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  1. I understand we have been offered big money for him by Pem club but Chairman wont sell.
  2. How does that work? 3 match ban wasn't it. Only had Sunderland and Crew since.
  3. Lack of fight and thy can't run, can't pass, can't shoot and they call themselves pro footballers.
  4. Get Warnock in he would sort this lot out. MOORE OUT
  5. Yes he was, but a very nice Bloke though. Perhaps that was his problem as a Manager.
  6. Blackpool 1 Jan 1974, only 1 half full SUT that day 0 - 0 and it’s was freezing as no heating on the bus.
  7. Yes clearly I do and obviously im wrong so apologies to the Northstanders.
  8. If that was what was chanted then nothing. Glad I heard wrongly.
  9. I was in the South and I hope that I heard a chant wrongly when a MK Dons player was on the ground. If it was what I think it was you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  10. Moore in his interviews continually touches or rubs his nose. Is this a sign that he doesn’t believe what he is saying or hiding his feelings. Any body language experts out there.
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