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  1. Brownowl35

    Yoo Hoo Adthe Nuuuuuhiu

    Didn't know Jason Lee was Kosovan.
  2. Brownowl35

    Rhodes to Wolves???

    Straight swap for Alan Hutton?
  3. Bet Leeds would take it right now
  4. Brownowl35

    CC has made his recommendations

    Add to that Tyler Blackett would be solid cover at CB/LB
  5. Brownowl35

    Where are you staying / sitting?

    Me and two mates joining the 242 crew. Pretty much confirms Kate's comment
  6. Brownowl35

    Official Deadline Day Thread

    Garrido clocks off in 10 minutes so maybe get a tweet or two from him to keep the interest going.
  7. Brownowl35

    January Transfer Window Thread

    Not really....we are a foreign club to Cardiff
  8. Goalie wag - oh wait Westwood has gone hasn't he
  9. That's 2 more than anyone else has this season
  10. What happened with the Andy Johnson link - did that ever get officially poopooed ??
  11. Brownowl35


    Dodgy Achille apparantly
  12. Don't worry they're all in good shape
  13. Brownowl35

    Jacob Mellis

    If we sign him today no doubt he would improve the squad. Hopefully won't be able to say that this time next week though !!
  14. Brownowl35

    Anybody at middlewood today

    Thats Ross Barkley next to Buxton aint it ??
  15. Are you having a laugh ?? We gave him a 6 month contract which suited us and him at the time, if we'd shown more commitment to him he'd already be under contract for next season at least. Why shouldn't the guy be allowed time to survey his options when his contract has expired ??