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  1. I’m lost without the BBC Match stats to give me a completely misleading picture of the match I’m not watching .
  2. This. I remember us having the nerve to get a result away at Spurs and the match report on the radio afterwards was all about Wednesday’s Stormtroopers (not one player under 6 foot apparently) stopping Spurs playing their silky attacking football. One of the most annoying things you hear regularly from pundits and media has got to be ‘they play football the right way’.
  3. I hope he gives the Newcastle fans the respect they deserve and not the contempt he showed us and our club. What a pathetic man!
  4. Good effort but I always preferred the minimalist white Owl on the shirts in the 70s/80s
  5. Well today’s launch certainly seems to have gone down better than:
  6. Both kits look fantastic. Home just about perfect and away striking and a nice change from our usual yellow/black. I’m sure they’ll both sell by the lorry load.
  7. Me too; the futures bright, the futures Orange ( not ginger).
  8. If not, why not? Surely he’d make the coolest most unflappable coach ever.
  9. Well there’s one thing that’s definitely been confirmed today ; we have some truly faint hearted fans.
  10. Is anyone saying give him the job on a permanent basis though? I don’t think so. I’d be happy if he was looking after the team temporarily until a permanent appointment is made. Rushing to get any old journeyman in before the season starts is just bonkers.
  11. The way I see it is that if we get the right man we can recover from a disrupted pre season and still have a chance, whereas if we make a panic appointment there’s a greater chance we go through the process all over again around Christmas time. Obviously no guarantees either way!
  12. Much rather have Bullen in charge temporarily until we find the right person rather than rush just to get anyone before the season starts. That betting list is scary.
  13. You can’t blame DC for holding out for the compensation he believes is due. This sorry episode is just another example of the arrogance of the EPL ( the league, the clubs and the media).
  14. I find it bizarre that some fans continue to question Bullen’s value to the club when for most of us it is plain to see. Earlier today his main critic in this thread was bemoaning the manager’s lack of integrity, loyalty and respect, qualities that Bullen has demonstrated over many years with the club.
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