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  1. Is that definitely the case re the NW corner and what exactly is the problem? I know there was an issue a fews years ago with entrances that was resolved and Wycombe subsequently sat in there. Is there a new issue?
  2. FYI what investment went into the stadium upon promotion to the Prem across the city or up the road, very little! It a fallacy that the Prem holds all the answers. Good clubs invest in the right things regardless.
  3. That's how football has become so distorted - the view that you shouldn't spend a small percentage of your turnover on your stadium / training facilities, the academy etc because it will harm performance in the pitch - why will it? Percentages should be built in to spend on these things regardless as any other good business. Has spending very little on these things over the last 20 years helped us? If so, it's not obvious but Hillsborough's lack of maintenance is. It may be obvious in the cars and houses that footballers own though - not having a go at out players - I really like them as a group, I am generalising about the distortion in football.
  4. The three things I flag are not major - I would like to think there is some scope for relatively minor improvements in the near future rather than waiting for a pot of gold to come over the rainbow! Come on Wednesday, we can do better!
  5. Also, the argument that "we will do it when we are in the Prem" - how long is a piece of sting. We need to undertake normal levels or maintenance / improvements in the meantime rather than shipping all the money out to the players. Priorities! No other business runs like a football club, particularly at this level!
  6. Spend less on players and spend a small amount on stadium maintenance - the players shouldn't continue to be the only beneficiaries - otherwise what will we have to show for the investment, the infrastructure won't be there.
  7. I thought the H&S issue was resolved through new entrance creation? If is was condemned it should be taken down. Agree with better facilities for the kop - they are terrible!
  8. The Portsmouth and Sunderland games were both great occasions and brilliant to see Hillsborough rocking but it also made me notice that Hillsborough is amazing but tired in places. It therefore got me thinking, what could be done now to improve Hillsborough and ultimately the fans experience. My initial three are as follows: - Put seats back in the north west corner - now that it is no longer required for the Sky box this would not be a problem. I was all for them tidying this corner up when some seats had to be removed for the Sky box assembly but this corner really did look sad during these big games and brought the look of the stadium down. Nothing worse than a redundant part of a football ground sat there looking at you. - Tannoy system - even though this has been upgraded, the clarity is rubbish. It needs replacing. - Repaint external areas of the main stands where appropriate - the Kop is a prime example of that. It just looks tired now. I would be interested to know your top three. And yes, people will argue to spend nothing on the ground until we are in the Prem but why, we lost 25M for the last two years, we need to reprioritise / reduce spending and using a small amount year on year to keep the ground fit for purpose has to be part of that. All this helps the brand and the feel of the club - we need to keep up to date like all businesses - I'm not saying full scale redevelopment of stands etc as that will need to wait but there are plenty of things that could be done in the meantime without using the "Prem" as an excuse. They have clearly put money into the Stadium of Light to keep it looking fresh so why can't we. We can't keep ducking maintaining our great old stadium properly.
  9. Also, if we know we are weaker there because of the personnel available, why not double up. Makes no sense to leave a weak part of the team, weak and then wonder why we are conceding all the time. No rocket science. Not sure where Moore is looking.
  10. Regardless of whether it’s playing three at the back or the personnel (agree that this clearly contributing), I have never known us play this formation and the wingbacks offer so little cover - they are basically playing as wingers but we are not using our numbers in midfield to good effect either. Do other teams play this system and leave the three at the back so exposed?
  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are conceding way too many goals - we can’t be in a position where we need to score 3/4 every week to win. The "wingbacks” don’t get back and leave the three very exposed. Can’t understand why Moore can’t see this - the questions are building for me. We need to either switch to 4 at the back or for the wingers to actually get back. We are basically playing with three in defense and one of them is out of position - the other team just exploit the wide space week in, week out. Away at a good side it’s only going to result in poor results.
  12. Does he need the form to improve absolutely yes, but win against a good Plymouth side, no.
  13. Hunt, Brennan, Dunkley and Pato maybe or recall the young left back if we can who looked decent when he played in the cup. It‘s a general point though and appreciate we are down on numbers atm.
  14. Don‘t want us to lose our attracting attributes but we need to tighten up at the back, won‘t win enough games whilst we‘re leaning goals. Appreciate though that we‘ll be much better then Iorfa / Hutch fit and / or maybe signing one more. Think Dunkley is benefitting more from a run of games to be honest but obviously great to see him playing well either way.
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