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  1. Malkmus

    Agnew on recruitment

    We cant afford any. We need to be selling.
  2. This but Bannan can't play centre midfield. It's what's helping make our defence look worse (if that's possible). Also, can't understand why Bruce has come here, final pay day? When FFP has finished with us this summer next season it will be amazing if we stay up.
  3. Looks like we won’t be able to sell Bannan this transfer window :-(
  4. Malkmus

    Chris Turner

    Nice guy, big SWFC fan, didn't work out for him as a manager here but he did bring in a few great players. Didnt he also give his job up to try and form a consortium to take us over. Personally I wish him only the best getting further work.
  5. Malkmus

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Not saying it does make a difference, just saying there is possibly some truth in it. I'd have like to see Jos handle the 91/93 team.
  6. Malkmus

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Not going to go down well but... Probably something in it, maybe not as bad as the tweet is making out, he's always gone missing for some games. We we all know he is a very good goalkeeper but there is a reason he ended up at Hillsborough when we were a poor team and regularly got overlooked for Ireland.
  7. Malkmus

    That Goal

    Winnall's fault went for and completely missed the header.
  8. Malkmus

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Just needs enough loan signing to keep us up this and next season. The bigger decision is which players to let go in January and which to keep until the summer.
  9. Malkmus

    Dressing room clique

    CC's fault for me, he let the players get away with too much. They were never fit enough at the start of the season, and could never last a full game. I would guess Jos and his routine has thrown the cat amongst the fat lazy (we'll do what we want) pigeons and hence they have fallen out. Note: We should be careful who we side with on this as the players will soon be gone. Having said that Jos still deserves to go due to his constant tampering with the defence.
  10. Malkmus

    Bannan at full time

    For me he can go in January for as much as we can get. We need to cash in on him before he is passed it. Should stop Tom Lees looking to play the ball to the left so much.
  11. Foriestieri's doesn't seem match fit. Joao goes missing in games.
  12. Malkmus

    Our next manager???.

    At Hillsborough he would have to build a new team for next season with no money while doing the fans bidding of playing all of the players set to leave at Christmas / the Summer. Oh and identify which 1/2 of the current saleable assests and fan favourites to cash in on. (for me Bannan) Its not a job anyone would want (except for mercenaries) and remember as soon as he looses a couple the fans will call for his head...
  13. Malkmus

    From a player.......

    If you believe this you have to accept that senior players wanted us to loose heavily on Friday night against our biggest rivals. Basically to revive their remaining Hillsborough careers (the next 6 months). ~ For that alone they should never play for the club again.
  14. Are we sure about this? I bought a signed shirt this summer in a charity auction it was the second the club had donated to that particular local charity that month. I guess they probably get a few thousand requests each year, and sadly have to turn some down.
  15. Malkmus

    Fulham manager

    I wonder if he regrets letting Stuart Gray go this summer?