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  1. Slight variation on the question but one of the best individual performances at Hillsborough has to be Jordan Rhodes, the Englishman who qualifies for Scotland because he lived there for a while, in the game in December 2011 when he scored all four goals for his team!
  2. Didn’t we once try to get Adam Lagonda in on loan when he was a lad at Southampton?
  3. That’s the one - thanks. Mick leading from the front sprinting up the hill with the rest of the squad in his wake. Andy Mac and JP not looking too comfortable but at least they’re near the front! I really don’t think any team looked forward to playing us in that era. The late Charlton early Wilkinson teams were so fit and hard as nails. I loved it.
  4. The Alan Smith school of physiotherapy had a lot to recommend it.
  5. It’s a great picture. As someone said earlier, never has a player been more aptly named. He’s also wearing probably my favourite ever Wednesday away kit. There’s also a great picture on here somewhere of Mick leading the players on a pre season run through Longley Park. Someone please post it in this thread.
  6. Back in 84/85 I was in the Pack Horse in High Green one mid week night with some fellow Owls when in walk Mike Lyons and Lee Chapman. Both big men on the pitch they were like giants in the little tap room that used to be off to the left of the front door. Anyway they stayed about an hour sinking three or four pints each while chatting away and almost absentmindedly doing the quiz. They left before the answers so we marked their sheet and found they had correctly answered just about every question. Not only footballing heroes to our group of star struck teenagers but clever as well!
  7. Don’t you count the two promotions out of League 1 as good seasons?
  8. That was a really tough watch. We had to work so hard to stay in it without ever really laying a glove on them. It’ll be a really important summer for Bruce to get the right blend of players to allow us to compete.
  9. I can still remember the game on 4 May 1982 when there were 20,000 packed into Millmoor as we chased the third and final promotion spot back to Division 1. Banno scored both our goals in a 2-2 draw. We were convinced we had been robbed by a Tony Towner dive that gave them a penalty that I think was scored by Emlyn Hughes. My memory tells me that when I got home still outraged by the penalty decision my parents were watching the TV where news had just broken that HMS Sheffield had been hit by an Exocet down in the Falklands.
  10. I never heard my Grandad call our place Hillsborough, it was always Owlerton. My Dad has always called their place Barmy Lane.
  11. That story doesn’t fit the narrative so don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t appear.
  12. Because you infer you are willing to judge based on hearsay. If if there was corroborated evidence of racism then no, there is no place for that person at our club.
  13. Wow I find this sentence extremely worrying.
  14. Socialist Owl defending Guardian journalist - now there’s a surprise!
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