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  1. Sky commentary for Fletcher’s goal - ‘..... wonderfully constructed goal and no surprise to see Barry Bannan playing his part....’ .
  2. Harsh to suggest he was hiding but clearly not one of his better games. The midfield area was incredibly congested with forwards dropping deep etc so it did make it very difficult for the creative players to shine. That said Norwood managed to be effective so it was possible.
  3. If you look at what Hector did against Madine in isolation ignoring the foul on him then strictly it's a penalty . Thing is though this type of thing goes on in every penalty box every time theres a set piece situation and referees rarely give penalties. If they did there’d be multiple penalties every match.
  4. Absolutely solid tonight and took no nonsense from the snidely persistently fouling United players.
  5. Close to perfection, just lose the little white pinstripes on the collar and sleeve cuffs and you have the definitive Wendnesday kit.
  6. I thought it was the signings of TC and McCulloch that prompted Wylde’s move .Then Bannister ultimately took Curran’s hero status. As others have said, it was Chris Bart-Williams that I always thought was the one. He had an excellent career but didn’t reach the heights I thought he would.
  7. I agree completely but it also supports my argument in a way because at no time in that season did FF play wide left in a midfield 4. As you say second half tactics definitely helped the forwards that season especially when (dare I say it ) Nuhiu was also on the pitch with FF & Hooper- the comeback at Birmingham springs to mind.
  8. You say that but the 2015-16 season would seem to contradict your argument. That said the whole team played a much more offensively that season which helped FF and Hooper, whereas in the following seasons the forwards were much more isolated as CC changed to a more cautious approach. I agree that FF is effective attacking in wide areas, I just don’t agree that it’s as a midfielder in a 442.
  9. I’m confused by this idea that some posters repeat time and again that FF is poor as a forward in a 442. While I believe it’s not the ideal role to suit his attributes weren’t most of his appearances in 2015-16 (his best season) alongside Hooper. The midfield that season included appearances from Wallace, Hutchinson, Lee, Bannan, Lopez, Matias, McGeady, and McGugan and I don’t recall FF ever playing left midfield in a 442. Mobile forwards like FF know how to find space and vulnerable defenders and if that involves drifting out wide then that is what they will do. FF does it to great effect.
  10. We’ll have to agree to disagree because I’m with Oldishowl on this, if we play 442 FF only plays as one of the 2, but this is not the ideal formation for his game. Hopefully though SB will find away to play that gives him the free role that some of us think will get the best out of him.
  11. Can’t agree with this and haven’t seen anything in his time here to give the slightest indication that FF should be asked to play left side midfield in a 442. What a waste of a player who does his best work in the oppositions half. Why would you even consider playing him there with all the defensive duties that job demands?
  12. As Mycroft says why shackle him to a specific position, give him the freedom to roam between the lines looking for space and generally making a nuisance of himself in the oppositions half. When they play out from the back gIve him the job of closing defenders down causing panic and giving us a chance of winning the ball back in dangerous areas . I’d much rather see him operating in the oppositions half than tracking the runs of their full/wingbacks. Obviously our midfield would have to be much higher up the pitch (than it has been in the last couple of seasons) for this to work.
  13. 100% this. Give FF the freedom to roam in the opposition half without the tracking back duties that can’t be avoided in the left midfield role. Encourage him and the centre forward to press the opposition high up the pitch.
  14. Intelligent movement by Joao slowing his forward run so the defender , who is looking at the ball, loses him and Joao ends up in the pocket of space for the tap in. Very nice.
  15. Three of us somehow ended up on there for the game in the early nineties when we lost 2-0. Pretty unpleasant experience surrounded by their Orcs and to cap it all had to watch Bradshaw walking towards us kissing the badge.
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