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  1. The turn in the box on Sat was the best move of the game. Is he really done or do we just assume that because he was out for a while? Genuine question.
  2. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/june/steven-fletcher-boost-and-contract-updates/ Says all players in the training group have been asked to extend their contracts... Looks like the end for Sam. He‘s always worked hard but probably best for both parties - it‘s just not worked out he for him, shame.
  3. I would give it to MacLean but not Mellor given no. of Football League Trophy Goals included - fair play to Mellor though!
  4. Also, I believe Fessi is out of contract in the summer too...
  5. Mellor didn’t score 20 in a season for us did he? Saw this in The Star recently too and didn’t ring true then... Wasn’t Steve MacLean the last person to score 20 in a season for us?
  6. In fairness, I wouldn’t say a number of those players just “sat out their contract”. You clearly weren’t watching the same team as me if you think that of Loovens, Pudil, Westwood, Hutch and Hooper and Lee when fit. Matias and Winnall were/are tryers too... The others were/are either finished, not good enough or just don’t fit here.
  7. Would be good in the Championship at CB - never put a foot wrong for us while playing there.
  8. Not just Sheff U - any club which has made gradual and sustainable (relatively) improvements.
  9. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-chris-kamara-says-its-outrageous-that-footballers-are-asked-to-take-wage-cuts-11981797 "Kammy" seems as out of touch as most footballers - oh well, it is our choice whether we continue to pay ridiculous ticket prices - and when the clubs rally supporters we can just say "we are doing our little bit" for our finances. Hate this side of football, so rotten and selfish. Still, what does he care as he is getting paid for a betting ad!!
  10. Regardless, of the contract type, surely any individual can agree to a temporary change to their terms?
  11. Seems like football is in a bubble again whilst the average person on the street has to take the hit. Maybe fans should react as slowly when they are asked to back clubs around the country and in particular our club. The players could do far more to help the club than we as fans ever could. About time that greed of agents and players ended and this highlights the issue perfectly. posting a few positive videos and delivering some shopping is simply no where near enough. The players need to step up and lead by example and show their leadership and earn their “role model” status.
  12. It didn’t mention player wages though did it? And nothing from only club and players?
  13. Is there any news on this? Amazed I haven’t seen anything...
  14. We miss Loovens and Wallace. During the summer, we need to bring in some players with genuine leadership qualities.
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