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  1. Overstayed on his Visa last time. Not allowed back just yet, might be wrong but 6 months rings a bell
  2. Been a fantastic player for us, probably the best player under Carlos. It must be mentally difficult for him not been able to do the thing he loves as well as deal with the pressure of a contract running down because either way he is going to have to take a massive hit on wages, and wether you are a butcher or a footballer taking a wage cut is a pretty sh!tty thing to go through. All the best to him and his family I hope he recovers soon and can somehow earn himself a contract, can’t see it myself though
  3. watched the whole game and i thought he was MOM with maybe Bannan. its like watching a totally different squad. there was a period in the game were fox was on the end of everything. made some decent runs forward to, passing was good, not as many missplaced.
  4. played well today, tackled well, cleared the ball when he needed too no fannying about with it at the back. Played 2 decent games in a row. one of the shining performers today
  5. Did sh!t for us playing dull football, But he is a human being and if he has gone I wish him all the best for the future
  6. Nice bloke, crap chairman! You clearly wrote your OT In a emotional state for him
  7. Finally a acceptance of failure, arrogant man who loves to use sound bites to win over his puppets
  8. He said he's going to QPR, why or how I don't know just his exact words, if you ever speak to him he always speaks his mind
  9. Banned from attending, can only go as a fan! Also said he wants Jos out tonight and is F#$king off in January. His exact words tonight after also seeing him out
  10. It will ruin the moment when the advert plays
  11. It seems the new playlist doesn't come through the speakers as good as the old playlist, have we illegally downloading the new stuff? Ruins the walkout as no one has no idea what's going off as there is just white noise coming out of the speakers. Hopefully they sort it for the next game as I love the idea of listening to local music, just can't work any of it out at the minute
  12. According to the press conference JL has just given, he wasn't happy with the effort of some players and FF was one of them, he said they all have to work with each other to get results. I think it's refreshing for JL to drop senior quality players if they are not putting a shift in, go and listen to the interview he came across brilliant
  13. Go and listen to the wolves pre game press conference, probably his best yet. Explaines the injuries and how far away they are, the process back to the squad and how he wants passion and everyone yo work together, which is why FF was dropped to the bench. He's laying down the law!
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