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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28512168 Even the club announced its been delayed, wanna bury your head in the sand any more?
  2. Because it doesnt make good buisness sense to upset fans when you first come in... plus given the number of players out and in our wage bill will be hugely cut so club will probably be close to breaking even with the current wage bill.
  3. So ever since the ratifications seemed to take a bit longer than maybe it should have taken, I have been thinking maybe there is a reason..... Maybe Mammadov wants to bring in his own manager, I would suspect given SG's popularity MM may have advised that to sack SG now would not be the best of ideas and to give SG a chance, so they delay the takeover until the transfer window is closed which gives the perfect excuse not to give SG money to spend. If SG does well with basically no transfer money and a small wage bill then maybe give him a chance. If however which is more likely we struggle with this squad then come close to the transfer window in Jan Mammadov can sack SG, bring in his own man, give him a bit of money in Jan to bring in a few decent players, then more next summer to make a squad that can really push on. Well its just a theory, I guess time will tell if my theory is correct..
  4. I would say he is worth around the 2mill mark but would want to accept anything lower than 3.5mill, dont want to end up in another gk merry go round so his sale must have enough to buy a decent keeper and some left over or its not worth it. Dont want to see him go mind.
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