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    He could have had no complaint had that been a straight red and you know it.
  2. oldowl67

    Whole Team

    Let’s be honest we will always have that kind of performance in us this season. On our day if things go our way we can keep picking up wins but our inconsistency is a real concern, not helped by baffling team selections.
  3. oldowl67


    We were really poor for the whole game but that ref really made some bad decisions.
  4. oldowl67

    Gary Hooper

    Sorry but the content is way too highbrow for The Star
  5. oldowl67

    Last nights attendance

    While the club persists with their insane POTG pricing many younger fans are not even developing the habit in the first place.
  6. Clearly second best tonight as we struggled to handle their pressing game all over the pitch. That said we kept battling away and made some great last ditch challenges. The ref helped them by calling all the marginal decisions in their favour.
  7. oldowl67

    Anyone Remember these?

    Eric Potts - my first Wednesday hero.
  8. You may be right, but the 4500 Leeds fans Would still be there paying £30 which means you would only need an extra 1333 Wednesday fans for the same income. More Wednesday fans in the ground and a happier atmosphere around the club.
  9. Are all people traffickers thin then?
  10. The last two paragraphs are key to this debate because not all fans support the club with the same fervour. It’s up to the club to create a pricing strategy that encourages all potential fans to attend as many games as possible. The push towards season tickets is understandable and has been successful to a degree, but it will never be an option for many of our fans (and not just because of price). Are you suggesting the club should just give up on these fans?
  11. If you attend most home matches the decision to buy a season ticket is easy as there is no realistic alternative. It’s the thousands of other occasional/part time/ casual fans that the club is currently failing to attract in any significant numbers. Remember these are the fans who could occasionally turn a 25000 gate into a 30000+ gate (and in years gone by 40000+). The club obviously has to look after the season ticket holders first but can they really afford to disregard the large potential support that can’t or don’t want to attend regularly?
  12. At the risk of repeating myself, yes thousands of our huge potential fan base are being deterred from attending an occasional game. They never have and never will attend every game or even most games. They pick and choose their games and sometimes back in the old days when all the stars were aligned they all decided to turn up at once much to the clubs surprise!
  13. Well I suppose that’s one way of looking at it and maybe the owner sees it that way too. It just means there’s less chance of filling Hillsborough even with it’s much reduced capacity today and of experiencing those magical nights like many of us remember!
  14. I probably didn’t explain my point very well! It’s not the average attendance I’m talking about it’s the occasional really big attendance that we’ve always been capable of, but not on a regular basis. All through my time watching Wednesday there have been those really big gates that were so memorable. The fans that made these attendances so big did not go regularly, they are still there today and hopefully will still be there in the future. It is these fans the club seem to be ignoring or merely trying to turn into season ticket holders.