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  1. A Bristol City view

    I think we'll beat you 5-0 (Subtract a goal from us for every 10 minute period that Fletcher is on the pitch)
  2. I'll have the print please Chris.
  3. If fit, Hooper and Rhodes should start every league match for the rest of the season with Joao as first sub.
  4. Couldn't be arsed to read all that bobbar but my first season ticket cost £43. Thankyou.
  5. Any fat ginger rumblezoids want educating?
  6. My favourite post ever. Be racist as roger towards the people that society deems ok eh Neal? Why not think for yourself rather than putting labels on people?
  7. When I read the title I thought just of Wednesday players: Most entertaining and best I've ever seen: Waddle Most exciting: Dalian Atkinson in his one and only season with us.
  8. Thanks for that, though isn't he on the young side for the under-20's (rule wise)
  9. And thereby question the opening statement.
  10. The following was posted: "George Hirst is nowhere near the standard of the kids at Chelsea and City." You agreed with this. As young Hirst is first choice for England, logic dictates that the kids at Chelsea and City are not English. Not knowing anything about the Chelsea and City kids, I thought I would question this logic.
  11. Why not read the posts I was replying to tailface.
  12. No I didn't. I was just wondering how he gets in the England team if they are that far ahead? (unless of course they're not English)
  13. I presume the Chelsea and Man City kids aren't English then or am I missing something?