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  1. Some really poor performances today but for the 2nd game running Reach was by far the worst player on the pitch, wouldn’t tackle, wouldn’t run into space, passing was wayward and wouldn’t work back whenever he lost the ball (that was just about every time he received it).
  2. He certainly doesn’t have Brunt’s strength and vision, I suppose only time will tell but I honestly can’t see Reach being as effective as Brunt has been in the Premiership for the last decade or so.
  3. Yeah all of that is fine and obviously all pluses, but what about is weakness in the tackle is unwillingness to engage in 50/5’s, is ability to give the ball away quite often whilst in advanced positions. I also happen to think that is distribution is poor. I personally thought that last season he was beginning to look like the player that no doubt we all hoped he would be but for me this season and especially of late he has showed too many frailties to be classed as a top class Championship player.
  4. I think that he is vastly overrated. He was the worst player on the pitch by a long chalk at the weekend, take away the long range efforts over the last couple of seasons and I think that you are left with a less than average midfielder/winger. I personally would take any offer around the £10 mil mark, that in my opinion give Bruce the opportunity to start the rebuild.
  5. And replace him with other whom? Someone like Dave Allen perhaps? The fact is that when you set out at the beginning of a season there are no guarantees as to where any club will finish (and yes I do realise that the last 2 seasons have been disastrous, but in reality A lot of us have seen worse times at Hillsborough) there have also been mitigating circumstances especially with an horrendous injury list. Of course it’s bitterly disappointing when things don’t work out as we would all like. I have said before that I believe that Chansiri has been a victim of ill advice during is time at the club. I know he’s not a fan like we are but I don’t believe for one minute that he doesn’t want to make a real success of his time here for various reasons. He’s made mistakes (bad ones at times) but we are all aware now that not only is it going to be a struggle for the rest of this season, but due to the financial restraints that we currently face we will also struggle in a financial sense for a further season after that. Would a new owner coming in now be able to address the issues we face with profit and sustainability? I don’t think they would. I do think that Chansiri deserves to be listened to and see just exactly what he has to say at the very least. Like the op is alluding to, it’s not asking a lot to be respectful and courteous before putting your point across.
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    Season ticket holders

    I think I need to get out more as I haven’t yet come across a single person who says that they are not going to renew their season ticket. That’s not to say that these people don’t exist as I’m sure that will apply to some fans. The people who I attend the matches with are as disappointed as I am about our current plight, but we’ve seen a lot worse over the years and I along with my mates are prepared to see it through, and I believe that things will eventually turn for the better. I have said before that I believe that things may have to get worse before they improve, especially with the financial restraints that are being placed on our club at the moment, and will apply again next season. Whilst not being Jos’s biggest fan at the moment, I personally fully appreciate the difficulty that he currently faces with regards to the lack of ability to be able to add currently to our ageing squad.
  7. Let’s just hope we can play some beautiful winning football on it.
  8. maldino2004

    Flash in the pan.

    I don’t believe it’s the start of a dark period, I believe it is a correction that is going to take a couple of seasons to sort out. I think that Chansiri was badly advised from the get go and I think if he had his time again he would have done things very differently and certainly more gradually. I believe that is heart and his wallet are in the right place it is just that he is now fighting against the financial fair play debacle and that his hands are tied for the time being. Corrections have to be made and we are in the process of those corrections now.
  9. I’m just worried that we won’t even attempt to replace him and make do with what we have, in my opinion that would definitely be a backwards step.
  10. As title. 6 spaces available for Sat, traveling by minibus, setting off at 10am from Chapeltown. Anyone interested please pm me. Thanks.
  11. I feel that D.C will eventually get it right. I think that he is as desperate for this club to get to the Premier League as anyone. Things really have have transpired to go against him this season with all of the injuries, and also the trust that he placed in his manager ultimately being misplaced. I also think that since day one the trust that he has placed in his so called experienced footballing advisors has been totally misguided. I am am pretty sure that he won’t end leaving this club in a worse state than when he took it on, I just feel that he would never allow that to happen. It it may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.
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    In addition to his saves I thought his distribution was excellent.
  13. maldino2004

    Whose going Tuesday

    On the back end of a good performance last night, Carlos has gone, only a tenner, new manager and realistically the the one remaining competition we still have an interest in, no reason why there shouldn’t be a decent turn out.