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  1. Malkmus

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Out of all the grounds in the top two divisions, Hillsborough would be the last if ever to be fitted with safe seating.
  2. Malkmus

    Westwood Going

    Seems to be quite a few people who still don't understand the position we are in. It's going to be a different kind of rebuilding this summer. There's going to be some tough decisions to be made. What we need to do is stick with it whoever leaves and support the club.
  3. Having read that I'm now sure that we made the right decision.
  4. So not much better than Mark Bright? 112 League apps (+20 as sub), 48 goals Yeah I know injuries, more complete striker... Mark wouldn't class himself better but when you look at the stats.
  5. Well that's disappointed some people on here. We are our own worst enemy.
  6. Malkmus

    Adam Reach

    Only player we have who could play in the Premiership. Nesh yes, but we should be building a team around him next season.
  7. Malkmus


    Yes probably true, in which case the fans need to realise that negativity during a game will only make things worse, especially during the games we have now that could define the club for the next 5 years.
  8. Malkmus


    Read what I put again... 1-1 and the crowd went full on with the sarcasm, funny yes but I'd prefer the team to stay up so we can attempt to put things right in the summer. Not to mention the booing of individual players. We all know that some of the players playing right now aren't good enough but short term negativity isn't going to help. If we go down, those are the only players we will be keep so, think on... In 30+ years I have been watching Wednesday we have always seemed to buy mentally weak players. There are times to make your opinions heard and there are times when not to. Now, during a game is not one of them, we just need to get some points on the board then boo all you want.
  9. Malkmus


    The fans let the team down last night. We all know the players are mentally weak, we didn't help.
  10. He made too good of a connection. Bit of a scuff and it would have gone in. Having said that knowing our players he would have probably pulled it wide and we would have been all been sat with our heads in our hands.
  11. Possibly key first team squad members next season.
  12. You struggle to find a big name company willing to sponsor our ground. 1) . Lack of exposure. 2). It’s not in the best state (queue the jokes). 3). Historical. Any big sponsorship money is drawn to the premiership. Are there any local sponsors I doubt it, certainly not willing to pay the more net we would need. Well except for d-taxis.
  13. Malkmus

    Tell you who we miss

    Greg Fee?