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  1. oldowl67

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    Completely agree. I always thought Carbone was the better player for us and can’t understand why some of our fans rank Di Canio above him.
  2. oldowl67

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    What about Phil King - his partnership with Worthington on the left was so effective. If only we had something similar now!
  3. Was only early teens and one of the early away games. We were in the seats down the side opposite the main stand and literally had a grand stand view of events . My memory seems to tell me there was an empty terrace in front of us that our fans used to get into the home terrace. Did this happen or is my memory playing tricks?
  4. Carbone was better than Di Canio.
  5. oldowl67

    On Debut

    The North Stand is my favourite, but you get the best view of it from the South. It looks fantastic when full. Definitely do the stadium tour on the day of the match if you can so you get to see the view from all the stands plus all the behind the scenes stuff in the South stand.
  6. oldowl67

    Big Atdhe haters

    In an earlier Nuhiu thread Jack the Hat explained that the Oxford incident occurred because Sheridan was seen a bit worse for wear in the Pinegrove the night before the match. Apparently Sheridan himself subsequently confirmed that the fan criticism spurred him on to up his game. I’m not sure how the Pinegrove rumour got round the ground so quickly in pre social media 1991.
  7. oldowl67

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Happy Birthday Big Jack. As kids used to stand as close as we could to Jack and Maurice Setters as they watched the Wednesday youth team at Thorncliffe on Saturday mornings. Then down to Hillsborough in the afternoon or if we were away watching one of our local teams at Thorncliffe or Mortomley Park. At half time had to race onto the pitch to take shots at goals with nets - happy days!
  8. oldowl67

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    So you’re suggesting the fans who booed / screamed abuse at Sheridan were merely trying to motivate him to play better or make some lifestyle changes and be a better professional . Or was it more likely that they were enraged that their team was losing 2-0 at home to Oxford at a crucial stage of the season? That Sheridan turned the negative of that night into the positive of his subsequent performances that season surely highlights his strength of character rather than a vindication of the treatment he received from a vocal minority of fans. Not all targeted players are capable of that.
  9. oldowl67

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    It’s actually more ridiculous than you state , it was 90/91 and arguably the greatest season in my lifetime. 1st April 1991 lost 2-0 at home to Oxford and the boo boys targeted the best midfield player I’ve ever seen play for us.
  10. Just watched the penalty incident on the extended highlights and it looks to me (from that footage) like the ref got it absolutely right other than not booking the Sunderland player for diving. I’m sure you can see BB’s boot making contact with the ball before the Sunderland player throws himself down. Is there better footage that shows it was a definite penalty?
  11. Born in 1967 in the flats on the spine of the hill at Foxhill. As a Toddler can remember hearing the roar from Hillsborough when we scored. I knew my Dad and Grandad were there but obviously didn’t know what it was all about. Have a vague memory of being on the Leppings Lane Terrace with them for the Santos game in February 72. First real memory of a match though was the Southend game in 76. Eric Potts was my favourite player! My first away game was Lincoln also in 76 but the following season - Roger Wilde scored in a 1-1 draw , there were a lot of Wednesdayites there that day!
  12. oldowl67

    Double training sessions

    Anyone got a DeLorean who could nip back and bring us Lyons, Sterland and Shirtliffe for Friday night?