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  1. Robin of Loxley. Probably Wednesday too!
  2. I vote Conservative. My friends vote Conservative. All Wednesday.
  3. Wow. I hope Rick Savage doesn't see that monstrosity!
  4. Fat fuckinghobgoblincunt shouldn't have been on the pitch to score
  5. He could be the greatest PM we've ever had. If only the treacherous, remainer weasels in parliament would stop trying to sabotage their own country.
  6. That's certainly true. We came up against a well organised team with an experienced manager. Sometimes its necessary to match up the opposition in midfield & trust in our superior players to make the difference. It is worth remembering, however, that today's officials do enjoy romantic liaisons with canines.
  7. I think everyone seems to be missing the fact that both the linesman & referee enjoy inserting their tongues inside dogs rectums.
  8. In fairness, the linesman does suck dogs n o bs though.
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