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  1. Nah !!! Dom will be here soon to us no chance
  2. Honeymoon period he was absent , got his assistants to put things in place , then walked in and enhanced !!! Brilliant turn around with basically the same team jos fvkked up with
  3. You wouldn’t send a lifeboat out quip !!!! Brilliant
  4. Lees was faultless today !! Back to his best another player JL nearly ruined
  5. Like to see the disallowed goal again , not to sure but it looked like a derby player actually took the ball away from Carson
  6. I believe Mr C has something up his sleeve
  7. Just shows you what a tail jos was !!! absolute heart beat of the team is Hutch
  8. First class again today , what’s happened
  9. That goals been coming for the last ten mins
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