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  1. If Dross is still here 46 and relegation. But I think he will have gone after the Bolton game.
  2. terryowl

    Its got to be done

    If you think Jos will ever get Wednesday consistently in the top six this season or next in the championship you are deluded. The only place he is taking us is Div 1. If I'm wrong I will say so at the appropriate time.
  3. terryowl

    Its got to be done

    I asked the question.
  4. terryowl

    Its got to be done

    Because this Manager just hasn't got it. out of his depth in the championship. Performances this season have been poor and although we went on that run of 9 without a loss we were very lucky in some of those to come away with points.
  5. terryowl

    Its got to be done

    So you are happy with the results and the dross football served up this year then are you?
  6. It to be done but how do we get Jos out of our club?
  7. This joker Jos needs to be replaces ASAP, like now as waiting any longer will see us in really big trouble. No obvious style of play , players can't put any passes together, best players not even given a chance and unfortunately a lot expected from the younger players who are not yet ready. Jos the dross out.
  8. terryowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Glad of the point tonight, but that was embarrassing. Mr C put Jos out of his misery. Jos OUT.
  9. Lets hope Jos has get it right tonight, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. terryowl

    Well done Fletcher

    Well done Fletch. Expect Jos will drop you now for Fridays game to ensure you keep your shoes on.
  11. terryowl

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    I just don't know how anyone can defend Pollys play. He can't defend can't pass unless its 3 yards to Bannon and can't shoot. We may as well have 10 players on the park. Huch is streets ahead of him. Just look at his contribution at Leeds last season when he came back.
  12. terryowl


    Has the joker gone yet? Come on Mr C you know what is needed, and would be a big boost to all Wednesdayites. You can even see from the last few games that the players are done with him despite what Bassa says. Pull the trigger and get Big Mick in (please)
  13. terryowl

    Westwood injured

    I think they are waiting for a miracle to happen on Friday and hail Jos as a saint.
  14. terryowl

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    At last, people are starting to see beyond the hair style!! Sub at best.
  15. terryowl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Not backing your man now?