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  1. He looked good on Sunday, he seems to read the game well, and looked very composed on the ball, was able to find a pass and didn’t panic with the ball near his own area. It was nice to see a younger hungry team who can hopefully keep the enthusiasm on a cold night in Fleetwood.
  2. I think it was just before. I think it was the Hulley / Culley era, after Richards left us high and dry. I also seem to remember Chris Stringer coming on after 13 seconds against Wolves away and wearing a plain green shirt without logos just because they did not have the supply of them.
  3. You tend to remember traumatic events with alarming detail. Getting hammered by Wimbledon (twice) and turned over by Stockport was not a nice experience. They went on an amazing run at the end of the season to stay up scoring decent amount of goals along the way.
  4. It was the season the kit supplier went bust and fans couldn’t but a shirt until November. The away shirt was all white, but what that meant was that if the blue and white shirt clashed, chances are the away one did as well. You couldn’t wear either away at Preston for example. They started wearing a yellow away shirt part way through the season, but didn’t sell it in the club shop. You did see the odd fan wearing it, I think they may have sold it in a sports shop in Chapeltown if my memory serves me right.
  5. Whilst I don’t disagree, do they actually need a broadcaster, when they could sell direct to the punter. That way the pie is not shared out equally, which is something that they are arguing about, (why should a televised Burnley v Wolves get the same amount of money as Man Utd v Spurs, which potentially has more viewers) also, it cuts out the middle man, more money for the clubs, less for the media moguls. In 1992 when the PL was set up, it needed a broadcaster with a licence to beam the pictures to your living room, now it just needs a studio in the ground, some cameras and an internet connection.
  6. That and the fact that Spurs have cozied up to American sports with their dual purpose stadium.
  7. If Parrish’s interview on sky is anything to go by, I think he is already banking on it. Isn’t the proposals that 5 ‘lucky’ teams will be invited to join them every year? If one of those is from the Premier League there is a 1 in 14 chance they can ‘qualify’ with a £400m bonus. How many PL teams will be planning a gamble to get the results to join them?
  8. I think that think goal shows Wednesdayite’s class compared to the L*eds fans. Kewell scores a really good goal against us at Hillsborough and he gets an applause. Fast forward 15 years and Matias scores a similar (but Technically better) goal at Elland Road and you look in the crowd and they are all giving him the rods, along with other selected hand gestures.
  9. Completely agree, must be a nightmare for defenders when you are tiring, facing a fresh Nuhiu pushing and shoving you, he is a really good option to have for the last 15-20 minutes.
  10. Who is the cruel sod who bought a seat between Blunkett and his Labrador?
  11. I have been through it once, on a night game against Manchester United in December 1996. Home fans were in the bottom tier back then, but you had away fans mingled in with you who had bought a ticket in the home end. It was really weird, Carbone scored and half the stand celebrated, then they equalised and the other half celebrated. it was quite eery walking through a tunnel, but then you get through to the other side and you are faced with one of the best views on planet earth of Hillsborough under the lights.
  12. Yes as long as you download the app. There is this disclaimer at the bottom of the ifollow page. You also cannot screen mirror from the app Live matches and full match replays are unavailable on iOS and Android mobile/tablet devices via a browser. Please download the app by clicking on the appropriate App Store image.
  13. But the ‘e’ is the button for the internet.
  14. You can watch any of the non live ifollow videos via your TV browser, but the only way I have found to stream live ifollow is to hook up either a laptop or desktop with a HDMI connection. Also don’t use the Microsoft edge browser, it cuts the connection for me every few minutes.
  15. He was the right goalkeeper at the right time. Every successful team needs a character in the dressing room and he was it. Wasn’t he the person the started the whole MASSIVE thing by phoning up football heaven every Monday and saying it every other word. I remember in the 4-4 draw with Huddersfield he had 2 chances to slow the game down and kill it off in the late stages. Instead he tried to kick the ball out of play. On both occasions the ball just came back within seconds. Unfortunately they equalised on the second time. Never left a game so disappointed.
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