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  1. Hitcat


    The funny thing is, he's a better suggestion than either Mick McCarthy or Ian Holloway.
  2. Not Yorkshire enough for the weirdos on here. This is the criteria needed: 1. He needs teeth and bones made of Sheffield Steel 2. Drink 5 pints of Henderson's an hour. 3. Wear a flat cap 4. Born and raised in Yorkshire, preferably Sheffield, ideally the centre circle at Hillsborough, and must never have stepped outside the county, even for away matches. 5. Listen to the Arctic Monkeys for at least 12 hours a day. 6. Eat nothing but pork and crackling. 7. Must own a platinum card at Jack Fulton's. 8. Know every word to Snooker Loopy.
  3. We'll be getting married next...
  4. Brick wall Snooty, brick wall.
  5. Hitcat

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Just over 3 weeks ago we were sixth...
  6. Not yet no... I'd write off next season too to be perfectly honest. But going forward I think that'll be the new policy.
  7. We've had no problem renewing contracts this season. Bannan, Joao, Penney......
  8. We're sticking to the terms. Besides, do you think these players are deserving of a new contract?
  9. I totally agree. But, I've said it before and I'll say it again. We gambled on experienced players getting us up and we failed. Close but no cigar. Jos has made noises that the new policy is going to be signing younger fitter players. That in my eyes bodes well for the future. Better to blood our youngsters now than in a years time when the older players are even more decrepit.
  10. I couldn't care less to be honest.
  11. I'm not saying they've suddenly become the worst players ever to wear the shirt and i couldn't care less about the conspiracy theories. I'm saying that I'd rather look to the future than the past. As for them being treated disgracefully, I totally disagree. Football is a business and if, and it's still an if the rumours of appearance based contract renewals are true, it would be staggeringly foolish to play those players.
  12. Speak for yourself. I have no real interest in seeing Boyd, Hutchinson or Westwood.
  13. Hitcat

    Forcing high earners out?

    Personally I can't wait for them all to leave. Even when they're not injured, which is once in a blue moon, they've hardly impressed when they've played.
  14. The constant rumours are usually started by you....