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  1. I completely agree with you but suspect others will Carry on Regardless!
  2. Maybe Reach around the back? Could Borner be useful for this?
  3. True take a look at the picture of the build up to the second, they have three players covering Harris leaving acres of space for Bannan to run into. It’s up to us to exploit the spaces that his reputation provide us.
  4. So a quality player and an excellent judge of character. Good lad.
  5. For the first goal Huddersfield allow a one on one and Harris skins his man before delivering a perfect cross for Fletch. At half time I imagine Cowley stresses the importance of preventing this happening again so the fullback must be supported by midfielders when Harris has the ball out wide. Job done, .... oh bugger who’s tracking Bannan !
  6. The crosses for both goals were perfect.
  7. For the second goal as Harris advances down the left wing I’m sure you can hear Bannan repeatedly shouting Kad, with an urgency suggesting that laying the ball back to him is the only sensible option.
  8. The Worthington/King combination on the left was the best I’ve seen in my time watching Wednesday, unfussy but so effective.
  9. He said the things most fans want to hear using words like physicality, aggression, adaptable. When Wednesday teams get on the front foot and put teams under pressure the fans respond and Hillsborough becomes a tough place for away teams. Let’s hope his words translate into performances on the pitch.
  10. Before that Boxing Day game against Forest ( a 2-0 win) we had only won two league games all season , the Lloyd Owusu game against the Pigs and a 2-1 home win against Bradford. The second half of the season was only marginally better than the first. Two of our ten wins came after we were relegated. Those were truly dark days.
  11. Don’t shoot the messenger ffs , I was only reporting what he told me earlier this summer when we were having a chat about our respective expectations for the season.
  12. I know a Birmingham season ticket holder who was very disappointed when Monk left. He said he’d got a bang average squad playing attractive attacking football that was delivering results.
  13. and who can forget Chris Sedgwick’s concrete boots . I’ve never seen a player before or since who made running look so difficult.
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