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  1. Not having a go but why was Hutch not rested today. It was his third start after not playing for a good while and it is well known that his fitness needs to be managed. All a good opportunity given we were playing lower league opposition in the cup. Thought it before the game and then he goes and gets injury. Why do we not learn this lesson? We often over players they need a rest and there is the opportunity to give them one. I don‘t understand... We need to be pro-active with managing certain players rather than waiting until they feel something - when arguably it‘s too late.
  2. The signage on the Meadowhall temporary pop-up shop is better! https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/december/owls-meadowhall-store-open/ (see last photo!)
  3. Maybe it’s cheaper to pay a couple of contract clause payments v loss of revenue, need to sack Jos... And let’s not even go near the R word!
  4. Would Love us to act as a professional outfit but WTF is happening with the megastore sign??? Out of date badges and half lit signage - get a grip SWFC. Sure someone will say “spend money on pitch” but the fact is we need to be more professional and strategic throughout and the shambolic megastore sign just encapsulates this. Plus spent plenty on the pitch without any strategy!! Love the club but bloody get a grip and stop being mediocre.
  5. If it made sense financially Jones would have gone. This negativity, over reaction and bi polar mood towards the club has to stop. No one was complaining when we signed the players who have done the financial damage. It may take a little while to sort but we will. Let‘s not blame everyone and everything in the meantime, we are in a period of flux. Jos not to blame.
  6. We looked a lot better defensively for playing with more discipline and Dawson in particular but also Baker and Fox looked a lot better for it. Proud of them all tonight, their hard work and graft for each other deserved a point!
  7. What about the old badges on the megastore sign and the fact it doesn’t light up properly any more... Not having a go but let’s get it sorted.
  8. Thanks for the info Pod9. Pretty cheap job then and the printed mesh option even cheaper I would imagine. Hopefully something will happen soon.
  9. Oh wow, didn't realise an application had gone in for this (https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=OMLZDANYIBP00 (ref no. 17/01057/ADV)). Would be great if we could get something temporary in place before the season starts or as soon as poss. Surely wouldn't cost too much and would tide us over. Would be nice for the place to look its best for the 150th year!
  10. Really happy with all the improvements which have been made at the club over the last few years both on and off the pitch (including at Hillsborough and the training ground) so this is definitely not a moan. However, I know this has been discussed a lot but you would have thought that we could as a minimum clean up/paint the outside of the West Stand and add new Sheffield Wednesday lettering on our 150th year. I know the rest will probably have to wait until we return to the Prem but this wouldn't cost a lot and would make the place look a whole lot better. Wouldn't have thought it would do any harm in attracting the much coveted corporate sponsors either. All for the team being the priority but this really wouldn't cost much in the grand scheme of things and would give the place a boost. As I say, not moaning but would be great to see this done, even to a minimum standard. Chuffed with the Boyd signing! UTO WAWAW
  11. Thought the fans being upbeat and cheering after the game was special. Always look on the bright side of life being sung... When mind the gap was announced on the tube and we all simultaneously burst into "Mind the Gap, Mind the Gap Sheffield United" with a cheeky grin on our faces, great moment which will stay with me. Great to see how we dealt with defeat on Saturday, reminded me why I'm so proud to be a Wednesdayite! Also during the game the fans really were willing the ball forward, if the teams had been close we really could have made the difference, it was palpable! UTO
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