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  1. enjoyyourfootball

    Wednesday - V - L**ds United (OMDT thingy)

    Mind you we’ve not helped ourselves at times
  2. enjoyyourfootball

    Wednesday - V - L**ds United (OMDT thingy)

    I can’t stand Leeds but to be fair Bielsa has got them playing like absolute demons
  3. enjoyyourfootball

    Loovens on Sunday

    I like Glen Loovens Loovens I like Glen Loovens Loovens I like Glen Loovens Loovens I like Glen Loovens!
  4. Yes. The point being, if someone wants to put something like a bomb in a back pack, they can do so and simply wonder down close to the ground and mingle with the crowds going to and/or leaving the match. They don't need to go near the turnstiles or get into the ground. The point I am making is that by banning rucksacks from the ground itself you are not necessarily making things any safer, it's an illusion and though we'd like to think it would make a difference, I doubt this ban would stop someone sick enough to try. In the end, it isn't possible to remove the risk of someone doing something like this by banning rucksacks, or briefcases, or whatever, in a situation such as this where you have large crowds. . The reality is that there's not much you can achieve by banning things here and there, if someone wants to do something then it's pretty difficult to stop them, sad though it is. For what it's worth, I'd argue personally they'd be better off closing Penistone Road to traffic completely before and after the game if they want to improve safety more.
  5. Backpack ban is a massive pain if you are taking smaller kids with you and have to carry all their stuff around because it means that you can't be hands free when walking to and from the game and trying to hold their hands. Also, I don't see why banning backpacks makes you any safer. If people are going to do something they have plenty of opportunity outside the ground.
  6. This. Carlos is a nice guy and I really wanted him to succeed, but you can't just pretend yesterday didn't happen nor that performances have not been good now for over a year. Ultimately, the aim is to get promotion. We will not achieve automatic this year and to have given up on this by the end of September is out of order. Our only chance is the play offs and we are going to have to get a wriggle on to get into those. As that's the case, we may as well make the change now, there is nothing to gain from delaying. And to all those saying how do we know we can do any better - do you think that shipping four in at home to the pigs for the first time in our history means we can get any worse?
  7. enjoyyourfootball

    Kieran Lee interview

    When he did play, he was a very consistent corner taker. He consistently over hit them by two yards at the far post every single time. Almost as useless as potter and his floaty corners
  8. enjoyyourfootball

    chanel 5

    Heh that praise was said with gritted teeth. That Fulham player seemed scared of us. Also it was good of the female presenter to point out to a Fulham player at the end that Fulham would need to fear a penalty shoot out
  9. enjoyyourfootball

    Kieran Lee extends contract

    Great news - Big Ron's staying put with us!
  10. enjoyyourfootball

    Jordan Rhodes OMDT

    Just imagine the excitement there would have been when we signed Wim Jonk . 100's of pages turned out well
  11. enjoyyourfootball

    Ask the Experts

    I believe you meant to refer to red and white dog s h i t e and the answer is : it's been in league one for ages
  12. At the minute. So how to sort it? Sack Carlos? Not for me. He's not the one missing decent chances up front. For me i would prefer to upgrade our centre forward and right back with some power and pace in the next transfer window. I don't think fletcher or hooper will get us out of this division , and the number of goals we let in from our flanks is starting to become horrifically predictable
  13. enjoyyourfootball


    I was there today. We were loads better than most games this season with Hutch in the middle and loovens at cb. In fact most of our problems defending started when hutch was subbed off. For me it is clear - hutch should stay in middle .
  14. One can only assume everyone is working very very hard for Sat. Let's hope so any road