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  1. The same reason we had to switch from 4-3-3 at Preston. Forestieri will only play CF. He left holes on the right hand side when he came on and decided he was playing CF. Kieran Lee ended up having to play right wing. FF plays for himself and not the team, this is the reason he is not starting or regularly involved.
  2. If they had submitted that report they would not have got a mark on any course work at university, undergraduate or postgraduate. I am not sure that this would be acceptable at GCSE. No references for assertions like the table, how quickly crowds disperse, no abstract. No scientific evidence for anything at all. Even worse there is no information about the author so you cannot check if they have any bias. All that report is useful for is paper for starting a fire. If anyone showed me a report like that to show their medicine worked I am not sure I could stop laughing. It is as valid as a drunk person writing that stadium can hold 20 million people on a piece of paper. For those of you have a doubt about author bias we only have to look at the fraudster who claimed there was a link between MMR and autism. The only reason he came up with this was because he was working for a company wanting to license individual vaccines and they had to come up with a major problem for the current vaccination see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield. The fact that SYP and SAG can take this into account is laughable.
  3. I have a season ticket on the KOP and went on the south stand today and although the view was better (I was sat near the half way line about half way back). The leg room was awful, the seats must have been designed for 8 year old's. As for the atmosphere, all I can say is that there is more noise in a library and slightly more on the pitch.
  4. Did both managers have the same resources? If I remember correctly when Sturrock got us promoted he was saying it would be a bigger achievement to maintain our championship status. The fans therefore went into the season expecting a relegation battle. We were also missing our main striker through injury. The player we brought in were lower championship players. This summer all the talk was of promotion in three seasons, giving it a go and generally positive. We have beaten premiership teams to players. The expectations from these seasons were completely different and therefore the fans reactions are different.
  5. If a manager lasts till December you may as well give him the whole season. The decision should be taken before November to give the new manager time to assess the squad, scout for replacements and see what is available. However, I also do not believe that results should be the only factor that determin a managers future, performance should also have a bearing. Unfortunately for DJ we seem to lack performance as well as results. We had no attacking threat yesterday and our set pieces this season, apart form Llera, have been attrocious. We have a very lopsided squad with no left footed left winger and three left footed centre halfs. Since DJ has started shuffling his pack results have nose dived and in the last three games we have performed worse than in the first half against Derby. Maybe everything DJ is doing will all click into place at once and we will pick up some points again, but I suspect this will have to happen soon or MM will make a change. The new manager taking charge during the international break after the Hull game maybe what MM is looking at as the ideal time to make the change. Obviously judging by what happened to GM the decision may already have been taken and the search for a new manager may have started. The new man may already be lined up for all we know. MM has already made it clear that he will make the decision that he feels is in the best interest of the club and we have to accept that. MM needs e club to progress to make his investment pay so I have faith he honestly believes that the decisions he believes will take the club forward. It is impossible to say if he has got them all correct but we have progressed under his tenure.
  6. Love this deluded stuff. Starting to feel like Hudersfield now. We kept a clean sheet apart from when they scored. What next, we are top apart from the teams above us. Just for the record 6 points off the play offs or outside the relegation zone on goal difference? Both true of us but the latter is more worrying.
  7. Yeah all those talented players at Man U, Chelsea, Man City are Lazy and don't try. Before anyone mentions Barca they do nothing as well. Get real, you will only achieve your potential if you give 100%, never stop running, never stop talking and always try to win. That's when your quality will tell. You can have all the quality in the world but if you do not put in the effort you will look a poor player and we have had loads of those at SWFC over the years. If everyone in the teams tries their best and you lose then there is little the players can do about it. However if you don't and you lose then it your fault for not giving it your best. Players are human and are going to make basic mistakes occasionally. We as fans have to accept that. However what we do not have to accept and in my opinion should never accept is a player who does not give his best. This needs to be clear to players. Here is a list of players that give their all would you want these untalented oafs in your team? Messi Scholes Rooney Giggs Ronaldo Terry Cole From my experience the quality players give 100% and have quality. The players with quality but do not put the effort in end up playing well below the level they should be playing at if they could be bothered to put the effort in. Which players who play for the top teams do not play to the best of their potential?
