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  1. Thought you were going to say it was Tyson.
  2. Thought I would never say it but Fox has really come on over the last few games. Well done to him.
  3. You would think Hattersley Blunkett and Ashton would show some leadership on this matter, but thinking about it maybe not.
  4. Monk hot it wrong with full backs and subs against Cardiff full stop. But hopefully he will learn.
  5. We need to give Monk time but thought his sub choices were poor and don’t get me started on Reach and Palmer so poor.
  6. Sofie Ridge is back on Sunday, Tweet her to hold a Sky investigation into SYP and SCC regarding SWFC.
  7. Does Aldridge still own the houses on Vere Rd that MM sold him or did DC buy them back?
  8. Thought he was outstanding today. I was a little worried in the pre-season matches but brill today.
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