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  1. We're gonna end up with 25mins stoppage time just to prolong the pain.
  2. Adam Bolder. Wednesday legend
  3. Paul Warne's Rotherham - who have played 11 Championship games in 33 days and won just one of them - will need to win at Cardiff on Saturday and hope Derby fail to beat relegation rivals Sheffield Wednesday if they are to stay up.
  4. They won't be when their star players get snapped up in the summer. Oh hang on..
  5. Probably doesn't track back enough for Jose Goal. Barry Kane. Lol
  6. I'm thinking for England mainly. I get the Grealish love I get the Foden love But Rice and especially Mount. What do they do well?? I also don't understand Dier.
  7. I don't understand what Mason Mount does or brings to the team. Same goes for Declan Rice.
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