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  1. web_owls

    Any PC gamers?

    I play more games on my PC than the consoles I own. Currently downloading Planetside because its free for a month and I awaiting Planetside 2 so may aswell get some practive in.
  2. I mentioned we need another winger in a thread about a week aho. A reply mentioned we had Jones and The Yorkshire Express and mentioned others that can play there. I never replied to it as I couldn't be bothered to explain the difference between wingers and wide midfielders. Wingers, proper wingers are a dying breed.
  3. I really do feel sorry for the people who have gone, they have been mugged.
  4. Wasn't that the one where Wednesday told Forest a million, they said no. Chamois bought and due to some regulation we could only get 100K. In the end they couldn't afford it and Forest paid them a lot less than a million so they could pay us. Sounded a lot like a brown paper bag and a service station scenario.
  5. Really? I think we are desperate for another winger, we only have one.
  6. To be fair to Sinton he always appeared to be comming back from an injury. He would be playing well, get kicked off the pitch and then be injured. Comeback take a couple fo games to get going again be excellent and then get kicked off the pitch. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Never really replacing Palmer and then only giving his replacement, Ian Taylor about 4 months.
  8. I wouldn't say he was a liabilty but some of his clearances were a bit poor.
  9. Sheridan's will always be up there. However even though it was at the death of the game Paul Willaims against Chelsea to make it 3-1 and yes it wasn't likely Chelsea would have ever got back in it. The last goal was the one that finally told me. "You're going to flipping Wembley. You have seen it on the TV and dreamed, now it's time to realise that dream."
  10. Draw away to a Championship team 3 points off playoffs, very good result. Momentum is still carried on. Since getting dicked by Stevenage we have lost 2 out of 12 away games. Losing at the death again disapointing and still do not seem to be addressing it but hopefully we eventually will.
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