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  1. Anyone with info on how many we have sold so far after first phase.
  2. I think some of you have very short memories as some of you were backing him earlier this season. Anyway he's gone and I never want to hear see his name again as it sends a shiver down my spine. Anyway we have king Steve now who's going to be a great manager for us. Can't wait for next season. UTO
  3. If true, I hope SB Plays Joe for last few games.
  4. Ive been a big critic of him buy thought he had a good game tonight when he came on.
  5. I agree, as I don't want to pay on a card for a coffee before the match. Don't buy at the ground now.
  6. Did Steve Bruce in his interview after the game say FF was injured again?
  7. Omg, Kiran Lee training with the first team.
  8. Think David Ford was still recovering from the tragic car accident. Oh those were the days a great team in those days.
  9. I'm lucky to be able to live at both locations as I am retired. 5 months of the year in Cyprus and the rest in the UK to see the Owls.
  10. That was my first game as well but I can't remember the team.
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