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  1. Next seson we need everybody pulling in the same direction, looking at this forum what chance have we got. I see some fans are saying chansiri has to go, if he walks away now we have no club because no one will buy us( i wonder if geoff sheard still wants us)
  2. The problem we have with reach and also bannan is we cant defend as a team if they both play both cant put a decent challenge in midfield, teams seem to walk through the middle so in my opinion you pick one or the other to balance the team. I think that monk see's it that way as well we cant defend like we only have 9 men but attacking they both create what do you do?
  3. I think what people see is a genuine and honest person in chansiri. But when it come to running a football club his brains are in his backside
  4. Im sure jos, and bruce both stated that the squad was'nt fit enough. Which can be a factor in staying fit, im also almost certain in saying some players said this after carlos left
  5. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be proven wrong about reach and bannan and i hope to be other people and you and other people are right. But it niggles me that when you want your so called best players to step up and fight for the shirt, they hide and go through the motions, these player are in away our senior players and should be leading by example but they dont that's why i have a go at them. No coaching is going to change that it's about mentality
  6. So nuhiu, odubajo and dawson and others have been treated the same as them two on here i dont think so. I will also say top players step up when the chips are down and not like the rest of them go missing
  7. You know very well for the rest of the season we cant because we are down to the bare bones. The point im making is some players like these two are defended where as others are thrown under the bus
  8. Out of sorts for how long and dont you see that assists are all he brings to the table. 7 all season if correct what someone quoted earlier is correct these figures are average and not outstanding so take that away he offers very little else even monk does not seem convinced. like i said in my other post he's not the only one i would also put bannan in this bracket as well, but he is the one who some fans make the most excuses for
  9. Am i watching the same player as some of our fans?. We are talking about the player who lost his player to give away a penalty, the same player who offered absolutely nothing today?. If a certain other player had played like that he would have been hammered, it just seems that no matter how bad or ineffective he is there is always an excuse playing him out of position, fans on his back, its the managers fault, and the classic he's rusty. Until our fans wise up and except he's a average championship player who once in a blue moon scores a wonder goal we will never move on. I will say in his defence he's not the only one
  10. We've all got players we like or dislike but to pointing out faults for dawson and wildsmith, yet somehow make every excuse for westwood and in some posts blame everyone else for his blunders i find quite strange when he was'nt at his best and in my opinion deserved to be dropped, just like dawson now and wildsmith given a chance
  11. You are right about opinion but all im saying is i wish some of our fans try treating all 3 goalkeepers the same, instead of seeing 1 keeper through rose coloured specs like they do
  12. Makes me laugh how some fans still dont see fault with westwood, if the 2 local lads had made the mistakes he made this season( the swansea one was shocking) they would have been hammered for months, but westwood it's ok these things happen rubbish. Will dawson or wildsmith develope in to top goalkeeper i dont know but we need to back them and stop living in the past
  13. If he's no better why put him in charge again?. Stop living in the past he had his chance and failed
  14. A club is all about a good spine, the problem is that it's the same spine for the last 4 years
  15. Bullen should have been kicked out of this club years ago
  16. Bullen again? Cant people see bullen is part of the problem, he's been here to long just like half a dozen players get rid of him now and allow monk to bring his own team( like bruce did)
  17. Until we get rid of any player connected to carlos this will keep happening as these players this includes bannan are used to this, they have no balls for a fight when things start to wrong as the 5th goal testifies
  18. As i understand it is it not an independent panel who decides the punishment not the EFL and should then only look at facts and not give us extra punishment because we upset the EFL
  19. This is the problem with this forum some fans are convinced we are in the wrong, on the flip side some fans are sure the EFL are wrong. Now unless an accountant or an auditor can come on hear and tell us for sure who's right we are just going to wait for it, i know that's not the way it works on here but that's what we are all going to have to do
  20. I've seen clubs appeal the punishment, but not actually force the EFL to arbitration before the independent panel actually sits. I may be wrong but l cant recall this happening
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