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  1. Might take a while, but you’ll be back when we’re successful again.
  2. Just been on one of the Cardiff’s fans forums to assess there reaction to yesterday’s game and came across this. Hope the link works. https://www.ccmb.co.uk/showthread.php?445723-Sheffield-Wednesday-Invasion-Of-Cardiff-May-1984-Remember-that-!&s=e65b42af3380d2fde26b1fa5201000ce
  3. That’s an opinion not a fact, in my opinion the rebuild starts now, but that’s all it is just an opinion.
  4. Now that the sale of the ground has been declared null and void for the 17/18 season, will the sale be allowed to be carried forward to the following season therefore contributing to our current 3 year rolling accounts?
  5. I think that this new system that we are playing now is much more suited to his game, it certainly allows him more space to get in behind.
  6. As far as I know Bob Jackson introduced the UK’s 1st ever football phone in on Radio Sheffield, I believe that there was no praise allowed when it was first introduced, just a grumble. As I recall Radio Hallam introduced their own version some years later called “Rate em or Slate em”. Not sure of the year but what I do recall is that it was around the time that two Wednesday fans regularly called Praise or Grumble, namely Ricardo and Rahael (forgive the spelling). I remember switching between the two phone ins and would often hear Ricardo having a good moan on both.
  7. I’d bet that their own fans weren’t proposing a boycott.
  8. Thought that they made plenty of noise tonight, especially the the North, rallied behind the team after the goal went in. I was in the Grandstand tonight and noticed quite a few more kids than usual, great to see them there and hopefully most of them will be helping to form our core group of support in the future.
  9. Well as far as I’m concerned kudos to the 13.000 or so that are willing to show their support for the team in the face of adversity.
  10. Well gaining a few pints as a result of Wednesdays demise certainly wouldn’t console me in anyway, nor would a few hundred quid, I for one would be absolutely gutted and certainly not celebrating any form of consolation.
  11. Really can’t believe what I’m reading on here, how anyone could back again there own team and especially to be relegated is simply beyond me. I never could and never would, if I was so intent on having a wager I wouldn’t care what it was but I’d find something else.
  12. I know it’s easy being wise after the event, but I’ve always Been of the opinion that we haven’t been fair by Rhodes, the reason being i believe is that he’s never really played in a side whilst he’s been here that provides him with the service that his style of play deserves. like others have said on here he really deserves a run in the side now to show what he is capable of producing, with the right kind of service that we are able to provide for him with the quality out wide that our current squad possesses I’m confident he’ll produce.
  13. I feel that Bullen has a lot going for him, but the one thing that I do believe that he doesn’t have going for him that is crucial, especially at this moment in time is the contacts in the game. For me that was the Major plus with Bruce not necessarily his managerial abilities.
  14. It’s hard to be consistent when you’ve been plagued with injuries for the last two seasons.
  15. I understand that there are those who refuse to go to games at the current prices, I also understand that there are those who just simply afford to go to any of the games full stop, but the ones who confuse me are the ones that say that they would be able to attend if the prices were less expensive and won’t be attending the Sheffield derby for that reason. Surely if there is one match in a season that it is well worth seeing above all of the other games it is this one, and I’m puzzled as to why if it is a financial decision not to go, why not start putting a few bob away each week in ad
  16. What about the Becchio diving handball against the L**ds scum (the game when Kirkland was assaulted by one of their fans?
  17. This squad hasn’t been good enough for the last 18/24 months, and for some that realisation is only just kicking in. I for one didn’t expect a massive upturn in form when Bruce came in and that’s down to the inept squad that he has inherited. I only hope hope that the fans are patient with Bruce because he has a massive rebuilding job to do, and it’s not going to happen over night, but I am very confident that he will eventually improve the squad and move us in the right direction.
  18. Spoke to him any many an occasion over the last few years about Wednesday, lovely lovely bloke. No matter how bad things were at S6 I never heard him criticise the club or the team, he always looked on the positive side. Sad sad news, god bless Mark and sincere sympathies to your wife and daughter.
  19. Let’s not even mention the fact that he took us to within 90 mins of the Premiership, also the fantastic occasions that the fans experienced that season like the Brighton game, the Arsenal game and of course the trip to Wembley, all occasions that will live long in the memory for many a fan, especially the youngsters who will never have witnessed atmospheres like that before.
  20. Apparently Carbone managed him as a youth team player in Italy back in 2011. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/02/01/sheffield-wednesdays-move-for-newcastle-uniteds-achraf-lazaar-en/
  21. I actually thought that Bannan was one of the players who could hold his head high tonight along with Tom Lees.
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