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  1. ronnie

    carlos out

    This makes no sense to me.
  2. ronnie

    Views so far

    Have another go Come on Wednesday!!!
  3. Brentford in t'playoffs 2005 i think.
  4. ronnie

    Marco Matias

    Definite red for me. Lost his head and made no attempt to win the ball. Reckless.
  5. ronnie


    Welcome to the family Steve Davis.
  6. ronnie


    The joy of 6 wins. Chiselled into the playoffs in granite.
  7. It's done this way so it doesn't impact on the home attendance i believe.
  8. I've been shot from a Canon. Lovely picture.
  9. ronnie

    Mad Taxi Driver Herries Road

    Shurrup Mountain Bike Owl.
  10. Stat for you all. Wednesday have never lost to Burton on the 7th of March. Or in the Champions league. Fingers crossed we keep this record going.
  11. I can see us getting a result tonight. Whether it's a win, draw or defeat, I can't be sure.