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  1. Wow just wow. How people can beleive any of this is beyond me. We are talking serious allegations here, Fraud really. There injured!!! End of story
  2. Sounds like the start of a best seller
  3. Let the people who went have there bit of attention and just drip feed info. About 40 minutes we will have full report
  4. Does anyone have any actual evidence that the meeting is even on? We could just be waiting for feedback when in actual fact everyone's at home and Hillsborough is shut
  5. How do you attend tonight? Is it by invite only
  6. Please can someone ask him to remove all the golden elephants and whatever Thai good luck ritual he has on us to reverse it please as we are really bobbar
  7. Apologies Mr Chansiri

    Dont you dare apologise on behalf of the fans. Who the hell do you think you Are? I despise people apologising for someone else's opinion. I dont beleive Chansiri will change his running of this club, therefore I wish for him to leave. That's it. I still go to every game the exact same except my opinion of Chansiri has now changed. Don't you apologise on my behalf.
  8. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    there is absolutely nothing on this earth I can do. However that still doesn't mean I don't want him out. All I can hope is He cuts his losses for his poor business management. Business suceed and fail, people lose money, i hope he realises he has done the best of his ability (which is clearly not good enough) and bites the bullet. But I know is never going to happen
  9. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    But how on earth does that currently value us at 40 million 3 years on
  10. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Give him Time? Thats one thing that can be the difference between becoming a Portsmouth or a Leicester, time. He has had 3 years. From year one in 2 years we have headed in 1 direction down, I'm talking about the running of the club, after year 1 where we were mostly focused on the amazing league campaign his choices and running of this club has just freefell, after 2 years of poor running of the club how much longer do you want to give it, bare in mind 2 years of poor ownership,how much longer are you going to cling onto the hope that he all of a sudden changes his ways . How long? Times running out
  11. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Worth 40million. Have you seen the recent released financial figures
  12. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Really? You really think that. He bought a football club just to invest his own money to give us what we want. He is a business man. You are so naive
  13. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    I really have never been so sad about my club, I have seen us nearly get relegated from league 1, however the expectation was not there. We were run like a club with no money. Now we are run like no other club I have ever known. Its depressing, I have no hope that he is going to wake up 1 morning and totally change his persona, he is a dictator, I know someone who works at the club as a cleaner,he is vile to work for,horrible and they are just a cleaner a cleaner for Christ sake, I dread to think the depths he gets involved with. Im just genuinely gutted
  14. 3 years he has been here, and I have now lost all faith and trust in him. The who situation at the club is a absolute shambles. For me he is Dave Allen with money. He is dangerous to our club, his decisions are damaging, and potentially fatal. His appointments have been poor, his investment has been wasted, his decisions on some issues are mind boggling. He had 1 good season with investment, however since then his poor business decisions and management have brought us on the brink of FFP. Do you want Chansiri to be the man to manage us through an embargo? No I dont. His outlook on the situation is straight up finger pointing at us as fans. The constant emails,notifications and adverts of desperation to sell us somehing thats overpriced or guilt trip us into handing our money over. Players contracts, players agents,Players not allowed to play, communication,pricing,corporate,staff appointments,finances utter shambolic. Its not going to get better either.he runs this club like a dictatorship and I'm afraid we are no longer at the top of the pile And for me the most worrying thing is I dont beleive for 1 second he feels he has failed
  15. STAY OR GO?

    Unfortunately I would get rid for financial reasons, agree I think hes a decent player,but not decent enough for his rumoured wage