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  1. He's only been in charge for 11 games.
  2. Didn't realise we could buy players with scotch mist these days.
  3. Keep Dradley Back quiet and we're laughing.
  4. "They are intelligent positionally and defensively robust and will provide a difficult opponent for any side this term"
  5. Lacks a lot of confidence, poor lad, but his all round game is solid. Personally I think he'd thrive in a more advanced role.
  6. Just to be clear. It's for external use only.
  7. It's a very powerful tool, but yes I'll ask Joel, I'm sure he won't mind.
  8. After your rabid calls for Mick McCarthy, I could quite easily give you exactly the same advice.
  9. Very harsh thread, I think Palmer's been terrific recently.. oh hang on the thread's called "Palmer's shot" not "Palmer's shït" my bad, carry on. By the way, I think he's far from shot, he's still learning IMHO. Oh Liam, where are you baby girl!?
  10. We've got dosh, veritably sloshing about+ in our back pock kits. Parish Haugen problem trial high hotel stuck Josh arrival original Iran block Leah block McHugh knock Bryansk po high Hugh kind guy Nov Koko good GB night stock Joel Buddhism brush Brian match jock lab HCl paragliding furnish Josh Coco Claudio girl p honour fifth no usurp Jayson backup of dispel help icon financial disk Baha'i laundry half Josh hashtag Josh nah inch disk iodide furry wee pipe. Just thought I'd post today's entry into my diary.
  11. Champions of the new Galactic League. Just pipping the Alpha Centurions on the last day.
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