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  1. Does FF want away again, or are you harping back to almost two years ago?
  2. Did he not realise he had to work Monday, tuesday, thursday, Friday, saturday and sunday as well?
  3. My Dad was a Unitedite, but I had one of the blue and white striped buggies that were all the range in the early 70's and my Mum was a Wednesdayite, so I chose the only sensible option. I now live in Newcastle and my Missues is a Geordie, but I have somehow convinced both my kids to be Wednesday Supporters using various tactics, including getting them lovely cuddly owls from a very young age. Who ever saw a cuddly magpie????
  4. This was a story in the 1980 Tiger annual. I remember it(showing my age). That'll be why the product placement is there. Loads of good photos of him playing in America against Pele etc.
  5. So he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. People complaining at 0-0 and no shots on target, but if we score they're still not happy?
  6. What is worse a tame shot on target or a few good attempts that had the keeper beaten but go just wide or over? shots on goal is just a statistic, it's a fine margin, one of those goes in and the player's a hero and Carlos game plan worked.
  7. unless the clocks have gone back 20 years and he could do a job in midfield, or star in a public information film to deter kids from glue sniffing ,No!!!
  8. Best way to celebrate 150 years anniversary would be to get promotion(or look like making a challenge for promotion). All the other stuff is frilly rubbish.
  9. Frank De Boer is probably more realistic than Bergkamp at the moment (given his employment status) , but could we risk that after he struggled so badly at Crystal Palace?
  10. Newcastle Utd, cause I live and work in Newcastle and they think they are the hard done to and that their supporters are the best in the world. I also remember crowds of less than 12,000 in the early 90's so I absolutley hate it when pundits go on about their loyal supporters.
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