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  1. terryowl


    No matter how many threads we have about Pollipussi he still crap. Division 1 player at best.
  2. terryowl

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    He's crap, chases shadows in most matches. Bring Sam in that position when he's fit again.
  3. When he keeps playing Pollipussy and Palmer it must be a out from me.
  4. Certainly not Tyson he hated Wednesday and Owls fans knew what to expect from him.
  5. Better win today Jos or the knives will be out. Best three players on the bench. Well at least his pet is playing.
  6. A manager who can't see that Pollipussy doesn't give anything to the team and is crap, is not good enough for us. Jos out.
  7. terryowl

    Adam Reach

    This position in midfield does not suite him. He is not strong enough. Best wide left.
  8. He had his best game against Millwall midweek, but very poor again today. He runs around a lot granted, but we need more from him.
  9. terryowl

    Slightly worried...

    If he (Jos) has no favourites why does he keep playing Pollipussi, as he was very poor again and not fit to fill Sams boots.
  10. terryowl

    What's going on at #swfc?

    Clearly the players don't rate him and want him OUT, so do I. Bottom 3 after Saturday.
  11. terryowl

    Its Jos not working

    I think we all knew that Jos wasn't going to work soon after he was appointed. He has clearly lost the dressing room now. I wont change my mind. Jos OUT.
  12. terryowl

    Irvine or Jos

  13. JOS OUT NOW and take Pollipussi with you.