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  1. Bless him , he was angry because there were no 13 year olds girls knocking about
  2. swfctc1

    Steve Bruce

    tug chairman that wanted instant success, to be fair he did wonders at Villa
  3. Nut case !! We are skint , Bruce will be sacked , DC is selling to LS , we will be embargoed to the max + plus because we’re swfc we will be deducted 30 points , the closest we will get to snodgrass will be Claude greengrass
  4. Hector to move into midfield ?
  5. swfctc1


    DC will turn out to be the best chairman this club has ever had !!!
  6. swfctc1

    So after all that...

    And the moaners will still be having a dig !!! Mr Chansiri you have excelled yourself
  7. Take it , you don’t like our chairman
  8. swfctc1

    February 1st

    Let us all see the quote then !!
  9. Still in desperate need of full backs , and a beast in midfield
  10. swfctc1

    prospective line up v luton

    In the crap then
  11. A six upside down ??? Dunno
  12. swfctc1

    Is it only me...

    Another poo stirring thread , let’s batter our club and players