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  1. Looks a decent signing but you know what will happen. New manager/coach comes in doesn't rate him, never plays and leaves when is contract is up, it's the wednesday way
  2. What would that achieve except the same problem with less games, Not a great plan but saying that it's a typical Wednesday thing to do
  3. What if results don't go to plan then what?
  4. So either way pulis was still getting a payoff it's just the wording, or are you saying pulis was prepared walk for nothing which seems strange considering what happened at crystal palace
  5. I thought mutual agreements were still a sacking, but was a way for the other party not to have a dismissal on is record
  6. By wanting a your ticket money back that makes you a customer, so it makes your customer nonsense rant nonsense
  7. Quite ironic by saying you are waiting for your money back you sound like a customer
  8. You had me agreeing until the pulis point, if your saying it's been a disaster on the field since he came in your right. But to me you seem to putting all this on him which is wrong. The lack of effort stopped last Christmas for some reason don't know why. I know you've got a thing about defending monk no matter what, yes it's not all his fault and you may be correct about the signing not being his players he has to shoulder his part in our demise for not standing his ground, if he wasn't happy he could have left but stayed and took the money. I would have admired him for walking away had he done so. By putting this on pulis is way off I doubt the results or performances would have been much different no matter who was in charge.
  9. What's the point of bannan being on the pitch? Absolute liability, showing no enthusiasm get rid
  10. Not his fault it's the recruitment team apparently
  11. Appointing Ryan Lowe would a sacked by February written all over it. Haven't we tried that before with Wilson, Turner and megson and that turned out well didn't it
  12. Doesn't matter some fans would slag him off straight away and want him sacked
  13. Hah our fans are hilarious, losing 4 defenders for 1 game and being down to 10 men for the last few minutes is no excuse but making 1 substitution cost us the game Unbelievable!
  14. The keep his money in his pocket is in response to another poster who implied that could be happening The only point I'm making is every if you lose 4 strikers plus 2 loan strikers you would think some sort of plan to replace these players would be in place or at least lined up, instead we face playing our first competitive game on Saturday with 1 misfiring striker If chansiri is more prudent then fine but this doesn't stop the club from planning ahead especially starting on -12 that's what the recruitment team should be there for to have a plan A B and C I've got a feeling we haven't even got a plan A if the club felt windass who still not signed and Leko could replace the goals we've lost, no matter how good your coaching staff is
  15. Fair enough if that's it for transfer's and chansiri's decided to keep his money in his pocket then fine tell us, just say that's it this is your team we can stop this topic and move on. But if we still intend to strengthen most fans would have hoped for a bit of forward planning which most well run clubs do instead of scrambling around looking for anyone available again We've probably known for 6 months that we would be losing 4 strikers and monk kept saying the club had a plan, if this is the plan it's unbelievably poor
  16. What you've got is police investigating police so their instinct is to defend the officer. Seeing it's taking so long and the kid has been as for as l know not been charged with an offence GBH, affay etc they could be stalling, my opinion is they will try to settle out of court with a large compo
  17. I understand where your coming from but all im saying is he already owned hillsborough before the 60 million sell to himself ploy, if he chose to sell the ground before he could have done so. My feeling is all he was trying to do was get around ffp which seriously backfired
  18. Cant understand why people are worried about him selling the club but keeping the stadium. Surely by selling to himself nothing changes, he owned hillsborough anyway if he sold it to a 3rd party i could understand peoples worry but he sold it to himself so what changes? On chansiri i like many others think his time here is coming to an end, the problem is who would buy us for the money chansiri wants. We could end up with some dodgy chancers like wigan and charlton had, our all situation is so depressing but thats life WAWAW!
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