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  1. We should take our ball home and revert our name... #Wednesday #WFC
  2. Have you been? It doesn't need to be next to a retail park, I was commenting on the design and how nice it is for fans. It's a long way from a Derby/Middlesborough/etc clone.
  3. It time to start plotting a move. I've been coming to Hillsborough for 30 odd years and it would be a big wrench but you can't get stuck in the past. If we'd stuck with tradition we wouldn't have been playing at Hillsborough in the first place, sometimes it's just time to move on. I have always been a big fan of the MK stadium (if not the team) so something like that would be good. Oh and there should be space around it, fan park / shop / parking / tram or train access.
  4. I hope the club are actively looking at replacements. We need a strong manager in before you know who decides to control any player spending money we might have.
  5. Sad news, hadn’t heard that Wilmington had disbanded.
  6. He's been leaving since last summer. Wouldn't supprise me if we had tried to sell him, then got annoyed because he wanted to stay one more year. And we got mardy with him, hence why he didn't play (strange decision as this didn't help us). But it would explain some of Jos's crazyness.
  7. Is it wrong that all I can think is he let himself, the club and the fans down with all that drinking. It can’t have helped with his injures for a start. However good at the time it now seems like a sad story of what could have been :-( Oh, and my opinion of him has been tainted over recent years.
  8. Multi year season tickets offer potential value to fans (no increases) and lock in supporters. Payment plans are organised between clubs but for accounting purposes clubs split the fee over the term of the contract so as not too too heavily effect any one years budget / allowance.
  9. As far as I'm aware... Transfer fees are split across the length of the contract on the accounts. The money generated by multi year season tickets has to show on the accounts across each year of the deal.
  10. Player wages will have gone down by 3/4 players and we got some money for Hunt / Rhodes. But I can't see the losses being much less. Player transfer fees are spread out over the players contracts so that amount won't have gone done really. And season ticket money can only be recorded as paid for each year. Still think we will need to release all and then sell in the summer. Hope I'm just being very pessimistic but, let's see.
  11. We used to loose 5-8 million a year when we payed peanuts to our players. Now we are paying money it’s easy to see how we will loose 20 million this year. It’s going to be a couple of very hard seasons coming up. Still wonder if Jos new the truth and wanted the kids ready for next season. And if he fully expected KW to be sold last summer or at least at Christmas.
  12. He's going to be our number one next season, should really be playing now for more experience.
  13. At least one mistake a game. But we probably won’t get any better, how long is his Chelsea contract?
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