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  1. Sharp to come on and take a tumble in the box?
  2. Despite not scoring any goals, the f#ckers keep moving up the table Hopefully a resounding defeat today puts them back at the bottom.
  3. I'm not above that. F#ck em. It's not like they have covid or owt. Bring on more injuries
  4. Boohoo winning an fa cup this last season.
  5. This is you isn't it? @Hillsboromassive
  6. Is it same Paul Mitchell that used to manage Worksop Town? I used to go to odd game when Waddle was there.
  7. Anybody remember advantage to the attacking team?
  8. Born in Worksop too. Joins a fairly hefty list of famous Worksopians. Graham Taylor and Bruce Dickinson to name but 2.
  9. I do wonder what happens if a team scores while var are checking sh!t. Goal chalked off?
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they become the 1st team to beat Liverpool at Anfield this season, the way they are going.
  11. The only Bristol City player who played well today was their keeper. Says it all really.
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