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  1. I think that think goal shows Wednesdayite’s class compared to the L*eds fans. Kewell scores a really good goal against us at Hillsborough and he gets an applause. Fast forward 15 years and Matias scores a similar (but Technically better) goal at Elland Road and you look in the crowd and they are all giving him the rods, along with other selected hand gestures.
  2. Completely agree, must be a nightmare for defenders when you are tiring, facing a fresh Nuhiu pushing and shoving you, he is a really good option to have for the last 15-20 minutes.
  3. Who is the cruel sod who bought a seat between Blunkett and his Labrador?
  4. I have been through it once, on a night game against Manchester United in December 1996. Home fans were in the bottom tier back then, but you had away fans mingled in with you who had bought a ticket in the home end. It was really weird, Carbone scored and half the stand celebrated, then they equalised and the other half celebrated. it was quite eery walking through a tunnel, but then you get through to the other side and you are faced with one of the best views on planet earth of Hillsborough under the lights.
  5. Yes as long as you download the app. There is this disclaimer at the bottom of the ifollow page. You also cannot screen mirror from the app Live matches and full match replays are unavailable on iOS and Android mobile/tablet devices via a browser. Please download the app by clicking on the appropriate App Store image.
  6. But the ‘e’ is the button for the internet.
  7. You can watch any of the non live ifollow videos via your TV browser, but the only way I have found to stream live ifollow is to hook up either a laptop or desktop with a HDMI connection. Also don’t use the Microsoft edge browser, it cuts the connection for me every few minutes.
  8. He was the right goalkeeper at the right time. Every successful team needs a character in the dressing room and he was it. Wasn’t he the person the started the whole MASSIVE thing by phoning up football heaven every Monday and saying it every other word. I remember in the 4-4 draw with Huddersfield he had 2 chances to slow the game down and kill it off in the late stages. Instead he tried to kick the ball out of play. On both occasions the ball just came back within seconds. Unfortunately they equalised on the second time. Never left a game so disappointed.
  9. Without having the social interaction of colleagues during this work at home period, The Wednesday Week podcasts have been great. Just put in my headphones and work away on my laptop. It is really refreshing to hear a footballer speak, without the pressure of a media manager behind them, so you get to hear about a fall out, or how they were actually feeling about being dropped, or missing out on a big game. The Matt Hamshaw interview last week could have gone on for another 2 hours and it still would have been too short.
  10. Sorry to be a pain, I meant this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1907219021/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_IXM0EbGT4HHVY
  11. Yes it’s a fans view of following Wednesday and England. He says the words “Girlie puff” quite a bit, but it has some interesting stories. Especially when the rock up at a millwall pub.
  12. I love Carlton Palmer, as a player he was very underrated by both the media, and the team running the England national setup, probably because he doesn’t look like a footballer. I would also go as far as saying if he didn’t come back to a Hillsborough in 2001, bringing Stuart Ripley with him, we would have gone down again. He also has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, with good reason. Imagine being good enough to play for your national team (whilst playing for an unfashionable team), but having grown men walk up to you to tell you that you are the worst England player ever. However, some of that interview wasn’t quite true. Ryan Giggs did not play in the 1991 cup final (I think he means Lee Sharpe) and Chris Waddle was 31 (not 38) when he signed for us. So, I think his comments about the docked points are a little misguided. It was also filmed before Christmas, probably before DC came out fighting on the 17th December.
  13. I put this on the Owls fans trust survey yesterday, the players that have gone were not replaced with like for like or better. Wallace was a player who could change a game if plan A was not working, goals against Fulham away in that first season spring to mind. Hooper was a natural finisher. Lee (I know he’s still here, but he isn’t the same player) was not replaced with someone of a similar quality Helan had pace to take the pressure off if you were under pressure (watch the end of the second Brighton leg) Hunt had pace on the right hand, he wasn’t replaced with similar quality The last point, which is probably controversial, we don’t have a natural captain. Someone who is the go between “the lads” and “the gaffer” and someone who doesn’t mind if a video of them dancing with no top on ends up on social media.
  14. It’s been 20 years but it still makes angry. At the time the club were very good at saying, he has sent in Doctors notes and won’t play, but basically he just wanted someone to say, he did wrong, let’s draw a line under it and let him play football. Bought for £4.5m and sold for £1.5m when he didn’t lose any ability, what a great bit of business.
  15. Whilst I am not looking forward to watching televised football behind closed doors, I am intrigued as to how some players will perform without the crowd which can turn after a few mistakes. Reach is someone in that category, he frustrates the hell out of me sometimes when he fails to beat a player, doesn’t get a tackle in, or takes a shot that you know is going high and wide from the moment he pulls his leg back. But, his stats suggest that he does make a difference, so what will he be like in a game where he isn’t afraid to make a mistake?
  16. First player that came to my mind. He was tiny, but boy did he love a battle.
  17. If the season starts again a few people could be surprised at how it turns out. It’s almost a mini stand alone season and at the start of every season one team always starts well where as the “favourite” can slip up with draws and losses. Any outside team who picks up 6-9 points in the first three could think hang on we only have 6 games left if we have a run “playing for our contracts” we could achieve something in a short space of time.
  18. At first I wasn’t missing it, but slowly longing for football is coming back. I watched the full replay of the 2nd Semi final against Brighton earlier today so I am definitely missing something, it’s either: Football that feeling of your nerves jangling brain cells motivation to get up and wash the car.
  19. On a different note. Could the thread that was put together after the SWFC v Owkstalk court case be bumped. Just purely because it is a really interesting read and includes a few users testimonies on here of the nightmare they went through at the time. it will pass a bit of time whilst being stuck at home.
  20. Wasn’t Lee Strafford’s plan to redevelop the west stand and kop with giant archway supports and some sort of community centres incorporated for the 2018 World Cup? I seem to remember that United had their bid centred around building a hotel, but their bid was dumped at an early stage, cue bitching from McCabe. Another strange thing I remember is that that Barnsley Council in an act of parochialism had posters installed on lamp posts saying “we’re backing the Leeds bid”
  21. I couldn’t agree more, Loovens was a natural leader as well as a good defender. Wallace had an ability to change a game if we were struggling to break teams down with speculative efforts which could at least test the keeper (Fulham away and Huddersfield at home spring to mind). Semedo was happy to play a positive influence on the team even if he wasn’t playing, a true team player in every sense of the word.
  22. One of the biggest compliments I can pay Loovens is that when he played, I always had confidence in the defence. Whenever an opposition team attacked I always felt that it would be handled rather than the feeling of dread I get now that “this could be tricky” I watched the full replay of the 2016 Arsenal cup game over the weekend and they never laid a glove on our defence all night. Unfortunately, the the game also shows where we have gone wrong on recruitment since then.
  23. 15 but took a guess at Garry Thompson.
  24. This is one of the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of that day. When Antonio scored, after a few seconds of going mental I remember going silent for a few seconds taking in 4 sides of the ground erupting realising I had never seen that before. That summer, I watched the replay of that goal over and over when the commentator said “just listen!” The celebration after the Ranger goal was different, it was like a celebration and a sigh of relief at the same time.
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