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  1. 2 minutes ago, Minton said:


    Brighton: Tackles attempted 25, successful tackles 8.


    SWFC: Tackles attempted 15, successful tackles 13.


    Try again.

    So are these figures for just midfielders or the all team because I saw the defenders making last ditch challenges after Norwich players walked past our so called midfield

  2. 10 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


    People looking (deliberately) for stuff that simply isn't there


    Managers since I was a kid have told of times they've apologised to a player for taking them off for tactical reasons


    But yeah - go head and try and use to to attack a brand new manager in his first week if it makes you feel good

    Personally I think it's a bit tacky to do so

    I 100% agree with you, but I remember certain people attacking a previous manager after a very short time in charge, which like you said was tacky

  3. 2 minutes ago, malek said:


    I fully understand your sentiment, but for life of me I can’t think of anything anyone could have said or could have done to improve us after things started to go wretched in that 2'nd half. 


    Again, I fully understand that it is Thompson's duty to react and help us improve. We were set up well, game plan was good, team selection as well. It is just that I believe no one could have helped us once things started to go bad. 


    7 minutes ago, malek said:


    I fully understand your sentiment, but for life of me I can’t think of anything anyone could have said or could have done to improve us after things started to go wretched in that 2'nd half. 


    Again, I fully understand that it is Thompson's duty to react and help us improve. We were set up well, game plan was good, team selection as well. It is just that I believe no one could have helped us once things started to go bad. 

    I'm not blaming Thompson for this situation we find ourselves at all, but to practically saying it's 100% the players fault is wrong. Otherwise what's the point of him being there, if the players are looking tired or not doing their job or a gap needs to be plugged on the field it his job is to react to that. Otherwise you might as well as say Stoke, Birmingham and Brentford had nothing to do with him, but the Preston, Bournemouth and Derby wins were all his tactics because we won and nothing to do with the players but no one would say that, you take the accolades when you win and except the criticism when you lose and today they were all to blame

  4. 3 minutes ago, malek said:


    I understand what you are trying to say, but we didn't lose today because of tactics or bad game management. We lost because players broke down after conceding silly goal early in 2'nd half and no manager would be able to help there. 

    How can you say that? I could say it was the players who got us 2-0 up and then Thompson might have change tactics or his inexperience failed to see what Luton may do at halftime, so that might have confused or failed to prepare the players and that's why we lost. Now I'm not saying that's what happened because I don't know and that would be making assumptions, so I'm not going to blame one party because they win or lose as a group, but has to be accountable for his part in that shambles as well as the players

  5. 8 minutes ago, malek said:

    Thompson did little wrong today, he set us up to beat Luton and we played one of the best halfs this season. 


    Don't think he can be blamed for usbreaking apart after conceding early in 2'ns half. 

    But isn't he there to manage both halves. If your going to praise him for the first half he cant be exonerated from blame for the second. Luton were always going to come out in the second half, make changes and have a go. We had the break to prepare for that and obviously didn't 

  6. 1 minute ago, Five Archers said:

    Not giving him a penny mate, and for this to work we need an empty Hillsboro when we can go back

    No arguement but that's my point you either hit him were it hurts or put up with it. People on here have got to understand ludicrous protests will be like water off a ducks back to him unless it costs him money or he gets a offer he can't turn down(unlikely)

  7. 16 minutes ago, poite said:


    I can never get my head around this argument.


    This is a fans forum where fans come online and share their views. It's not the House Of Commons. Nobody is expecting that something written on here is going to change anything. People take these things far to seriously. 





    But that's my view or I'm I not allowed to air my opinions because you don't agree with what I'm saying


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  8. 1 minute ago, Five Archers said:

    Nope we ain’t allowed in the ground for the next match, 

    Did I say next match ffs I was saying if you want a realistic chance of getting rid of Chansiri this may be a solution in the long term. I can tell you moaning then handing him you money isn't going to work he'll just laugh in your face

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  9. 28 minutes ago, Five Archers said:

    I agree let’s all stay at home and not attend the next home game ffs

    Ok let's wine and moan and shout chansiri out and call him a bad man and then buy season tickets, merchandise and order follow while he counts the money from the gullible. That'll show him!

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  10. 1 minute ago, asteener1867 said:

    The writings on the North...Only a total egomaniac, could sit watching a f.ookin' shambles, while staring at his own name...Wake the f.ook up Wednesday fans!!!!

