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  1. oldowl67

    Onomah ?

    Listened to a discussion on Radio 5 yesterday afternoon between Mark Chapman, Nigel Reo-Corker and Spurs Acadamy Coach Bradley Allen. On subject of whether to send young players out on loan one of them stressed how important it is to pick the right club otherwise it could do them more harm than good. Apparently they look for a club that has similar footballing principals and structure with a positive environment where the young player can learn from coaches and senior pros. I guess we’ll not be seeing any more loanees from Spurs!
  2. It’s a bit unfair to blame the fans when you consider how much Warnock loved to play the pantomime villain with us.
  3. oldowl67

    Onomah ?

    Not really a conspiracy theorist but it beggars belief that a coach in his situation would be so stubborn to ignore experienced players that could stabilise a team in free fall.
  4. oldowl67

    Onomah ?

    Jones was on the bench - I thought he was one of the unplayables!
  5. oldowl67

    Reasons we should keep Jos

    Not really a reason to keep him, but one thing he has achieved tonight is an Owlstalk rarity - all fans in harmony in the belief he had to go!
  6. oldowl67

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    Joke thread or not the idea of Warnock signing FF isn’t that far fetched really. If he was willing to pay £6m for Madine then capturing FF for a cut price is a no brainer, even if he only uses him as an impact sub. As evidenced by his management of Taarabt at QPR he knows how to get the best out of mercurial talent.
  7. oldowl67

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulfletcher/2011/03/adel_taarabt.html Yes the same Neil Warnock that knew how to get the best out of Abel Taarabt.
  8. oldowl67

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    Just read the numerous threads about how much value we’ve had from the signing of Rhodes, Abdi, Matias, Jones, Boyd ........etc, etc
  9. oldowl67

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    I seem to be in a minority here because to me he is the most naturally gifted player we’ve had at Hillsborough since Carbone and Di Canio. Like others have said though FF’s good days now seem to be few and far between, and yet he still scares the opposition more than any other player we have. Could a decent Manager harness the talent more consistently though that’s the question. What a shame that we’ll probably have to sell because of the mess we’re in!
  10. oldowl67

    Who Is to Blame?

    Me too, my Dad’s still not got over it after nearly 60 years! He still goes all misty eyed when he talks about Cattericks’ Wednesday team.
  11. oldowl67

    Who Is to Blame?

    Following this logic I’ll call Bert McGee for not backing Howard Wilkinson. My Dad would vote for Eric Taylor and the board of directors back in 1961 who he blames for putting ground redevelopment ahead of Harry Cattericks’ team building.
  12. oldowl67

    DC do’s and dont’s.....

    There are some excellent suggestions in this thread but I fear there’s more chance of Theresa May getting her deal through than DC complying!
  13. oldowl67

    JOS OUT!

    Oh we see the reality alright, the reality that he is completely out of his depth and unable to get the best out of the squad he has available.
  14. Why is the Championship a horrible division? A mix of big and small clubs, competitive, a struggling team one season can be competing for promotion the next through good management. We would all love to see Wednesday back in the Premier league and better still competitive like we were for a few seasons in the 80s & 90s, but let’s be realistic English football has changed dramatically since then. League 1 - now that is truly a horrible division!
  15. oldowl67

    Fessi on the bench

    Seriously a forward misses a chance and deserves to be dropped? Is that really what you think?