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  1. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but watch his reaction and tell me he is happy... I hope it is frustration because of not getting into the team / playing out of position... Negging me for saying what you can see if you watch the highlights is ridiculous...
  2. I like probably all Sheffield Wednesday supporters was really pleased to see Forestieri amongst the goals on Saturday... but why did he not celebrate either goal? He actually looked really unhappy... I'm not looking for negatives and have a lot of time for this man but you couldn't miss it...
  3. Fletcher rocked his boat end of. Will never get back to his best while Fletcher is playing alpha male. FF has potential to make much more of an impact but won’t while Fletcher is the talisman up top. What do you think happened to him at Watford... Needs to be No. 1 and when he is he’s unbelievable...
  4. I am surprised that this hasn‘t been mentioned already but this partnership could be a key asset going forward. It is easy to say that given the goals on Sunday but these too linked up when they were on the pitch together and Fletcher seemed made up for Winnall. A massive asset if we have found an attacking partnership that works. Fingers crossed. UTO.
  5. We have strikers who are proven goal scorers in the club though. Why create more debt/FFP issues without properly exploring the options first?
  6. Have we, over the course of a few games i.e. a minimum of 8-10? To allow them to get up to match sharpness and learn each other’s game... We certainly need to explore both of the options above as a significant change is required up top of we want to compete.
  7. Yeah. Just not sure he will contribute to the same level as previously with Fletcher in the team - my view is that he put his nose out of joint. Could be worth a try though - although think it would result in Fessi driving towards goal rather than supplying.
  8. I don’t see him and Fletcher ever working well together and that’s the problem - how do we make the pieces fit together and get the best out of what are good (and expensive) players.
  9. Has the ever been given the role he has had elsewhere. That goes for some of the other strikers at the moment - the problem of having too many.
  10. At least you could say have Reach in that role with Harris on the other side...
  11. Why not try Fletcher and Rhodes up front together. Fletcher by himself does to provide enough goals but he could be the perfect foil for Rhodes. Combine that with pace and supply from the wings and it could work... Certainly worth and try and looked promising in pre-season. If we are to have a successful season, we need to work out where the goals are going to come from and how we get the best out of the bunch of strikers we have. Seems an obvious place to start.
  12. Sign needs sorting out and there is potentially more revenue available if upgraded. Don‘t normally advocate Leeds but check out their store and see the difference. Defo a way to increase revenue and this is a priority.
  13. One day maybe - I’ve got a lot of time for Glenn, a great leader.
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