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  1. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Penny Harris Brown Bannan Reach Windass Rhodes
  2. I've supported Monk upto today, but I just switched off when they scored I've seen some bad performances during my 60 years of watching and this was up with them. I dont think he knows what to do anymore.
  3. And probably get a yellow or red for it or maybe injure himself
  4. 80s/90s Sheffield Wednesday programmes free to a good home you collect
  5. Agree with all this and eventually it will drive spectators away.
  6. Should think he will get a chance now with Bannan out for next two
  7. Didn't stop Leicester chairman sacking managers or Cardiffs
  8. Said to my mate at that point do you think he will feel embarrassed by that. Obviously not he carried on in the same manner
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