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  1. You’d do more than freak out , if he did pop up
  2. Only because they have been made to look like a set of vaginas , good old DC flock with him at your peril
  3. I’ll go with Nixon £5million upwards , he’s probably the best out there for reliable info
  4. Not belong before the son starts piping up , my dad this my dad that ! Young Brucey if all is true about the hush hush meetings ! Well your dads a stinky flaps
  5. If as reported SB is off I only hope DC hangs Ashley out to dry , £5 mill is peanuts for the disruption this is going to cause & I hope that DC asks for double that amount especially if Bruce takes his side kicks and his medical staff that have been put in place .
  6. That’s a tap up then , as talksport have just said permission refused to speak with either party
  7. Think the accounts have been with the EFL for weeks , it’s company house who haven’t seen them as yet , once released by the EFL I’m sure company’s house will be next
  8. So says a newspaper , how true and accurate is this story
  9. I’d go support Retford United if that fool came anywhere near our club again
  10. Gone very quiet on here !!! Something going off else where
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