    I voted IN just to make a point of how a IN or OUT is irrelevant. Do you actually think he cares about some vote on here, I can tell you NO. The only way you or I will get this incompetent fool to leave this football club is to not put your hard earned money into the club. Unfortunately a majority of fans wont do that even probably people who voted OUT in this poll. Moaning on a forum is pointless as all he does is blame us, we have to hit him in the pocket then he'll take notice. So the choice is yours do you want to keep your money in you bank accounts and not pay to see the club you love to achieve what you want or do you want to keep on paying over inflated prices to a owner who insults you by calling you customers, then blames you for not being grateful knowing full well you will still pay up like sheep. That should be the poll on owlstalk

  11. I guess the" give him the job until the end of the season" posters are feeling quite foolish tonight? But saying that i don't blame him for today or the previous shocking performances we all know who's the real culprit, this is what you get when you expect a boy to do a man's job, he should be saying to Thompson thanks and go back to reserve football and then go and see if Ian Holloway would take it until the end of the season as a last throw of the dice( but he wont)

  12. 2 hours ago, Gob_Bluth said:

    It is the way, I'm gonna keep banging this drum even though I know it has no chance of happening


    That line up is fine when we have the ball, the only thing I would say is who is stopping the opposition from walking through our midfield and their wide players putting our full backs under pressure. This line up would concede goals so that means we would have to probably have to score 2 or more goals to win games, can you see that on a regular basis?






  13. 14 minutes ago, WhiteOwl91 said:

    The recruitment really just needed to get that player who made up for Bannan and Reach's flaws (lack of physicality). We didn't get it. 


    We signed the likes of David Jones and Jacob Butterfield when really it needed someone far more physcial to allow the likes of Bannan, Reach, Wallace, Forestieri etc to do what they do. 



    Cant argue with what you are saying but that's my point the squad is so unbalanced and maybe if we had decent full backs we could live with Reach at LM, but that would still leave a midfield which opponents seem to just walk through. Don't forget in Carlos's first season we played Bannan out wide with Lee and Hutchinson in the middle and Wallace who would tracking back on the right with Hunt and Pudil able to get forward. This squad is such a mishmash of players it leaves us exposed if we play Bannan and Reach, so if you play 4-4-2 one can't play both you have to play 1 out wide with Hutchinson and ideally Luongo if not probably Shaw, but that leaves the forwards isolated because of the lack of creativity. I've got to admit I don't know what the solution is if there is one

  14. The issue of where to play Reach is a head scratcher for any manager at this club. If you play him LM then it may be ok moving forward with his ability to cross a ball, the negative is when we don't have the ball. We cant defend with a midfield of Bannan Reach and more than likely Harris which then leaves one defensive player to rely on so the balance isn't right, let's be honest all 3 are not the best without the ball especially with no recognized left back or to be honest a decent right back. So if we play 3-5-2 with wing backs you need someone with pace to get up and down the pitch again with respect he can't do that effectively. So that leaves a midfielder in a 3, to be honest he doesn't play. Honestly it not his fault that he doesn't fit, but if he plays then I agree LM is the only place he plays but then you will have to drop Bannan or Harris and play a more defensive player and that would leave us even more negative than we are already so what do we do?

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  15. 4 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    *Deletes all David Hirst, Chris Waddle, Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo videos off Youtube as clearly they're just a load of rubbish*

    I didn't say that did I, the point I'm making is a 5 minute video doesn't make them a superstar. Some players perform game after game that's what makes them a top player, not a few goal compiled on youtube


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  16. Reach undoubtedly has talent and as a cultured left foot. Unfortunately for him the football he plays was 20 years ago, today is all about power and pace. Look at the top teams in our league Norwich, Swansea and Brentford all play with pace and power, do people see Reach in those teams? My opinion at the time he signed he wasn't a player needed and 5 years on he's still not the player we need, we needed a Johnson/Antonio( and we still do).  I'm not convinced Waddle would have the same impact in today's football, back to Reach I have no doubt he will get another team as a free he will be a low risk gamble for someone, but I don't see him in a promotion chasing team maybe a team like preston, millwall or QPR, good luck to him no hard feelings just the wrong player at the wrong time, but that sums up Wednesday's recruitment in a nutshell 

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  17. A problem for Thompson is at the start he had no pressure because everyone thought he would be replaced reasonably quickly. Now it's become apparent this wont happening and all of a sudden the pressure on, he's understandably trying to gather information he's gathered from previous managers like Pulis and Monk who he assisted. One had negative tactics the other tinkered to much which ultimately failed and has crept into our game in recent games, we can't play that way on Wednesday he needs to be more positive or we could face another heavy defeat at Brentford. Let's play Bashiri or Brown instead of the safety first of Pelupessy to replace Shaw, the problem is I doubt he will 

  18. How is this Thompson's fault. The man to blame is 1000s of miles away full stop, yes NT has had some good results but we all sort of knew when it came to winning must win games at crucial times he would be found wanting against more experienced managers in the end. In the last 2 games he's been found tactically wanting, but what do you expect he's a reserve team coach put in a difficult position. Now we are in serious trouble and some will say he should be replaced and in normal circumstances their right, but does anyone with hand on heart honestly believe this incompetent owner has a clue who to replace him with, I'm convinced he's got no one lined up if he had they would be here by now. So resign yourself to Thompson for the rest of the season and except our fate and vent your anger at the clueless, arrogant owner

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