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  1. No, he’s a legend. one of the best players we have ever had, let’s leave it at that don’t want our memories of him tarnished.
  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. RIP fellow owl
  3. i was sat in north stand next to the kop, then went to the 3-3 at Leicester. that's when clubs would put a full strength team out.
  4. I applied in the last half hour before the deadline, my surname begins with W. got mine yesterday. so dont think there is a system they are following
  5. got my call on new years eve and money in the bank today, for me and my two sons. someone told me to tweet them everyday asking for my refund, that's what i did for 3 days and then they called me on the 4th day. maybe a coincidence but its worked for both of us.
  6. great lad, down to earth, good family who will keep his feet on the ground, good debut, good luck Liam.
  7. Great idea. thought chansiri would have done something like this a few years ago.
  8. he gets the ball and scores a goal............
  9. Spot on, exactly as i read it. Don't get the confusion
  10. RIP Big Jack. turned us around and walked away when he knew he couldn’t take us any further, not one to hang around waiting for the sack and a pay off. Proper manager and man. thank you for the memories.
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