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  1. All done, after TV deductions just £5 extra needed to watch the team from the North Stand. If we thought last season was financially bad, even after the removal of most high earners the lack of ticket income this year will hit us hard.
  2. Sadly there would be very little chance of us coming back. There’s a lot of bad thing a coming in the world financially and lots of and football clubs are going to struggle. I don’t see any international business man coming to rescue the club. Maybe someone local but most will have seen the potential costs (financial / personal / and business wise) a and think probably not. We would have to give up Hillsborough, probably not a bad thing as it’s generally a weight round our necks but hard for some fans me included.
  3. I meant more along the lines of could he have lost more. Putting in sponsorship money to reduce the losses. And I wasn’t sure if the loses shown where ffp losses or club losses? - ffp not including money spent on ground / training facilities etc.
  4. Would that include money spent on the ground/training ground not included in ffp losses? Also would it include, sponsorship money (taxis / north stand / ..) paid to ‘minimise’ our loses?
  5. Protest vote for me, as none of them deserve it, the club should be embarrassed to be holding it.
  6. If you vote for Bannan, you are voting for mediocrity. Maybe one good game all season. Just because he looks the most comfortable on the ball (not hard with the rest of them) doesn’t mean he should win. Negative and poor all season. Remember he has been our captain for this horror show.
  7. ??? I’m playing... 3/5 2 1 2 Same back three Reach and Harris as wing backs Same midfield Windass (fitting into midfield as required) Rhodes Patterson
  8. Poor management... I know Harris isn’t great but I see more of him in games than Green. Should have been Patterson and Rhodes upfront with Harris as a wingback with Reach and Windass in front of the midfield making runs in behind.
  9. Having said that let’s hope he scores and sets up another two today.
  10. Yes but not for the reasons you state and not solely the problem, the team is full of poor players. But Bannan has been equally poor this (and last) season. Not sure he can play as part of a two in central midfield as he requires a defensive midfielder along side him because he is not dominant (not that we have any of them), this leaves us with a very deep central midfield. We’ve tried to play him further forward with two central midfielders but he gradually gets sucked back with the team. We are craving a midfielder who gets in the box and either scores or helps create space for the strikers. Well that and wingers who get the ball in early and with quality. Good player that we know he can be I think both the club and Bannan would benefit from moving on in the summer.
  11. Not likely to happen mostly because of money, but also a lack of vision. Either way if we are ever to compete again a new ground is needed and has been for quite some time. 50 thousand is a joke, 40 tops maybe 30/35 with expansion options demand needs to closer match supply. There needs to be parking, good public transport, pre and post match entertainment/ facilities.
  12. Without a doubt we should have kept him, ideally on a pay as you play or reduced terms. But we should have known we would struggle to get better in. I get that we need to move away from signing old / injured players but it again highlights the lack off planing in the summer (any summer). I think we all know what is coming this summer, bad decisions on who to keep and who to release, followed by nothing, followed by an unorganised scramble for players that don’t equal a team. Most likely based on agent recommendations.
  13. He’s a good team player. Not all players in a ‘Team’ have to be world beaters. Unfortunately we don’t have anything that resembles a team at the moment, just a collection of individuals. Frankly at the moment I feel sorry for him having to play alongside Bannan.
  14. No. And if we spend a just a little bit of money to get it in we would be mad. Sad to say it, but our ground is no longer an asset. With 3 stands that either need replacing now or will need replacing in the near future. It has limited parking, poor facilities and limited hospitality. And our one good stand has dreadful leg room. Too negative?
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