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  1. Pigs obviously. Leeds are just another team really. It's great to beat them but unless we're playing them I don't even concern myself with their result to be honest. Pigs on the other hand, I always check their scores while I'm checking ours. Always puts icing on the cake of our wins if they lose and helps make a loss slightly more palatable if they've dipped as well. And a couple of them at work have just grunted something to me about an anniversary too. UTO FTB
  2. absolutely fantastic if true. My 8 year old is currently in to Horrible Histories and there's a remarkably similar sketch on there about Watt Tyler.
  3. If DC bought one million new kits and sent them to Cambodia or wherever that would potentially raise £50-60 million. Could this be a way around FFP? Obviously we actually need the kits which could be a promble, but not insurmountable. UTO
  4. And would probably want him sacked if we are in bottom half of Championship after first 5 games of next season. On this forum CC seems to have gone from being a hero, to being clueless and needing to be sacked, to being a hero again that SWFC simply can not afford to be without. All in the space of about 6 weeks. For what it's worth I think he's probably made his mind up to go home. Nothing to do with the chairman or Twitter, just a personal decision. The only thing that may make him change his mind would be a season in the Premier League. We will see. However, the guy breaking the Pardew story on here a couple of weeks ago or so deserves a bit of credit. He was slaughtered as being a Blade, fishing, attention seeking etc. yet the story now seems to have some substance. Let's just hope we can win our nest two games and see what the summer brings. UTO FTB
  5. Seth's celebrity friends were drafted in to assist and lend their names to the recordings including former footballers Andy Blair, Alex Sabella and Kevin Gage as well as popular TV hosts Larry Grayson and Tommy Cannon. I'm fairly certain he's been dead 20 years. Seemed like a nice boy though. UTO FTB
  6. What's the track listing? 1 - The referee's a B****** 2 - Gyp* 3 - Where's your caravan? 4 - Get your t**t out for the lads 5 - He's only a poor little Scouser 6 - Sign on, sign on 7 - Walking down Bramall Lane singing a song 8 - Warnock's a W****r 9 - He's got foot and mouth 10 - Southall, Southall where's your wife? 11 - Forever and ever And not forgetting the bonus track: 12 - I'd rather be a ...... UTO FTB
  7. We don't even need to Draw if Leeds fail to win. UTO FTB
  8. You're talking rubbish. And I think (hope) you know you are. Vegans moaning about animal fats in new fivers and demanding they're removed from circulation could be dismissed as petty and ridiculous. Being offended by images of real people, killed in a terrorist attack is a little more serious. Perhaps you could find some images of the aftermath of the 2005 London bombings to use for comedic effect too. After all, they wouldn't be offensive either would they? UTO
  9. I thought Nuhiu hit the bar when it was already 1-1, in about the 93rd minute in fact. They broke away and scored the winner. If it had gone in we certainly would have won as Brum would just about have had enough time to kick off again before the final whistle. UTO
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