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  1. He could sack Monk and bring in Mr Tumble. We'd be no worse off than we are now. UTO
  2. Agree apart from the League Cup. That competition managed to finish on time so the result should stand. As for the rest, put a line through it all and simply start the 2020/21 season when it becomes possible. UTO
  3. I thought it was Oxford where he got booed. UTO
  4. I'd love to agree that "they just got damn lucky", but can't. They won league one at a canter, finished a respectable 10th in the Championship, went up automatically the next season, and this season are more than holding their own. You don't ride your luck for four seasons. They've managed to do this while keeping ticket prices down too. Detest them. UTO FTB
  5. Totally agree. When you look at games against the bottom 4 since 29 December, we have lost 3 and drawn 1. 1 point from 12 in what will in all probability be relegation head to heads. If we get a points deduction, even if it's only nine, those games can be classed as having been six-pointers. If we are suddenly thrust into a relegation battle does anyone really think we have the right squad for it? people need to start realising, especially the players, that we are far more likely to go down than up this season. UTO FTB
  6. I like that and will read it again in the voice of Pam, but did you really need to explain who Brian Glover is? Surely everyone on here has seen Kes. At least 10 times. UTO
  7. We're not everyone else. We're Wednesday. UTO FTB
  8. Correct And if you do do it and get caught you put your hands up. You don't bleat on about others that have got away with it, or invent conspiracy theories. This is our bad and we will be punished. I'm more sick that we've tried to pull this stunt in the first place than the fact we've been caught. Football is diseased, and until recently I thought we'd managed to stay clear, but no, we succumbed in the end. UTO FTB
  9. Unfortunately this time we have no-one to blame but ourselves. Signed too much dead wood on high wages, then stubbornly refused to sell. I know some of them were unable to be sold even when an attempt was made, but we've all followed this saga for long enough. A gamble that almost, but not quite paid off. Now we suffer the consequences. UTO FTB
  10. Then you would probably end up broke; both financially and mentally, and everyone would still assume you did the crime anyway. Poor man management this has been. Should have simply accepted the ban and he'd now be available. Could have been accepted in such a way that we publicly and privately support FF.
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