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  1. Pacific

    Feel sorry for Joao

    Are you alright?
  2. Pacific

    James McLean

    I hope you're being ironic
  3. Pacific

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Why is owlstalk full of people who don't attend games? Surely this site is for Wednesday fans, isn't it?
  4. Pacific


    Sheffield Wednesday - 'Tomorrows prices, today!'
  5. Pacific

    Flash in the pan.

    He's right though
  6. Hull are proper 4th division tackle
  7. Pacific

    Lee - Halo Effect?

    Are you ok?
  8. Pacific

    Football agents in football

    Football, by definition, needs footballers. The game would go on just fine, without agents. So no, footballers are not pond scum weasels. Maybe with the exception of Robert Snodgrass.
  9. Pacific

    Football agents in football

    The benefit is that huge amounts of money don't end up in the pockets of these pond scum weasels.
  10. Pacific


    Dr. Freud calling on line one!
  11. Pacific

    Yorkshire post

    What's wrong with his post?
  12. Pacific

    FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Fu c king co c k sucking c u nt!