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  1. He looks like a man who knows he wont last much longer, but i cant blame him for waiting for a pay off. The problem is the owner cant see it
  2. bubbleowl

    Our club is dying

    I dont think the club is dying, the club is simply run badly by a naive owner who wont change. A manager who i think is out of his depth who i believe wont pick certain players because he's spit his dummy out after bust ups (not this made up contract thing), and a fanbase that is sick to the back teeth of prices, poor football and been lied too lf the first 2 problems are not sorted soon the fanbase will abandon the club then we will fail to exist
  3. bubbleowl

    Realistic view

    Or the club took a gamble, it did'nt work FFP came into play and now we are in trouble maybe
  4. bubbleowl

    Realistic view

    Here we go again
  5. bubbleowl

    Realistic view

    But again there is no proof of contract problems apart from conspiracy theories from owlstalk members
  6. bubbleowl

    Realistic view

    Can someone please show me where anyone offical has said certain players cant play because of contracts, All ive seen is chansiri deny this To me its the managers choice not to pick them the rest is hearsay
  7. I think we are all relieved with the point friday. But the big question is what are we going to do against derby, we cant play 6 at the back at home
  8. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    I must be the only one then because nobody else is
  9. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    If you like your players to not tackle, not to pass to our players and for the game to pass him by he's a bargin
  10. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    400,000 we were robbed
  11. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    Playing thr youngster has been his choice, dumping senior players has been his choice, playing with no attacking intent as been his choice so yes he is to blame JOS OUT!
  12. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    League 1 here we come
  13. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    So playing 8 defensive players is ok with you then
  14. bubbleowl

    Jos out

    The problem last night was jos set the team up to save his job, and not for swfc and that's worrying. He'got to go