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  1. That really would be some punishment!
  2. One of my really, really, really reliable contacts has informed me of a secret. Jos picks his teams based on the size of the players willies. Make of that what you will.
  3. Hitcat


    Agreed. Best striker in the galaxy.
  4. Hitcat

    #OnThis Day in 1992

    Trevor looks absolutely monged. In fact, they both do.
  5. Hitcat


    What does H stand for?
  6. Hitcat


    While training the cub scouts football team, I used to litter the field with fresh dog turds. Their step over skills were unparalleled.
  7. Hitcat

    New survey

    I've used spamming emails with great success in the past. Different kind of spamming mind.
  8. If Westwood was a shop, I'd say he was a solid H&M.
  9. Hitcat

    Atomic Kitten

    A beautiful, thought-provoking masterwork. It makes me think of happier times, exposing myself to ladies in the park, and wànking in bushes. Sigh.
  10. Hitcat

    Clare tho!

  11. Hitcat

    Sean Clare

    He's got a strange bum disease and has been quarantined until further notice.
  12. Hitcat

    Sean Clare

    My imaginary friend.