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  1. On a couple of occasions on Saturday he demonstrated ridiculously good ball control, instantly killing high balls while turning away from the Wycombe players trying to close him down. Not a skill you’d expect to see all that often in League 1.
  2. My first game back at Hillsborough for a couple of years. So good to step back inside the my spiritual home after so long away. Thoroughly enjoyed that performance and we definitely deserved to win. We made Wycombe look very ordinary and they’ll be delighted to come away with a draw. So many positives to take from the performance and feel some of the criticism of our players in other threads is harsh.
  3. Stockport County away in the League Cup in the 80s. Venue was Maine Road, hardly anyone there, we won 7-0 and Colin Walker scored a hat trick. Bizarre experience all round.
  4. In what is an instant classic OMDT this part made me laugh out loud. Fantastic!
  5. One of the few who didn’t welcome the appointment. RIP Gurujaun.
  6. and the FA Cup QTR Final replay against Burnley in the 80s. That night was very special .
  7. So and so’s a w****r He wears a w*****s hat and when he wears it back to front He looks a f****** t**t
  8. Jackie Charlton’s magic He wears a magic hat And when he saw the FA Cup He said I’m having that.
  9. I think it was 90-91, a 2-0 win, but the score flattered Ipswich as we absolutely battered them. I think Hirsty missed a second half penalty, nearly snapping the crossbar. A red hot day and thousands of us there so the away terrace was massively overcrowded. Hundreds were being moved to the side stand during the first half when Paul Williams and Peter Shirtliffe scored causing pandemonium behind the goal. What a day!
  10. Did he score in a win against a very good WBA side that went on to get promoted. If it’s the game I’m thinking of I nearly missed an early goal after being held up on the way to the match.
  11. Hard to call between Mike Lyons and Lee Chapman. Both insanely brave and willing to get hurt for the cause!
  12. I remember seeing them outside the ground before the game. I don’t think he even played as he was injured!
  13. He scored our goal in my first ever away match. What a day that was!
  14. He’ll have to cope with a lengthy injury list as well, as all the players have biscuit legs!
  15. While we all contemplate the likelihood of another spell in League 1 our beloved leader has other problems to consider as the brand new Chansiri Aerospace Dreamliner is unveiled to the world ........
  16. I’m loving these memories of a man who by all accounts was probably one of the finest post war Wednesday players. Anyone else noticed our name change on the Leitch gable in these two pictures of Fantham?
  17. Two of my favourite ever Wednesday photos already included in this thread , the header against Utd and the powerful shot with the North Stand as a backdrop. Why can’t modern day sports photographers capture action like these two classics? I recently came across this rare colour photo which I believe is Fantham hitting a shot at the Leppings Lane end. The stout defender doesn’t look very mobile!
  18. Well we didn’t have to wait long as Courtney refereed the semi final. No wonder we lost!
  19. Back in the days when we called the North Stand the ‘Dunsby Owl Cantilever’.
  20. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/259600-old-photos-of-hillsborough-stadium/?do=findComment&comment=9053999 I remembered commenting on the picture in the above thread early last year. It certainly takes me back to some of those cracking big attendance night matches in the 80s. The six floodlight pylons certainly created a dramatic scene.
  21. For a few short years we finally had the covered all standing Spion Kop that we had craved for years. The atmosphere on there in the Atkinson/Francis years was frequently amazing.
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