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  1. Maybe on pure ability, but at what cost to the effectiveness of those teams, teams where the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. When Waddle came, he brought flair and brilliance without disrupting the existing spirit and synergy. Di Canio merely scored some good goals and got us out of our seats because he was an exciting player to watch. John Sheridan was a crucial part of the most successful Wednesday sides of the last 50 years. No comparison.
  2. Completely agree. For all his occasional brilliance/genius Di Canio’s legacy as a Wednesday player cannot be compared many of the players from the early 90s and especially not John Sheridan. When Sheridan played well Wednesday were a completely different team.
  3. ...... what about a Bayern Munich style 4231 with Iorfa and Hutch as the all important CDMs . You then get to play Borner, Lees , Palmer and Fox. An added bonus is Bannan in the centre of the attacking midfielders playing higher up the park. Plenty of attacking threat at set pieces too.
  4. Maybe Fletch would have stuck to the old family business of making/selling arrows?
  5. England lose against South Africa and I think ah well maybe we’ll win the World Cup next time. Wednesday lose against Blackburn and my weekend is ruined and I try to avoid any reference to football for 48 hours. It’s 3 points for me.
  6. Similar players in many ways both in their style of play and in the way they affect the way we play. We seemed to play better when Sheridan was on form and it’s no different now with Bannan. The big difference of course is that Sheridan did it at the highest level.
  7. You’re correct though about their defending, the two big centre backs (5 & 6) had a nightmare.
  8. His finish was excellent though, he took the shot so quick
  9. What was the attendance at Bramall Lane tonight? Presumably much higher than we got last night.
  10. I honestly can’t remember that many big attendances for early round League Cup ties over the years, the only exceptions I remember being that Arsenal tie and the game against the Pigs when Ekoku scored twice.
  11. Or you could win the cup and get promoted in the same season but that has never happened before
  12. I’m obviously biased but there is no finer sight in football than our North Stand when our fans are rising to salute a goal. Pleased for Atdhe Nuhiu that most fans now accept what a valuable asset he is in our squad.
  13. I can’t remember just how late the two goals were away at WBA in the 1990-91 promotion season but they sure did cause some scenes on the away end.
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