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  1. And there's every chance they will even move city if the numbers stack up. All of a sudden your dad, grandad etc supported play 300 miles away and have a different name. That's the American way. Follow the $
  2. Agree. If they want to go ahead with it there will be no stopping them. My hope is that UEFA and FIFA stay true to their threats and throw them out of all competitions as well as ban any player from playing for their national teams. I personally think it would be a win win. The big, greedy club owners would get the extra billions they are after and the rest of us could watch football again with a realistic belief that we can compete, instead of starting each season hoping to avoid the drop / finish mid table / get a decent cup run. We
  3. Sadly I couldn't agree more. I genuinely fear we will see fourth tier football for the first time in our history. UTO FTB
  4. But if it pays for nothing then it pays for nothing, Covid or not. If the loss of other revenue due to Covid means the ticket money is needed to cover certain costs then it pays for something. And always did, because if it never paid for anything, all costs would have been paid out of alternative income and the ticket money would have been surplus to requirements, simply sitting untouched in a bank somewhere. Yet we know this not to be the case, because far from running a surplus each season, we in fact lose more money than the rules allow us to.
  5. But have the club used season ticket money to "budget more effectively"? Evidence would suggest not. Maybe if they didn't have it all up front they wouldn't have spaffed it all away.
  6. Yes but Vulva, the problem with this is that we may even find ourselves in League 2 when the 22/23 season kicks off. There may well be many five year season ticket holders out there who will already have paid. Would it be reasonable to keep current matchday prices for League 2 football? Would it be simple economics to have POTG prices set at such a level that you don't actually sell any? It might seem like a kick in the teeth for season ticket holders, but is it really? People buy a season ticket because they choose to and can afford to. The reasons have been mentioned
  7. Get what you're saying but do not agree. If you buy a season ticket in May/June you know what division you are in. It is absolutely impossible to know what division the team will be in for the following season, could be one up, one down or the same. As such, if you are buying a season ticket for a season future to the one about to start, you can't be buying a season ticket for "The Championship", you are simply buying a season ticket to watch Sheffield Wednesday , whichever division they are in. The club cannot possibly have sold that ticket under the guise of a Champi
  8. But according to our owner your money pays for nothing. In which case I am unsure why he has not been willing to give it straight back.
  9. Thanks. I thought it was just me that didn't see admin as an option. Many keep mentioning it but I can't for the life of me think why.
  10. Who would be likely to put us into administration, and what could possibly be gained from it?
  11. Funny that. One of the first things that went through my mind last night when reading the sacked thread was of a mob gathering outside the South Stand, like when Sturrock was sacked. In my mind the elephants were being hoisted on shoulders and thrown over the bridge into the Don. Mass cheers went up as they splashed in and laid there with the waters of the Don rolling over them. Not sure if this symbolised a cleansing of the club and new beginning, or the fact the club is soon to be washed away and consigned to history. Then again, it may have simply been an angry over
  12. He could sack Monk and bring in Mr Tumble. We'd be no worse off than we are now. UTO
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