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  1. Not that it would happen, and not that I actually think he is a good manager, but imagine getting Benitez with Newcastle’s compensation. That would make my year.
  2. I was in a theatre in London about 2 years ago, at the bar I ordered a pint of lager and a coke (my wife doesn’t drink). Whilst I was there I said “I might as well order the same for the interval” I optimistically pulled a £20 note out of my wallet and he came back from the till and said £22. The same round in the Lyceum is about £11!!! In the same bar, there were champagne corks popping right left and centre. It just makes you wonder what some people do for a living.
  3. What about Hutch filling in as CB under Carlos?
  4. With me being a pessimist, I was thinking that Sunday looked quite the opposite. The big hug with Nicky Weaver before kick off, (almost like an enjoy your last game), the going nuts with Morgan Fox (like he didn’t want his last action to be conceding), and the photo with his kids in the goal mouth in front of the Kop (a memento of his time here). I am rubbish at reading people though, so I hope I really am wrong.
  5. I would go along with this. He just brings something different. Can you imagine what what it is like for a centre half who is tiring towards the end of a game, suddenly facing the prospect of having to wrestle with a fresh off the bench striker who is as big and as strong as Nuhiu. plus the guy is a team player who is always the first to celebrate, even if he is on the bench. There are no egos, just an honest big guy who wants the best for his team mates.
  6. When Carlton used to be the expert summariser for Radio Sheffield, he did used to call him “son” I think Kivo put together a list of names that Carlton used for our players including Annoyer in place of Oguchi Onyewu
  7. Fantastic, he is scoring goals again and genuinely looks like he is loving life, he even did the celebration with the fans again at the final whistle. Fantastic The official site has had a nightmare though spelt his name Atdhe in the headline, and Adthe in the main body of the text.
  8. In 2000 I went on the club coach. I think we set off at 9 and we got into the ground at 2:55. At 3:05 we were already 1-0 down and eventually lost 4-1. I think I got back at 2:30 the next morning. Awful place to get to with an awful view for away fans.
  9. I think you can thank Fantasy Football League for that. That is something that was said 20 years ago.
  10. No that was 96/97, when that cheating ref David Elleray sent off Matt Clarke, and gifted an equalising free kick to Jamie Redknapp. The game had no meaning but that sending off still makes my blood boil. I think (although I may be wrong) that Owen made an appearance in that game, or maybe he was on the bench.
  11. I noticed last night that Maghoma and Mattock appeared to argue a few times, there were also times when their was a glaringly obvious overlap, and Maghoma chose to cut inside and get nowhere. It wasn't a good game for him, but I thought that Wigan were a good organised side, and we struggled to break them down.
  12. Our first half performance got them rattled, we never let them settle, and we worked so hard out of possession. Such a contrast to performances like Derby away. Their manager knew that which is why he sent Smith on at half time to "rough us up a bit and cause a nuisance. I'm confident that if we carried on in the second half in the same vein in the second half (and Leeds still had 11 men) we would have still battered them. Leeds defending for some of the goals was abysmal, but take nothing away from Wednesday, it was a hard working performance. To justify what I am saying, look at Reda's goal on FLS, there were three players busting a gut to get onside, they ran back and forth in the area about 3 times, also look at Maguires goal, three players running in "just in case of a follow up" All we ask as fans is for hard working performances, yesterday we got it.
  13. Well done that man, thank you, saved at least one hour of my employers time.
  14. I think Watford will be the 3rd team to drop. Just before christmas when we had 18 points and it was rumoured Watford were on the brink of administration, i looked at the table and with 10 points removed from Watford they were still 2 points above us. Now in the period that we have picked up 19 points and even teams around us have picked up around 15, Watford have picked up just 9, 2 wins, 3 draws.So I think that 4 wins and a couple of draws could see us safe.
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