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  1. If he's no better why put him in charge again?. Stop living in the past he had his chance and failed
  2. A club is all about a good spine, the problem is that it's the same spine for the last 4 years
  3. Bullen should have been kicked out of this club years ago
  4. Bullen again? Cant people see bullen is part of the problem, he's been here to long just like half a dozen players get rid of him now and allow monk to bring his own team( like bruce did)
  5. Until we get rid of any player connected to carlos this will keep happening as these players this includes bannan are used to this, they have no balls for a fight when things start to wrong as the 5th goal testifies
  6. As i understand it is it not an independent panel who decides the punishment not the EFL and should then only look at facts and not give us extra punishment because we upset the EFL
  7. This is the problem with this forum some fans are convinced we are in the wrong, on the flip side some fans are sure the EFL are wrong. Now unless an accountant or an auditor can come on hear and tell us for sure who's right we are just going to wait for it, i know that's not the way it works on here but that's what we are all going to have to do
  8. I've seen clubs appeal the punishment, but not actually force the EFL to arbitration before the independent panel actually sits. I may be wrong but l cant recall this happening
  9. It's not the fact we lost it's the way it happens every time we cant game manage a match
  10. At this rate he should have 5 decent games this season
  11. I cant believe our fans are wetting themselves over a manager who has done well at one small club. What evidence does anyone have that the cowley's are the next big thing I know what our fans are hoping to copy the snorters but wilder proved himself at a lower level with many clubs. If DC had appointed the cowley's and had they failed people on here would have absolutely hammered him. Get over this and support monk a man who knows this league rather than a massive gamble in the cowley's
  12. Im not sure we were ever interested i've got a feeling cowley's agent may have been playing huddersfield by using us as a bargining chip to get his client more money
  13. I dont think think this is down to money it's more likely his staff are still at birmingham. I've no doubt this will change now monks here and lee will go back into the backgound like he did with bruce
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