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  1. Every time !!!! Well said that man
  2. swfctc1

    If we are Radio outraged

    Would you take a 10% cut in your wages
  3. Hope the FA check the video evidence before they try and hang him out to dry , got absolutely battered all night by Flitcrofts thugs !!! Flitcroft knew exactly what was going off , that’s why the 2hat ran on and subbed his thug of a player , nobody mentioned the throating of Tom Lees in the melee which is assault ,the media and some of our so call fans or fannies more like are Only interested in bashing Fessi. We have some right plebs as fans .
  4. swfctc1

    Tonight's starting lineup...

    WoW look at the bench ,it’s absolutely brilliant to see so many youngsters getting a chance . Well done Jos
  5. swfctc1

    Tom Lees

    Pudil and Lees , solid
  6. swfctc1

    Hutch leaving?

    I say your wrong
  7. swfctc1

    What they up to?

    Bullen and jos
  8. What’s up with some people !! Just because we haven’t spent millions and millions on players we don’t actually need , Agreed we need a commanding centre half but other than that we have everything we need in our squad to be challenging, the young lads coming through, the injured players coming back , a manager with no favourites, oh and fit players playing in their proper positions , the way we finished the season under Jos gives me plenty of optimism and that was with 4/5 senior players missing and a under fit team due to the car crash that Carlos created . I really can’t wait
  9. I for one can’t wait for this season to start , I personally believe we will be up there challenging
  10. swfctc1

    Preslav Borukov

    Sod George Hirst , hope his career goes boobies up and Preslav goes on to have a great career
  11. This site is so full of poo , I’ve heard this , he’s heard that !!!! wtf if and when Jos signs someone or sells somebody we will know !! Until then shut the fizz embrace what we have , support what we have or fouck off to the sty
  12. swfctc1

    Clare rejected us??

    What if he goes to Man ure , plays a reserve game !!! Breaks his leg !!! What if , it’s life
  13. I wish Hirst and Clare would just fizz off if there going had enough of is he isn’t he , better youngsters to nourish and bring through .
  14. Our manager just gets better and better , can’t wait for season to start
  15. swfctc1

    Skipper next season