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  1. As title. 6 spaces available for Sat, traveling by minibus, setting off at 10am from Chapeltown. Anyone interested please pm me. Thanks.
  2. I feel that D.C will eventually get it right. I think that he is as desperate for this club to get to the Premier League as anyone. Things really have have transpired to go against him this season with all of the injuries, and also the trust that he placed in his manager ultimately being misplaced. I also think that since day one the trust that he has placed in his so called experienced footballing advisors has been totally misguided. I am am pretty sure that he won’t end leaving this club in a worse state than when he took it on, I just feel that he would never allow that to happen. It it may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.
  3. Dawson

    In addition to his saves I thought his distribution was excellent.
  4. Whose going Tuesday

    On the back end of a good performance last night, Carlos has gone, only a tenner, new manager and realistically the the one remaining competition we still have an interest in, no reason why there shouldn’t be a decent turn out.
  5. Jack Hunt joins injury list

    This 100%.
  6. Let’s just see how much the attendance increase now bearing in mind all of the dissenters staying away until Carlos was gone.
  7. Mass Boycott

    So let’s get this right if we all boycott the Wolves game and DC subsequently sacks Carlos all of you proposing this will turn up for the remaining games. Yeah course you will.
  8. Brian the Blade could be in charge for me, no matter who’s in charge i’ll still renew.
  9. Comparison table and graph Game 7

    Very helpful and informative. Thank you for taking your time out to do this.
  10. Preston Minibus

    Hi, I think I messaged you (never done that before) but I will book 4 of those spaces if still available. Thanks.
  11. Preston Away Ticket Details

    Friend of mine picked our tickets up around 1.40, he was told by the staff member who served him that there were now just under a thousand tickets left. He also said that the queues were starting to build as he left.
  12. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    Dave Clements. Arrived along with Brian Joicey from Coventry around 1970, he really could look after himself.
  13. Adam Reach

    You can't justify having slagged him off in the past yourself, and then now tell everyone else to leave him alone.
  14. best fans in championship vote

    Leeds is not a smaller City than ours, the population of Leeds is over 751.000, Sheffield's poupulation is Only 563.000, some 33/34% Lower.