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  1. Gregory is a bright spark but setting my expectations that we‘re not good enough to get out League 1 for 2 or 3 seasons. Better for the chairman to pay the fans what is owed and get back on an even keel. Going to be a while before we are decent again, best for us to use the time to get the ship in order...
  2. Not at all and not a reaction to the last couple of results - these things happen. Just something more generally that I have noticed in how the players are communicating... Absolutely right for Moore to focus on winning mentality but that has to resonate as needing the will to win...
  3. A lot of talk from the Players about strength and quality of team and winning mentality but we have to be careful here. Winning mentality is about having the will to be a winner as an individual and a team, not thinking you‘ve won before you‘ve begun...
  4. Surprised he didn’t get man of the match - if Sky knew the teams and players better I think he would have.
  5. I had to start a new thread for this because Hutch was immense today - blocked everything, read the game brilliantly and lead by example and through communicating with the players around him. Well done Sam - keep up the good work. Centre back is your position - never had a bad game there. Him and Dom are quite a pair at League One level - they’d be good in the Champ.
  6. Why would you travel to Charlton just to get PP when it’s on Sky? I don’t complain but because I am no longer able to have a season ticket, I understand the issue - you basically can’t get a ticket for a game within 60 miles of Hillsborough. All for season ticket holders getting priority but it’s still frustrating.
  7. It’s on Sky. Priority Points are an issue when the away game is closer to home...
  8. Hadn’t they just removed some for when they set up the temp sky cabin? Would have been better buying / refitting a dozen or so seats than taking them all out. Will look awful left empty - proper lower league skint club style. Very unprofessional.
  9. It’s clearly going to cause a problem though like it is for many club - not sure how many aren’t paying their players though. Not sure what the club / DC could come out and say at this point?
  10. The point I responded to was in relation to players not getting paid? That is simply about drop in revenue surely...
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