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  1. Malkmus

    From a player.......

    If you believe this you have to accept that senior players wanted us to loose heavily on Friday night against our biggest rivals. Basically to revive their remaining Hillsborough careers (the next 6 months). ~ For that alone they should never play for the club again.
  2. Are we sure about this? I bought a signed shirt this summer in a charity auction it was the second the club had donated to that particular local charity that month. I guess they probably get a few thousand requests each year, and sadly have to turn some down.
  3. Malkmus

    Fulham manager

    I wonder if he regrets letting Stuart Gray go this summer?
  4. Malkmus

    John Sheridan

    I've already lost David Hirst as a hero this year. ~ And to a lesser extent Nigel Pearson. I can't afford to loose John Sheridan as well. So it's a big no from me! How about Colin West?
  5. Malkmus

    Chansiri kicking off

    I just feel we have become a lost cause. - Too much expectation. - Too little cash creation. - Aging ground with a tragic history and high maintenance cost. There are better options out there. Add that to the probably changes to the financial status of the Premiership with the inevitable formation of a European Super League. Well :-( I'm very pessimistic about our future.
  6. Malkmus

    Chansiri kicking off

    It's going to be an interesting few months / rest of the season... If Chansiri goes then we are heading for league 2. - No one in Sheffield has enough money to sort us out. - We will be very hard pressed to find another foreign owner. It's been a fun/scary/depressing ride. The only positives for me are that I'll be able to visit a few new (to me) grounds and that the people who sit behind me at Hillsborough may finally stop coming. Happy Days :-(
  7. If Jos goes Bullen must also go this time.
  8. Yep, that's what I meant by start again. No point holding on to players who have some value now only to use them in a relegation fight next year and then loose all value. Next year has to be about staying up, but we can do that with some sensible 350k spending / loans and the kids. The wage bill will be drastically reduced in the summer and so if we can stay up next year then things may get better. On the kids front, this is one of the reasons the 'crowds' reaction to Dawson has disappointed me. ~ They need to be blooded, they need to be supported.
  9. McCarthy would be a huge step backwards. Gambling on one last shot this season is how we got into this trouble. Sell Bannan, Reach and FF, release the out of contracts and start again in the summer.
  10. Malkmus

    Villa want Bannan

    Decent player. Gives the ball away as much as the others but maybe because he has more of the ball. Creates very little. Scores very few. Ensures our gutless team don't have to take personal responsibility. 29. 8-10 would be a decent deal. Reach for 12-15 and the expected clear out at the end of the season and we might be in an ok place in the summer. Sell FF and we can start to build again. Lets not keep repeating the mistake and not cashing in, only to see them eventually loose all value to the team as well as financial value.
  11. Malkmus

    Sam Winnall - Setback

    Sam Winnall's injury is one of those things, didn't even happen while he was at the club and it's just going to take time to recover + often set backs when recovering from this kind of thing. The problem is still what happened last year... The amount of injuries The speed of return / relapse
  12. Malkmus


    My heart says stay. I'd be more than happy staying, the ground will outlast me. I love the four sides, I love the feeling I get as I walk in the ground (it's never changed in 30 odd years). But I voted to leave. Regardless of my views at some point the future needs to be protected. Some of my reasons... * All four stands are in need off a rebuild. ~ Maybe not the south but I'd rebuild that for the leg room on it's own. * Limited room around the ground for expansion, for example the building of a fan park, further car parking, corporate facilities. * Poor car parking (only going to get worse). * The disaster, the ground will always be remembered for it, and rightly so but we as a club need to move on. * It's situated next to a river that could flood again. History is one thing, but the club knew in the past if it was to progress it needed to move on and you can't hold on to yesterday at the expense of the future. A future which doesn't include us, just the club. It would be a sad day, but there you go. The biggest challenges would finding a suitable location and then creating a stadium that is something different and makes us standout. Of all the new grounds I've visited the best has to be Stadium MK (such as waste). But i'd like to think we could add a bit of magic.
  13. Malkmus

    Bottom of the pile

    Wednesday fans: stop playing old crocks give the youth team a chance. Management: ok Wednesday fans: boooooo Management: what? Wednesday fans: you didn't expect us to support them did you? Management: ohhh Its true, that the kids will be inconsistent and that some won't make it, but we either support this policy or go back to the tried and tested free players and loans (basically trying players for premiership clubs). It's not like we have been playing 11 youngsters, there has been plenty of experienced players in the team, often letting down the players ounsters :-( We also have to accept that a big part of this is preparation for next season with and much reduced budget.
  14. Malkmus


    Last night was a great example of everything that disappoints me about Wednesday fans. Important local derby. Check Team all around playing poorly in the second half. Check Keeper who has come through the ranks playing in the net. Check Fans doing everything they could to unnerve said keeper. Check All young players are going to have inconsistent games, keepers especially, the way they learn is playing games. Fans should be supporting the players / team on match days. Either we are backing the new team policies or not. If Dawson is hounded out of the team who are you going to pick on next? Baker or Penny?