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  1. Just sign up, pay for the match, click on the link and away you go. All very straightforward. Works on my crap tablet.
  2. You're not into little blue smurfy tìts?
  3. Damn it! Didn't realise smurfs didn't have tìts.
  4. I want roast swan and champagne delivered to my seat by a bevy of topless smurfs.
  5. I think Monk is fully aware it's either 'them' or him. I don't actually blame the players, they've just got comfortable and it's difficult for a new manager to come in an disrupt a group that have been together for so long. That's why I think he'll get out his giant brush this summer and sweep them all away. He'll have to wheel and deal for sure, but we will be freeing up a LOT of wages.
  6. Needed freshening up for yonks. Time to ditch the danglers.
  7. That pic certainly makes my pecker Elev8.
  8. You say that, but judging by some of comments from the dippers on here, they long to go back to those days.
  9. FF probably. Even more reason to get him to fück off.
  10. Two words.... Manuel Hidalgo.
  11. The EFL is literally bumming itself to death.
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