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  1. Hubris survives many trials it seems. But tragedy always awaits......
  2. I guess things have switched around a little then...
  3. The first four blades games are all category B - including QPR and Portsmouth. Looks like category A will only be used sparingly, similarly category C, and presumably also as a marketing tool to foster a Season Ticket culture - like the free tickets for under-13s.
  4. Way out Seems that thread, and this one is based on testicles See here: http://www.sufc.co.uk/page/SeasonTickets/0...1468467,00.html Whilst nominally 20.8% APR, the cost is expressed as a service charge (as Wednesday have done) and total interest cost ranges for £5 to 22.90 - making both buying tickets outright or by DD cheaper than Wednesday. I think people haven't been taking account that the principle is being paid off during the term when calculating their interests costs. BTW, for others in the thread - United concessions for ST include under 18s, over 60s and any full-time student. PS I really don't care what the relative prices are, just making sure that people don't spread FUD about United's STs
  5. So let me get this right The cheapest SUFC ticket is cheaper that the cheapest SWFC ticket The most expensive SUFC ticket is cheaper than than any other SWFC ticket. SUFC offer more generous concessions than SWFC - over 60s (vs over 65s) free for under 13s with an adult ticket (vs under 8s) etc. SUFC are guaranteed at least championship football next season, SWFC aren't. You can buy an SUFC ticket online, over telephone (10p a minute) or in person for the same price, if you don't buy your SWFC ticket online you pay a considerable penalty. SUFC charge a high interest on those who choose to take up a club loan to pay for it, SWFC offer this loan "interest free", but charge an admin fee of £15 to £30 if you didn't renew by December 16th 2009. Did I miss something?
  6. Damn, I knew we should have built a Gastro-pub.........
  7. No arrogance or hubris here, just thought the comment "...we may have chosen Norwich because they've got where they are, and where we want to be..." was more than a ltitle bizarre. We all need a dream, I guess……..
  8. Like this one? http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=123348 Retardation is incredibly democratic, I always find.
  10. £50m? From hosting 2 games? How much are the tickets?!?
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