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  1. Like the badge and the trim but the cringey wawaw detailing can do one.
  2. Whenever I hear the name Harlee Dean, I always think Batman villain.
  3. Surely if you're at the match you'll already know the score?
  4. Not sure why anyone would have wanted an average 29yr striker in the first place.
  5. Maybe he doesn't want to go to Argentina? Just a thought.
  6. Best young talent in the whole galaxy.
  7. Let's hope there's lots Moore to come.
  8. I never get excited, but I'm super excited for tomorrow. I think losing 1-0 and knowing we have to win has made things easier..
  9. 2 weeks until the playoffs so let's hope it's just a tweak.
  10. A fit Gregory and Windass all season, we'd have been out of sight.
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