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  1. There is a fair few bad owners out there but the worrying thing with chansiri is I don't think he actually gives a fu ck what anyone thinks, he would be the bloke that bangs the nanny, wife finds out,wife kicks him out,wife wants divorce and he walks in house next day saying "hi love what's for tea" like nowt happened. The blokes no shame.
  2. I will graffiti chansiri Out on ground cus im well naughty.
  3. The tone of my post is nothing but calm. when i say YOU this is you as in the fans , this is to the people who aggressively shot down the opinion of others years ago who saw this coming.
  4. because the horse has bolted while he is still stood in the stable
  5. We have the most fickle fans in the country, chansiri out chansiri out chansiri out, after I go and spend £64 on a sh it shirt and a overpriced tape measure. Like i said yesterday, if being amazing is bending over and taking it every day then we have the best fans on earth. the intelligent fans warned you against this tyrant years ago and everybody laughed it off, no ones laughing now are they? years to late. . if its 'OUR' club like everyone says why have you let this 2 bit business man run 'your' club to the ground? just like chansiri, just like some players, some fans are spineless....
  6. its his 2nd game, this season he is excluded from this utter shambolic circus
  7. Chansiri values them at 30k each because they have been blessed by a monk, however they are just fibreglass sprayed gold. They are definitely going in the Don, hopefully along with that cringe banner on the kop
  8. Ha as if, chansiri worships the ground he walks on, if you need an advisor to advise you to lose millions, buy shitte, break the rules and get you relegated then paixao is you man
  9. You can support the club but not the man. We could be mid table and I would want him out. He has not future here.
  10. This surely has to be the beginning of the end for Chansiri at s6? I've seen this coming for a years and have always been shouted down, then the odd number of fans over the years have also seen this but now its 99%. There's no way back from this now especially because of his arrogant Narcissistic attitude shows he's not backing down. We are the next blackpool and Portsmouth I can see it now... His attitude of if we don't like it buy him out 'at the right price' shows his total utter disregard towards fans, he knows we can't just buy him out and is clearly flexing his power. I know psychology and this man is a narcissistic fool! Maybe he feels inferior to his brother who seems to be successful and he has found a project where he finally has power, who knows, that maybe far fetched but anything he does doesn't surprise me anymore. *all the above is of only my opinion before this thread gets deleted.
  11. We should have seen the incoming issues from the start, I can remember hearing CC had been brought in but we were still after Cooper, it was a bit farcical as we then announced CC as manager but no presser for about a week. I thought it was very strange at the time
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