could sit with them. As it happened, you could pretty much sit/stand where you wanted at Portsmouth.
  12. Enjoyed reading this. I wish I had a clear view on vaccines and Covid etc. My position is that I don't fully trust everything I'm told and yet I'm broadly holding the belief that vaccines are the way forward. We have already been told some half truths in my view and we have a government that cannot be trusted. Who knows who's pockets are still being lined and it's evidently clear that the government saw Covid as a way of making more money for themselves and their associates. I would like to see data that shows that populations that have few people jabbed have higher death rates. I tried to research Tanzania who I believe have less than 5% of their population jabbed and everything I can find suggests their death rates are much lower per head than ours. Trouble is I can't tell if the data is accurate. I'd like to also know why, if getting as many people vaccinated as possible is the key, then why are we pushing so hard to get folk triple jabbed when surely a 1st dose for those unjabbed is more effective and furthermore our biggest battle is getting people in poorer countries jabbed for the 1st time, after all the new strains are coming from abroad. I'd also like to understand how many lives we are losing to cancer, heart disease etc due to the waiting lists and simple doctor appointments all getting longer. Is a 3rd jab actually the best thing for the population right now. Everyone I know that has recently caught Covid, me included, have been double jabbed. They then have passed it on, in fact in my case my only symptom was a cough so it seems strange that me getting a 3rd jab is a priority over someone's 1st jab or someone else's cancer appointment. Whilst the scientists that we hear the most from will on the whole will be trustworthy and reliable, they aren't generally given the opportunity to express political opinions or comment on whether they would do things differently.
  13. Can you imagine trying to get away tickets if it was in for a fiver. Everyone in the top tier would be purchasing every match regardless of their intention to go - oh wait, that's pretty much happening now.
  14. Under The Cosh is a decent podcast. Just listened to Ben Marshall interview today and he talked a fair bit about Wednesday. Think he's only 30 now and playing in the 12th tier of football.
  15. I'll be controversial and say I thought he looked ok and could become a player soon if he gets a proper run at it. Absolutely give him stick if he plays against us but I'm not bothered whether he does well or not and I have no animosity towards his Wednesday departure.
  16. I'm stopping over and it seemed fairly vocal to me. Fans were singing most of the night and still signs of them in and around town now.
  17. Andy Sinton. Thought he might be the final piece in the jigsaw. No idea why but I expected really good things from Pecnik. On the plus side got to agree with Viv Anderson
  18. Agree with Whitehouse who has been mentioned a few times. Ben Pearson and Fisher from Preston always wound me up, along with a few others mentioned earlier. I’d throw in Gary Neville, Boothroyd for his antics in a Wednesday shirt, Martin Allen, Bould and Keown and maybe controversially, Shearer
  19. Think he’s been unlucky with Gibson, Wing and Shodipo. I’m not convinced Byers brings much to the team. The thing is, most of those that were left at the club last year would be some of the 1st names on the team sheet if fit - Iorfa, Hutch, Bannan, Luongo, Windass, maybe Palmer. I’d say Gregory is a guaranteed starter for 90% of games as well as BPF. Theo maybe, so we are still relieve on last years players if we want to get promoted I would say
  20. That’s up there as one of the worst performances I’ve seen. Cant even put my finger on why, yes a few 2nd string players, a few out of position, but we’ve had all of that with the first team. Brown was truly awful even without contemplating the own goal and Wing appears to be on a downward spiral. I’ll give the MOM to BrennZan purely as he was the least experienced out there.
  21. I don’t mean like anyone specifically, but as an example Smith at Rotherham seems to start most games and is 2nd top scorer in the league. I’m pretty confident if he was in our squad we’d have more points as he would give us options and furthermore he helps defensively.
  22. In terms of squad valuations, in theory we have the most valuable squad so we must be up there. Having said that, Kachunga shows as £1.7 mill for Bolton on the database so it’s not a perfect science lol. it’s funny that one guy has replied saying best attack and midfield, yet at the start of the season we had posts along the lines of “will we ever concede this season” and fans worried that it was going forward where our weakness was. Plus last year fans constantly questioned whether all our problems are all down to the midfield (last 2 games we’ve used 5 different players in midfield I think - Bannan, Luongo, Dele-B, Windass and Byers) - 4 of them were at the club last year. Put a fit and at the top of his game Iorfa into the back line and the defence would look really good again, plus I suspect that we’ve sacrificed a little defensively to play a more expansive game - which I think most would support. I’d say a fair few of our team would get into the starting line up of any other L1 team, so we are up there, beyond that it’s how you use the players, the system, whether you have a good balance (we still lack a left centre back and a big unit up front)
  23. Agree with the comments about Patterson, he had a really good game, but what a stupid free kick to give away for their 2nd goal
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