  8. Who passed those through balls for Antonio in the first half (I will give you a clue sounds a bit like Rodney)? Who did not win a header all game and moved about less than me ( I will give you another clue he played up front with Rodri)? I need to find out what Bothroyd is blackmailing DJ with so I can get a game too.
  9. Sorry if the popes dead but does anyone remember Justin Fashanu, wasn't he openly homosexual? I think he had come out to the press before representing England. Nobody seems to remember of care. Can't see that it would make a difference with the majority of people. If they are a good player and accepted they can pretty much get away with anything with some fans (just look at Mr Evans) if you do not believe me.
  10. Good luck next season, your fans obviously came to enjoy the day. I was impressed with the work rate and application of your players, they did not wilt in the atmosphere. I think if you hang on to the majority of your squad you will have a good chance of promotion next year.
  11. A Wednesday programme with free toilet paper, bargain.
  12. We got £200k for Tommy Spur. I am not sure if we managed to recoupe fees from any of the other players we let go in the summer but I can not remember any others attracting fees.
  13. The best error (?) I heard was on the way home after the Preston game when he was commentating on the blunts - "I covered Rotherham a lot when I first started working for Sheffield united" :-)
  14. So by your logic what are we doing supporting armistice day? I was not born in 1945 but I am very grateful for those people who fought for our freedom. The people who walked through the picket lines had a huge impact on how are society has developed. It has helped to destroy communities, decimate our manufacturing base and is responsible for a large number of young people at the time who will possibly never get a job. So another majorly important act in deciding the future of the country but not worth supporting? So in one situation we have people who died for their country and in another we have people who destroyed there country. However it is ok to support the one who died for their country whether you were born or not. However you cannot give abuse to the ones who destroyed our country if you were not born. Feel free to disagree with what I understand but historians are now beginning to paint this picture of our history. It seems we have forgotten our history and are determined to repeat it.
  15. Erm sorry but I am not sure why you would have 100% faith in Mandaric, sacked Nigel Pearson while at Leicester. Who is their manager now? The 2 managers he brought in have spent a lot of money, achieved much less than Nigel Pearson and been sacked. He is known for sacking managers is this because does not know when he has a good manager? If this decision was going to be made it should have been made before Sunday. The timing just negates all the good feeling achieved by Sunday's success not good management if you ask me. Looks like his decision has cost a few season tickets, I was going to buy mine tonight but now have not. I am also not looking forward to my trip to Rochdale now. I hope we don't get Dave Jones, Lee Clarke (hate this sad illegitimate with a passion) or Ince. Non have had much success, if any. The only way he can pull this out of the fire if we get someone like Curbishly and that's not going to happen. We will probably not be able to get someone in who the fans will not detest because of this and unless they have instant success winning most of the remaining games and the play-offs I fear it could result in problems next season and if we are not top of the league very quickly the fans calling for the managers head. It is much easier to come in and say we have a lot to do when the previous manager has failed than when they have been successful. In addition a rebuilding job will have to be undertaken in the summer to get the players in the new manager wants so back to 7+ out and being replaced on free transfers. I'm a Sheffield Wednesday fan and not an MM fan. Don't really get this we have to be grateful to MM nonsense. He bought in to the club to make money not to save us, we have nothing to be grateful for. He sensed an opportunity to make money, he is not a Wednesday fan and intends to make a profit from the deal. If not he would not have taken the club on. Megson is a Wednesday fan, has had success at a number of clubs (WBA, Bolton etc) and has this club at his heart. MM will sell when the deal suits him and it does not really matter who he sells too, unless you believe his platitudes. Sorry but I don't, he is just like a politician telling you what you want to hear.
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