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  1. Monk is gash, just get him out. 4 wins in 2020 says it all. MONK OUT
  2. It not done till Kevtheowl says so. UTO
  3. Let’s face it no one wants to sign for Monk.
  4. He’s brought it all on himself and we are the ones that will suffer from it. Get him out. MONK OUT
  5. Yes I agree, think we are stuck with him for the time being but he's sure to be gone when DC finally sees the light with Div 1 on the horizon. Most Wednesdayites have already found Monk out just waiting for DC to act and sooner the better. Monk OUT.
  6. I agree that we need to be optimistic but we’ve still got Monk remember.
  7. I have asked for my 20/21 refund tonight.
  8. Your unwavering defence of him over the last few weeks.
  9. You seem to rate Monk Mr Owlstalk. Please can you explain why you have such faith in him and this is a genuine question.
  10. We need some kind of statement from the Chairman. Come on DC talk to us.
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