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  1. It's not the fact we lost it's the way it happens every time we cant game manage a match
  2. At this rate he should have 5 decent games this season
  3. I cant believe our fans are wetting themselves over a manager who has done well at one small club. What evidence does anyone have that the cowley's are the next big thing I know what our fans are hoping to copy the snorters but wilder proved himself at a lower level with many clubs. If DC had appointed the cowley's and had they failed people on here would have absolutely hammered him. Get over this and support monk a man who knows this league rather than a massive gamble in the cowley's
  4. Im not sure we were ever interested i've got a feeling cowley's agent may have been playing huddersfield by using us as a bargining chip to get his client more money
  5. I dont think think this is down to money it's more likely his staff are still at birmingham. I've no doubt this will change now monks here and lee will go back into the backgound like he did with bruce
  6. What a bunch of fannies our fans are Most wanted experience you've got it Most wanted someone younger you've got it Some where saying got to keep bullen you've got it, also a former owls player which some fans love You just cant please some people im sorry pep and jose did'nt want it. So stop moaning and get behind monk and lets give it a go
  7. According to the reports chris hughton turned us down, pulis have been interviewed and according to alan nixon we were looking abroad for a manager so i dont think he's just started looking. My point was that maybe just maybe he does not know what to do next and has been winging it with his fingers crossed
  8. How do you know that have you inside info or could we have a chairman who has'nt a clue what to do next
  9. Could be like i said just a thought im sure we'll make a statement soon or more likely not
  10. Are we really interested in the cowley's or could it be there agent drumming up interest or a better contract for the pair. Just seems a bit strange all of a sudden we are interested after they turned huddersfield down Just a thought
  11. Where do i start not sacking carlos after huddersfield semi defeat appointing the nightmare that was jos and leaving it far to long and now who goes 7 weeks into the season with no manager and what a surprise it's going wrong Now off the field shirt delays, 150year celebration fiasco, rising debt, having to buy hillsborough to stave off points deduction, lack of PR, high ticket prices for substanded football, empty box in south stand Yes he's spent money or should i say wasted money and yes im sure with the best of intensions are more than a bumps along the way it's more like a car crash and unless he gets help it will continue to happen
  12. What a surprise possible no contact. What do you expect from chansiri a man who clearly has'nt a clue what the hell he is doing as a owner of a football club. Dont expect anything to happen anytime soon, i fully expect bullen to be in charge for huddersfield and you know what will happen a first win for them What a absolute shambles
  13. Or maybe chansiri has'nt a clue what he' doing
  14. How do you know there is'nt one out there, maybe our so called owner just has'nt a clue Just a thought
  15. A bit better than bullen on recent performances im better than bullen he's not a clue. Yesterday stevie wonder could see what was wrong yet he could'nt With him in charge you know what's going to happen at huddersfield
  16. What are you talking about he's had more than 7 weeks nearly 2 months to decide who he wants, If he's still not decided then he never will. One thing for sure he cant leave bullen in charge he looked and sound broken yesterday
  17. Incredible you still think he could do a job. What are you seeing that im not because all i can see is a man way out of his depth coaching staff or not
  18. The Problem is the club is already a PR disaster by not appointing a proper man in charge
  19. Did you go yesterday did you see him on the touch line, did you see what most fans saw in qpr putting an extra man in midfield. And the only man who did'nt was bullen. Then when he did change it he made the most insane tactical change i think i've ever seen at hillsborough. Give him a chance jesus To say there's no one else there's dozens of people who would not have done that yesterday, absolutely crazy from our fans get him out monday appoint a experience manager from the list and get on with it
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