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  1. Does anyone know if you pay on the gate for the Ipswich match tomorrow night?
  2. Just got 4 tickets by phone - just kept ringing 0871 900 1867 and eventually got through
  3. essexowl2

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    Since last Sunday we've played 2, Utd 3 and we've gained a point on them - I'd certainly have taken that 1pm on Sunday.......no brainer really
  4. Couldn't agree more. This is a very poor league, to get out of it you don't have to be a great team - an average team with one or maybe two talented players is all you need to be. Before January that's what we were - now we're just an average team who will make the play offs but almost certainly get no further.The answer is quite simple and doesn't involve discovering the South Yorkshire Messi or going tens of millions of pounds into debt.