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  1. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    This is so right look how many times the blunts had got a so called top manager which didn't work out you just have to back whoever is selected and hope it works out.
  2. The sheff united goals

    Westwood was not rooted he moved to his left slightly why when the wall was there
  3. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    RIP Derek One of my first hero's
  4. Never booed them in 55 years of watching but can understand why they did today that was a shocking performance and deserved it.
  5. Keep clapping

    I have not read most of this thread so if this as beeen said already apologies. It's so late in the season I would just give it Bullen and see if he can motivate what most people say are the best we have had for years then look for a new manager in the summer when we know who us available.
  6. The north west corner

    Don't do that they may reduce the Capacity for the forum
  7. RIP Robin hardy

    Wasn't a bad wing half but we had some good ones at that time. R I P Robin Hardy
  8. facebook photo.....

    I'd go with David Mossman
  9. You have to remember Shearer was always a Newcastle fan so was probably telling the truth Hirst wasn't a Wednesdayite as a youngster.