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  1. I can’t recall any of the goals,sure it finished 0-0. But history says different
  2. went to both games,sat right at the front of the upper stand at BL,remember a long walk up myrtle road to east bank road to get on a bus back to the valley, can't remember much about the games only 2-0 at ours and 0-0 at theirs.
  3. Happy Birthday Big Jack. A True Wednesday Legend.
  4. RIP Wayne sorry for your loss Roadrunner
  5. I asked the linesman why they hadn’t sent him off,he said he didn’t get the lads number so wasn’t sure who it was.
  6. RIP Mark thoughts with family and friends WAWAW.
  7. Defensive mid that drops in when full backs go
  8. RIP Weeney Top Lad thoughts to the family.
  9. Me and a few mates went on their end because we couldn’t get tickets,really bad day we were rubbish.
  10. no problem with that,they have won the league and deserve to party, hope its us next year
  11. Love it,think you’d get rid of loads especially the waddle celebration against Utd, Sheridan against Man U
  12. RIP Steve a top lad,will be sadly missed thoughts to all the family
  13. A few weeks ago the company I work for was asked by Swfc to clean/bring it back to its former glory.i got to work on the Cromwell Cup and got a few pictures.was in good nick for it’s age.
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