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  1. he gets the ball and scores a goal............
  2. Spot on, exactly as i read it. Don't get the confusion
  3. RIP Big Jack. turned us around and walked away when he knew he couldn’t take us any further, not one to hang around waiting for the sack and a pay off. Proper manager and man. thank you for the memories.
  4. She wasn’t announcing it,she was replying to a post that said he hoped that Connor was going to make the first team soon.
  5. Connor Kirby Released, his mum has put on Twitter, very surprised by this thought he looked well and was developing into a future first team player.was on loan at Macclesfield and was getting some good reviews.
  6. Went to Celtic,they weren’t happy about us singing God save the Queen.
  7. Wow,me and my older brother played both of these for hours,loved the football one but couldn’t remember what it was called.
  8. I can’t recall any of the goals,sure it finished 0-0. But history says different
  9. went to both games,sat right at the front of the upper stand at BL,remember a long walk up myrtle road to east bank road to get on a bus back to the valley, can't remember much about the games only 2-0 at ours and 0-0 at theirs.
  10. Happy Birthday Big Jack. A True Wednesday Legend.
  11. RIP Wayne sorry for your loss Roadrunner
  12. I asked the linesman why they hadn’t sent him off,he said he didn’t get the lads number so wasn’t sure who it was.
  13. RIP Mark thoughts with family and friends WAWAW.
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