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  1. You’d do more than freak out , if he did pop up
  2. Only because they have been made to look like a set of vaginas , good old DC flock with him at your peril
  3. I’ll go with Nixon £5million upwards , he’s probably the best out there for reliable info
  4. Not belong before the son starts piping up , my dad this my dad that ! Young Brucey if all is true about the hush hush meetings ! Well your dads a stinky flaps
  5. If as reported SB is off I only hope DC hangs Ashley out to dry , £5 mill is peanuts for the disruption this is going to cause & I hope that DC asks for double that amount especially if Bruce takes his side kicks and his medical staff that have been put in place .
  6. That’s a tap up then , as talksport have just said permission refused to speak with either party
  7. Think the accounts have been with the EFL for weeks , it’s company house who haven’t seen them as yet , once released by the EFL I’m sure company’s house will be next
  8. So says a newspaper , how true and accurate is this story
  9. Very much doubt he would be flying under a shortened name either , name has to match passport
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