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  1. Windass is just another example of a haphazard approach to recruitment. To be successful at any level you decide how you want your team to play and then sign players to fit that system, our way seems to be sign someone who's available and then see if they fit, if not they are sidelined until the end of their contract or released on a free. This is no way to be successful in today's football and will only result in failure
  2. a policy of not offering players a contract extension until the last 6 months leaves you exposed to others poaching them because the agent will tout their player to the highest bidder. No other club I see operates like this on a regular basis, contracts should be offered 18 months prior to it finishing to give you a better leverage, leaving it leaves you vulnerable to predators. So don't blame the player all they are doing is trying to secure their future, blame the insane inept policy
  3. Yeah right I'm sure Westwood decides I'm not going to pass to a teammate in my own half, but yet under carlos he did. The tactic under Thompson is get it up the field and hope we get a break, they play the way the manager dictates
  4. Maybe he's told to kick long, when the ball is played back no one comes short for the ball they just turn and run up field
  5. To me it didn't make sense just bring Boner on for Dunkley leave Hutchinson in midfield it's not difficult, that substitution meant changing 1 player disrupted 2 areas of the pitch and the Rhodes sub was strange one surely it had to be Windass
  6. You've never seen anyone say LWB is his best position are you having a laugh? Every time he has a shocker out come the "their not playing him in his proper position" quote. We pay 5 million for a player who played LWB for Middlesbrough and Preston, yet can't play that here, now its LM is his best position yet a succession of managers at this club say not, and I'll tell you why to play in that position you need to able to defend as well get to the oppositions byline a aptitude he lacks on both because of his lack of pace and fight. Your right he will move in to another Championship team in all likelihood because someone will take a gamble as he's a free agent, I doubt it will be Brentford or Bournemouth more like Preston who tried to sign him before and if he fails no real harm done. Lastly the best player surrounded by average players quote doesn't stack up, quality players stand out in a poor team they don't hide or use it as a excuse to not perform which I he has. So take off those rose coloured spectacles and realise what a waste of money this player is and was and like so many before him and after will soon be forgotten
  7. Good riddance and a waste of money
  8. So we play him in a position that most Reach lovers want him to play and he's terrible. He will be and always will be one of the most overrated players in our recent history
  9. I thought it left when it's contract ran out at the end of last season
  10. So what about Lee's, Bannan and Reach is it sold off to them as well?
  11. Boner on the bench, like I said it's not rocket science. The minute he made that disastrous change Thompson cost us any chance of winning that game. I thought in the first half Stoke were there for the taking, but the poor tactics gave them the advantage
  12. Thompson's substitution cost us tonight, to replace Dunkley with a league 2 player and push a midfielder into defence completely unbalanced the team and left us trying to hang on. Tonight was Thompsons fault 100% Just replaceable defender a with defender it's not that difficult
  13. What's everyone getting themselves for. ( 1)Chansiri turns down takeover bid, nothing changes (2)Takeover bid turns out to be false, nothing changes. Calm down and move on
  14. I wish some fans would stop blaming Thompson for Saturday, of course he's going to make mistakes, of course tactically he's going to make errors. He should not have been put in this position for this long by a clueless owner. Proper clubs don't interview manager like they've applied on indeed, proper clubs decide who they want and go and get him. Proper clubs don't leave a stand in manager in the dark for over 6 weeks to take flak for every defeat we have, say nothing and don't even offer to bring in someone in to help him. So if results don't go for us in the next week don't blame the man who been only doing what he's been told to do, blame the man who's sat 1000s miles away fiddling while Rome burnt
  15. It's not Thompson's fault is it Properly run clubs don't leave a members of the backroom staff to run a football club who are 2nd bottom and are in serious danger of being relegated for over 6 weeks, while the owner sits 1000s of miles away with his eyes shut and his fingers in his ears. Absolute shambles!
  16. Shaw needs to play with Bannan drop Pelupessy, if Luongo isn't fit( massive miss) then we need to create chances Reach is not the answer, so we have to give Brown ago. We seem more concerned about the opposition than ourselves, we cant play the same as Saturday because Wycombe will just steam roll us. We cant carry on with this tactic of always been on the edge and slightly riding our luck, we need to find a way of sustaining attacks and not feed of scraps because that tactic is doom to failure in the long term. Any team that has a defence who are consistently under pressure and a attack who are isolated cant expect to be successful
  17. Reach is not a bad player, but we bought a player with potential the problem is 5 years on he's still a player with potential and has not developed. If he was so good out wide why has a succession of managers not played him there? The answer is quite simple he's not consistent enough
  18. And what some people on this site have got to understand is our former owner adopted the same policy. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't Mandaric who adviced Chansiri on this plan of action
  19. Because we didn't need another winger who's not match fit, or probably not even kicked a ball for over 6 months, just another example of our inept recruitment policy
  20. Lampard's role would have been to identify the positions he wanted filling. Just like solskjaer at Man Utd the list goes on, like I said Brentford and reading do it incredibly well with 2 unknown coaches in charge. We are an example of how not to do it, whether we have Thompson or klopp in charge it wouldn't make the slightest difference
  21. I don't think people understand that most teams in the top divisions operate in this way. Most managers/coaches don't pick the players to sign, listen to what klopp said the other week and also now happening at pigs. In our division it can work well Brentford and Reading as an example, it's just we do it insanely bad with no real structure in place, so I don't think coaches wont join us because of not picking the players it's because of how badly it's set up
  22. The two distinct differences between them is whether he played well or had a stinker, we won or lost Bannan comes across as though he cared and wanted to be here. Where as with Reach I don't get that specially this season, he seems to be going through the motions, look at the lack of celebration for his goal at Blackburn. I also believe Bannan had developed into a better player during his time here, were as Reach to me is still the same player we signed 5 years ago which is a player with great potential, but ultimately will never achieve with us. Say what you want about Atty, lee and Hutchinson they always came across as they would sweat blood for the club even if they had less talent. That's why these player have a sort of admiration or even cult status at our club, where as people like Reach and others will soon be forgotten unfortunately
  23. I admire your optimism but do you honestly see us getting 8 wins and draw in the remaining game?
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