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  1. Couldn't agree more. This is a very poor league, to get out of it you don't have to be a great team - an average team with one or maybe two talented players is all you need to be. Before January that's what we were - now we're just an average team who will make the play offs but almost certainly get no further.The answer is quite simple and doesn't involve discovering the South Yorkshire Messi or going tens of millions of pounds into debt.

  2. I don't think many clubs are going to get out of the Championship (the right way) with a player budget of £6m pa (I'm sure at this point someone will remind me that Chiping Ongar FC have won the Champions League for the last 3 years paying their players with washers and empty crisp packets). Our problem isn't that we can't finance our debt (although that may change if our revenue falls and interest rates go up) - its that we can't attract new investment because no one is going to put £25m into a team that has no prospect of Premiership football. Without investment we won't be able to get a squad capable of challenging for promotion - its a circular argument

  3. Im sick of seeing our debt used as a reason for us being poo poo.

    Its not.

    We are told that our debt costs us around £0.5million a season now that its been restructured. Take that off our turnover and it puts us way in front of around 50% of the clubs in the division.

    We need to make our money work much better for us on the pitch next season - AND STOP USING THE DEBT AS AN EXCUSE. Cos its not anymore.

  4. I've added my opinions of our team and tbh I don't think it's a case that they're not performing more that they're just not good enough

    You may be right - however basically same team finished mid-table last season. So were they over-performing then or under-performing now? I daresay the truth is somewhere in between.
  5. 6. Tommy Miller - lots of championship experience good goal record - how do i get him to be like that for this team!

    Exactlly chaferswfc - there's nothing wrong with the players. Ok they aren't world beaters but they certainly aren't sh*te like a number of posters on here would suggest. I have several Ipswich friends from down here and they feel Miller was a descent championship player - especially going forwards.
  6. When AI comes to pick the team for Saturday he may well be thinking - "What a bunch of ............."

    However he might be thinking:

    Grant - top 5 Championship 'keeper

    Simek - ex fringe international coming back to form/fitness

    Buxton - not a bad centre-half

    Purse - solid/experienced championship player

    Beevers - a season ago being tipped as future England player

    Hinds - good squad player

    Spurr - last season was highly rated up and coming prospect

    JJ - very talented/erratic - how do I capitalise on the former

    JOC - descent centre midfield workhorse

    Potter - can I get him to venture over the half-way line?

    McAllister - see JOC

    Soares - 2 seasons ago up and coming prospect

    Esajas - see JJ

    Gray - very experienced ex-premiership player.............hold on though isn't he a L back?????

    Tudgay - one of best players in Championship last season

    Sodje - big centre foreward - my type of striker

    Clarke - see Sodje

    Jeffers - end of contract in summer thank................ but hold on......didn't he get 13 goals in 16 England U-21 appearances!!?

    "So how come this squad is 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? And by the way who's got the no.6 shirt??"

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