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  1. Sofie Ridge is back on Sunday, Tweet her to hold a Sky investigation into SYP and SCC regarding SWFC.
  2. Does Aldridge still own the houses on Vere Rd that MM sold him or did DC buy them back?
  3. Thought he was outstanding today. I was a little worried in the pre-season matches but brill today.
  4. I think we can if we keep talking about it and get it out in the media showing how differently we are being treated to the pigs.
  5. I just don't understand how they get away with in at the stain. Their ground has no concourse at the lane end and gates lead strat onto a main rd at that part of the ground.
  6. If all this information is true and happens then starting to get excited for the new season. Must admit been on a downer since Bruce left.
  7. Get a decent fee for him to help with finances and look for a prem loan. Reach for me is very hit and miss and more miss than hit. Yes he had scored some wonder goals but his general play is poor.
  8. If Rhodes goes then I believe it’s big error by DC. The team is now set up for a quick attack and players who can cross into the box accurately. I know we need to get some high wage players off the books but Rhodes will get a hat full of goals if he stays. Fletch, big Dave and FF come to the end of contract at the end of this season. Better to sell Winnal or Reach in my opinion.
  9. No thanks, trouble last time he was here. Remember him walking out on us after not being picked at The Dell.
  10. Getting very worried now we have come to the start of season with no Manager in Place. Think Lee can do a job in the short term and would rather have him than the some of the people mentioned. Come on Big Chant give us something and give us a lift as i'm fed up with seeing predictions of relegation by some media.
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