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  1. Work with what we have, Pessy? Division 1 here we come. Monk out.
  2. I think if the season restarts then there is more change of going down than top six. Monk should go before a ball is kicked again, leave Bully in charge for the rest of the season and I think we will be safe. He will pull us through.
  3. Sooner he’s out the better cos if the season restarts we will be in big big trouble. I think Bully will be able to pull us through if we restart and finish the last few games, although not the long term solution. Monk out.
  4. For gods sake get him out. He caused his own problems in the last 5 months.
  5. Anybody seen any Wednesday/Owls face masks about?
  6. I will settle for Monk out instead of a refund.
  7. Before we appoint another manager lets get rid of Monk first, cos if we don't it's certain relegation as we won't win another game when the season starts again. Come on Mr C do the right thing.
  8. Listening to his pre-match interview he seems to know he’s done here. DC needs to help him on his way ASAP because we are going down if he stays. Monk out.
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