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  1. It would be a hard sell to the none hardcore football fan in the country. Also where would you draw the line, for example if their are two clubs in a city do you save both, or do you only bail out clubs of certain sizes? Would Sunderland be bailed out by the government in ‘normal‘ circumstances? And would leave the government open to bailing out so much more even though we have already spent far beyond our means. As I said millions are potentially set to loose their jobs, thousands of business will fail and plenty of people will loose their houses over the next year. Bigger Iss
  2. We all know what is likely to happen... A large number of clubs including some in the championship will be gone before the end of all this. The government will not be able to justify a bail out for footballers when millions are set to loose their jobs in the UK, and rightly so. Lots of players are going to have limited futures, <insert something derogatory about media studies degrees here>. All while Sky and BT sport host touch-themselves-a-thons on the 5h and 16th of October about how many hundreds of millions have been spent this summer. European league
  3. Technically we have struggled to sustain a professional club for the last 20 years. Even with a poor squad we lost millions each year. Maybe we should be semi-pro? Player wages, transfer fee and agents fees have and will continue to destroy football clubs.
  4. I think we need to be realistic. The players that left (strikers) needed to go due to our financial situation. With possibly the exception of AN who a lot of fans wanted out and it probably was time to move on for his sake as well (I would still have kept him though). It was never going to be easy to be easy to recruit the required players within a tighter budget, with a much harder transfer market and with -12 points hanging over us. I can only assume COVID will have further destroyed us financially and will continue to do so for the rest of this season. We are where we ar
  5. It’s an odd one, in an ideal world this would not happen. But what is the alternative... * More clubs going bust. * More local business loosing money to clubs going into administration. * More fans left without teams to follow. * More detachment between players and fans. Things can’t keep going on this way. I fully expect that we will loose quite a few clubs over the next year.
  6. More than likely it’s been arranged for a while contractually and timed to happen in what was meant to be close season.
  7. I think this shows how bad our finances are going to be next season. With potentially vastly limited ticket / sponsorship money next season don’t expect too much from this summers recruitment. Its going to be tough for lots of teams and players.
  8. Never had a good dirty play in all the years I’ve been watching them (34), Wednesday have always been too nice.
  9. The fans don’t help. We are very quite to destroy footballers. Even more experienced professionals can’t take it so who knows what the kids think watching on.
  10. Good chance next season won’t happen, it certainly won’t be the same... And yet people can’t make a decision to cancel this season. Certainly can’t see Europe happening next season so the European places aren’t worth fighting for. They need to be concentrating on what happens next season, clubs have to start preparing soon. This summer will be a hard one for clubs and players. With questionable incomes next season and losses from this season there will be a big changes coming... * Lots of players without clubs next season. * Clubs with much smaller squads.
  11. Next season is the problem they should be looking at. - Will people be able to go. - just the healthy and young? - Will travelling to away games be possibly? - What happens if a club can’t play fixtures due to the staff being locked down due to an outbreak. - What if there is another full UK lockdown in November/ December? With all these questions and uncertainties what contracts can chairman give out this summer? How can any recruitment be done?
  12. Step up and make a call. This season is done. Games on tv will attracted fans to watch together. Games create a social distance risks. ~ What if some staff are over 65, the managers even. Games returning will encourage people to go to the park and play. The EFL needs to concentrate on saving clubs and deciding if and how next season can go ahead.
  13. The season is over, no finishing it now. I think it has to be marked a null and void (not going to make some teams happy). A bigger question has to be will next season go ahead? As there is a strong chance we will all be in lockdown again in the winter. And which clubs are going to invest in player fees and contracts knowing this?
  14. Sounded and looked like he doesn't want to be here anymore! Don't blame him.
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