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  1. Rugby is a sport for posh people that are too fat to play football. 3 points for the Wednesday for me every day of the week.
  2. Love how they went through Leeds next six games and not ours.... Coming up, war of the monster trucks 2
  3. Not saying he will be the next messiah or anything but Brum fan at my work said he did better than Rowett when he was there. All we can do is give him a chance I guess . Can’t be any worse than Jos (please)
  4. Sorry, have been away and haven't been following this story. Could someone elighten me. Is there any particular reason why we all think the Cowleys are now joining, or has Dotty reset his crystal ball?
  5. Was sat in the home end (to the left of our fans ) and kept a lid on it until the joao goal went in.....was some right looks but who cares ....WAWAW
  6. Still feel the same way today after that post match interview ???
  7. Same for me. The fact we let him start late in the job out of respect for him and his family, and we have had that thrown back in our face within a few months. He could have killed this speculation off if he wasn’t bothered about the job , he hasn’t and I think that even if he stays he will be out quickly as the fans won’t forgive him for this
  8. Interesting point he makes here about the sports scientists putting limitations on players. I always thought Carlos (and quite a few other coaches) was guilty of this - often saying how players were too tired to play midweek/weekend/midweek, when other teams getting promoted seemed to manage it
  9. Slightly ironic that the university appears to be worried about trouble from our fans when there was posting on social media about our advertising boards getting smashed up at the varsity match earlier this year ...
  10. His main contribution when he did manage to play was to consistently hit corners so long they missed every single person at the far post
  11. To be fair, I do agree with you on this one. It’s our worse, their best, and we all know they will fall from grace. Especially when this is as good as it gets for them, the piggy oinkers. Onwards and upwards all, WAWAW!
  12. If you’re comfortable with holding your head up high, carry on . I’m not .
  13. “Top team in the division “ it is this kind of defensive thinking and undue respect that has seen us play like tonight , like we are the non league team playing away at the big premier league team it’s a total disgrace
  14. Care to expand? Are you fricking kidding me? care to expand? Apart from the game I watched , which we’ll come back to shortly, let’s look at something objective like the stats on the BBC. They say: possession : 75% to 25% to the blades shots: 19:7 to the blades shots on target : 5:1 to the blades corners: 12:4 to the blades fouls: 5:11 to the owls I don’t think any of these are stats any team should aspire to, no matter who they are playing. And make no mistake about it, we played scared. We played like we were up against Man City away, not a bunch of fat chancers who couldn’t even find it in themselves to beat our sorry heap of crap. I can’t remember a shot in anger , apart from that fox miss, and even then it wasn’t him. Yeah so we got a point. I’m very happy we didn’t lose to them. But it if anyone thinks that’s how we should play, or what Sheffield Wednesday is, or should be , you are as bad as our disgrace of a manager and I’d suggest you should do one
  15. I’m sorry but if as Sheffield Wednesday we feel it is acceptable to turn up to anyone, never mind our biggest rivals, as though we are a non league club trying to land a punch on the big premier league team , it is not acceptable . It is not acceptable and I don’t accept it. We never tried to win tonight. We got lucky. We got a point but can we hold our heads up- don’t think we can , really the only silver lining is that we are at the bottom and they are at their best, but they are not good enough to go up on this showing
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