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  1. If so Mr Chansiri please arrange a testimonial for one of Hillsboroughs very own , Kevin Pressman !!!!! it’s a travesty that such a great servant to our club has not been awarded a testimonial .Yes I know it was before Mr Chansiri time but what a gesture that would be by the present board.
  2. swfctc1

    Just set off

    Have you saw the team !!! fizz off back home
  3. You been talking with Barry Bannan !!! He has the same problem
  4. That space between your ears !!! oh yes it’s still empty !! When I want the toilet to speak I’ll pull the chain pal
  5. Don’t want my fellow fans falling out , my post wasn’t a look at me !! It’s come from the heart , yes I’ve enjoyed the goods times , I’ve endured the sad times, think I’ve covered most grounds in the country following the owls , I’ve even travelled back on the team bus once when the team coach stopped to assist us ( love big jack ) been to away grounds on crutches , slept in cold deserted train stations because we thought we could squeeze another pint in lol. But sadly maybe because of age I think or until Chansiri comes to his senses I’m done , and believe me I’m not the only one . WAWAW
  6. Well Chansiri needs to go flock off then
  7. I put the post up as I feel totally and royally fed up , went up to Sunderland be honest we were lucky , against Hull we could of been 3 down , don’t get me started about Brentford that was the most disjointed performance I’ve seen in a while !!! There was nothing zilch zero sod all , and yes I’ve seen worse games in my time especially when in div 3 , but there was spirt in the camp all those years ago , there was a connection with the fan base !!!
  8. If the man came out and told us exactly where we stand , then and only then will he get the backing of the fan base as a solid unit ,we are so fragmented it’s unreal wtf is happening with Westwood , why the lies he’s injured says the club KW says he’s fit !! What’s all this crap today from jos !!!