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  1. Pelupessy

    To Slow, div1 player.
  2. Love our badge and this years strip.
  3. Please NO

    If its true my season ticket is going back for a refund.
  4. Megson

    It won't be Mego as he is going to Boro with Pulis.
  5. Thanks Carlos

    Thank you Carlos, you have left us with wonderfull memories. All the best and merry Christmas.
  6. Just a question about Kop season tickets. Why are the restricted view season ticket available to purchase next season? Has work been done to have more seats available?
  7. Don't worry loads of tickets left in west stand at 1.02 pm.
  8. Last year when we were booking our 2 month stay in Cyprus I looked at the dates we had planned and said to my wife that as we had a new coach and team, didn't think we could make the playoffs this time round. Sorry Carlos I should not have doubted you!!! Anyway have decided not to fly back as I did the same thing in 2005 and missed Cardiff and look how that turned out. So it's Sky Hd for me at home as I don't want to go to a bar because you can't always hear the sound and I expect others won't appreciate me tell our player where to pass the ball haha. Have a great time Owlstalkers please post plenty of vids and photos and most importantly bring that promotion back to Sheffield. UP THE OWLS
  9. Any owls in the area to meet up on Friday for the First leg of the play offs.