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  1. JOS OUT

  2. Done at the last deadline.
  3. Worksop Owls

    I will know you. Who are you.
  4. Perhaps Sam is talking about a certain person going into the changing rooms before kick off and giving his take on how things should go!
  5. Picnic Tables

    Yes sorry, BANNAN. You knew who I mean.
  6. Picnic Tables

    What struck me was that i couldn't see Bannon running up to celebrate with the team for the winning goal.
  7. Sammy

    Managed to see the first half on line and Sam was outstanding. Welcome back Sam.
  8. After todays result just about to renew my season ticket.
  9. We might be all surprised!!!!
  10. Passion from Jos the Boss.

    Jos is out of his depth at SWFC.
  11. Just seen Sam Hutchinson

    You would have thought that at this time of day he should be training or having treatment at the club.
  12. Pelupessy

    To Slow, div1 player.
  13. Love our badge and this years strip.
  14. Please NO

    If its true my season ticket is going back for a refund.
  15. Megson

    It won't be Mego as he is going to Boro with Pulis.