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  1. You were all asking for big Mick.
  2. He's never been a forward thinking coach. What makes you think he's going to start now?
  3. Well congratulations, you all got what you asked for. A British manager who likes to keep it tight, hit long balls and refuse to attack...
  4. Hitcat

    Sky Red Button fixtures.

    Sky website?
  5. As long as he leaves afterwards..
  6. Off to Chelse bruv. Our crew iz gonna wreck it up big timez.
  7. Hitcat

    Lookman deal done....wow

    There's more chance of aliens landing on a yeti's head.
  8. Hitcat

    Ground Sold !

    Great idea. Get the old heap sold.
  9. Hitcat

    Will Bruce play a 4-4-2?

    Yes he will. And, a host of direct balls forward to Nuhiu.
  10. Hitcat


    HB JW LY
  11. Steve Bruce attacking approach.... Lol.
  12. Hitcat

    Barry Bannan

    Except he never scores.
  13. Hitcat


    My guess is that Jos was told the old guard were not going to be offered contracts in the summer, so was looking to give the youngsters experience in time for next season.