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  1. Hi apologies if somewhere else this is mentioned but is there anyway to buy a multi season ticket online at all, when I’ve logged in I’ve only got the option for a 1 year one? Does this mean ive got to go to the shop to purchase as I’ve been ringing and emailed the shop with no reply. any help would be appreciated
  2. He got stuck in and out himself about but his touch is awful and finishing woeful
  3. You either weren't at the match or got the wrong player only player to try and beat a man last night when switched to left back he made it time and time again out wide and in the final third
  4. Had a Smart Parking fine through from the Leeds match for parking on the Kilner Way Retail Park anyone any ideas if they can hold me to it were loads of other fans parked on there I can't be the unlucky one they want £60 off me??
  5. I phonesd shop on Saturday and they said would be an announcement this week at some point regarding Chesterfield match
  6. Ref did have an absolute shocker today and don't think people giving him a bit of abuse is too much sad that he got injured but all in all absolute joke of a ref
  7. First 20 minutes looked ok but after that we were poor last 10 again looked ok but nothing really ton come off the bench we are crying out for a striker
  8. Yeah maybe best to leave it alone then will stick with neutral colours
  9. Is it a bad idea to wear colours on an away match? Going to Ipswich on Sunday with the Mrs and my 9 year old son and he wants to wear his shirt just don't want to get any bother would it be a problem?
  10. Does anyone know when tickets go on sale for this away match?
  11. McGuire can only be a 5 for me he offered little have the ball away it was a good strike but that was about it maghoma was the same
  12. Taking the wife and daughter to this one really excited for it they are too and will have been there 3rd match this season wife says she wants a season ticket but not sure I can handle the earache!!
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