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  1. Email them to phone you back, done this many times and they always have.
  2. Yes, how stupid do they look now. I can remember all those who neged me in September for wanting Dross out.
  3. Don’t think he will be. Bruce has the measure of him, sold or loaned hopefully.
  4. He should not even be on the bench. Such a poor player! Rather have a under 23 as sub.
  5. Paxo was at the match on Monday having a fag outside the South stand with Mr C.
  6. From the look of it he may have pulled a hamstring last night. He signalled to come off and was holding back of his leg. Hope not as we need him for Monday.
  7. I agree the walkout music was a lot better on Saturday. Better than all the crap played recently.
  8. I've been a big critic of Palmer this season bùt since Dross has gone he's been a revelation. What did this man do to our players, I think we all knew we had good players at the club and since he's gone they have all proved it. Well done to all the Steve's and Brucy and Mr C for making it happen. Onwards & upwards.
  9. Different class. Brill today.
  10. Look great. Soon to have more fertiliser on it.
  11. We need to start selling some tickets for this game and give them a proper Wednesday welcome. loads left.
  12. What on earth was he playing at today. Both goals down to him.
  13. Some of us on here said at the beginning of the season that Dross was way out of depth. But we were in the minority and we're shouted down and even called BlaVes. But at least we got what we wanted Dross out and a proper Championship manager in. Well done Mr C.
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