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  1. God I Miss This Team

    There's no I in team.
  2. Flat Barry. Look at that chin. He could open a jar of pickles with it.
  3. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Unforgivable mistake. Go away and shut your cōck in the nearest door.
  4. Joey Barton

    I've a funny feeling he's going to be a very good manager.
  5. Is it just my phone, or does anyone else's photos look like they were taken in a circus hall of mirrors?
  6. Wilson and McBurnie

    Never heard of them.
  7. Denim

    I wear triple denim.
  8. Fraser Preston

    Refused a new contract. On his way.
  9. Safe standing petition

    Bore off.
  10. Did I imagine it....

    I imagine you imagined it.... Unless... It was worn in the Finlux Challenge Cup.