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  1. New scout/coach?

    All Hans to the pumps.
  2. New scout/coach?

    In addition to being primary, together with head coach Chris de Wagt, providing training and competitions for the first team, Schrijver will specifically focus on the talents that our association has. He is ultimately responsible for the development of talents (o23) who play in the A-selection, B-selection, o19-1 and o17-1. Under his responsibility, policy will be developed to ensure that work is done in a systematic and structured way with the talent present. ONS Sneek is fully committed to the development of talented young players. Head scouting In addition, Schrijver will function as Head Scouting. ONS Sneek notices that, partly due to the high level at which the selection teams come out, it is an ever increasing challenge to tie good players to the club. ONS Sneek has for many years a large group of very committed and skilled scouts who scout for the youth department (internal and external) as well as the first team. With the arrival of Schrijver, the Technical Commission will be able to further develop the scouting policy. The starting point here is to identify and map out talents from the wider region and to give them the opportunity to develop optimally at our association. This in a way so that there is a careful way of working towards all those involved and with a great chance of success. Career Schrijver has held several positions in his long career in the football world. Hans Schrijver has been a professional football coach and assistant at FC Groningen, the Dutch national team o20 and o17, JEF United in Japan, FC Edmonton in Canada and sc Heerenveen o19. He also worked at the top of amateur football as head coach at VV Sneek and sc Genemuiden. Hans Schrijver was also a lecturer at the KNVB (UEFA coach A-license) during his career, and as head of scout he was responsible for the scouting of Jong Oranje and Cambuur. At his last club sc Heerenveen, Schrijver was employed as head of youth training and as head coach of o19.
  3. @LC_Sport: Football. Hans Schrijver, head of scouting and talent coach at ONS in Sneek, immediately switches to Sheffield Wednesday, currently 17th in the English Championship, the second highest level.
  4. Paddy Miquel Nelom

    The positive thing about all this, is that at least it shows we're after a left-back. Someone quick with a decent cross will do me.
  5. Team for Saturday

    Wildsmith Venancio Pudil O'Grady Fox Palmer Pelupessy Reach Clare Joao Rhodes This is the guaranteed team. If not, I'll eat my own nuts.
  6. Pelupessy vs Cardiff
  7. Joey Pelupessy

    People still going on about Clayton
  8. Sean Clare starting is the surprise.