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  1. I agree Utd’s rise is pretty unique in that they achieved it on a relative shoestring, however the spectacular rise of RB Leipzig demonstrates what can be achieved when wealthy owners have a coherent plan and stick to it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51475532
  2. Undoubtedly one of my favourite away games and it was certainly surreal standing under the skeleton of the roof on the away end. Twenty minutes of the most sublime football I’ve ever seen us play with Warhurst’s instinctive forward play and finishing impossible to defend against.
  3. The Jordan Rhodes of his day? It seemed like we were trying to sign him for ages, he always looked good for QPR, England international, Francis obviously rated him highly having singed for QPR - what could go wrong!
  4. Ryan Jones’ goal was a fantastic diving header. It was a real shame his career ended so early through injury as he showed real promise.
  5. The psychological block of playing at Hillsborough. Some things never change. Maybe it’s time for the first team squad to spend a cold winters night up on the moors again!
  6. As the thread seems to have gone off track lets just remind ourselves just how well Ben White performed in the passage of play leading up our second goal :
  7. That Sir is a thing of beauty. Football is so often over complicated!
  8. A plan that led to an attendance for our big Christmas holiday home match on New Years Day of just less than 25,000. This fixture has traditionally been one that occasional supporters make an effort for, but after subtracting season tickets and Hull fans how many additional fans turned out this year?
  9. I completely fell out with this approach 20 odd years ago when David Pleat used just that rationale to justify dropping Ritchie Humphreys after his sensational start to the 1996-97 season. Top of the Premiership after four straight wins but that was as good as it got. Humphreys was never the same player again.
  10. Loved the way he checked his run towards the back post , completely losing the defender in the process, and moved into the space near penalty spot before his emphatic finish. Classic forward play.
  11. You and thousands of others deserve great credit for supporting the club in the way you do year after year, but there are also thousands more Wednesdayites who do not attend regularly for whatever reason. Some no doubt would attend more regularly if POTG prices were more reasonable, while others only attend ‘big’ games. Some who identify as Wednesdayites will never attend a match. It’s just a simple fact that not all football fans support their clubs with the same fervour as the hardcore.
  12. Barry Bannan for me, not just for his performances and influence on the pitch over several seasons, but also his enthusiasm and obvious love of our club. Just look at his reaction when we score or on those post match on pitch videos. He is passionate and we are now his club.
  13. Sunday’s paltry following from BC was a stark contrast to the game on 28 February 2004 when we were just getting into our painful years, but they were right up there at the top of the league and looking certainties for promotion. They arrived at Hillsborough on an 11 match winning run with a very tidy following in the West Stand, while we were midtable after a very inconsistent season under Chris Turner. Can’t remember much about the game but I think we more than held our own, with both sides having chances to win it. Then deep into injury time we won a corner or maybe it was a long throw from Bromby at the Lepp and an exhausted Graham Lee headed home the winner. Cue wild celebrations on three sides of Hillsborough and mass disbelief on the away end! Even in the dark times there are memorable moments.
  14. When we discussed this subject some time ago I nominated our own Jordan Rhodes for Huddersfield in that crazy 4-4 game. Casting my mind back to the 90s I seem to remember a game at Hillsborough when Wimbledon gave us a thumping and Warren Barton of all people played an absolute blinder popping up all over the pitch and generally causing havoc. On the strength of that display I put him in my fantasy football team and entirely predictably he was poo .
  15. The reason I asked about the decision to make all the Liverpool fans enter via Leppings Lane is because I’m pretty sure that tactic was relatively new , maybe that year and the year before. I understood that the previous times Hillsborough was used as a neutral venue, half of the North Stand entered from Penistone Road meaning almost 5000 less fans going down Leppings Lane causing congestion at the turnstiles. We all know the consequences of decisions taken by the Police in 1989 to avoid crowd disorder. It’s worrying to see the same force taking similar decisions, for the same reasons, at the same ground decades later.
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