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  1. Obviously knows more than he’s saying wonder what bids are in
  2. Had no one like JJ since , absolutely Wednesday through and through, ok poo in front of goal but boy he had you out of your seat
  3. What a miserable Christmas for the porky
  4. Didn’t Hutch let it slip , there’s already 2 new players signed ???
  5. Be nothing like the team that goes from the off
  6. Jury’s our for me on this one , for some reason the new management team have up his play in a very short space of time , with a full pre season and a very good manager who knows what can be achieved with Liam
  7. They meant 14p and 2 dodgy replica poo shirts
  8. Hope someone has pissed in the bed , before he gets in it
  9. Start a thread about his daughter, watch him squirm and cry like last time !!!!!! Only kidding
  10. Nah !!! Dom will be here soon to us no chance
  11. Honeymoon period he was absent , got his assistants to put things in place , then walked in and enhanced !!! Brilliant turn around with basically the same team jos fvkked up with
  12. You wouldn’t send a lifeboat out quip !!!! Brilliant
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