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  1. Totally agree also add foresteri as well, we need a more balanced squad
  2. Agree with westwood but the others i would release and move on
  3. Reach excellent? Was i watching a different game
  4. Fox only 2 when there were far worst players out there than him
  5. Get rid of them all plus try to offload bannan, reach and foresteri and lets start again
  6. I see our fans have found a scapegoat for today in hector try blaming bannan, reach and boyd for creating absolutely nothing week in week out ( i forgot reach carries the team). This is the problem
  7. I dont think this wiil happen because like i said in another post in my opinion you cant olay bannan and reach in midfield they are both to lightweight. If you play reach more forward as he got the game for that i dont think he has
  8. The evidence is he was dropped in his first season i can remember him being on the bench in 2 matches at hillsborough off the top of my head. Secondly he got the player of the season because i think he was the only player to play more than 20 games. The 9 million bid we've only got carlos word for that nothing offical from the club. Finally my dislike for reach is rubbish nothing would delight me more than for him prove me wrong, but all i see is a few quality goal and runs doe'nt make him a top player. Like i said before everyones got an opinion but i do believe some fan want to see whats not there
  9. The facts are we can not play bannan and reach in the same midfield, other teams just walk through us and these two are useless when we dont have the ball so something has got to give. Personally i dont think we can drop bannan, so if the rumours are true about reach l would get the best deal and sell and bolster our midfield and other areas. Just my opinion
  10. You are entitled to your opinion so im i, l see a player who is slow, light weight and one footed. We played him out wide when he joined and did nothing in fact at one point was dropped. I for one would piggy back him to any club who would consider paying 10-15 million for him. I dont care what people on hear think, he is still one of the most overrated player in recent years
  11. Lets be honest he got player of the season because he was the only one fit. Some of our fans see 5 minutes of quality and forget about the other 85 minutes of him going missing
  12. Made no difference its the players who r to blame 100%
  13. Some of our fans talk some real bulls**t on hear. Its the players to blame for today no one else.if you dont turn up against any team in this league you will lose.i for one cant wait till the summer to get rid of the out contract players, if someone want reach for £10+ then sell and lets start again
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