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  1. We had a weird bid for David Turnbull last summer didn't we?
  2. Are these threads supposed to be funny? If so, I don't get it.
  3. Because he's an athlete and suits the modern game.
  4. Exactly the sort of players we need to sign up.
  5. Might also mean clubs bringing through youngsters more often, rather than relying on expensive loan signings...
  6. Absolutely baffled by threads that say so and so wouldn't want this job. The three mentioned in the opening post would bite your hands off for the chance. Shame they're all shìt however.....
  7. We won't go down and we've got millions to spend. Stop panicking.
  8. I actually can't believe there's another thread about Garry Monk.
  9. I'd rather start on 0 points, like we're going to.
  10. PFA probably just as corrupt as the rest of them.
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