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  1. I forget now, who was number Firty Free.
  2. It's not just about being an able/good goal scorer. It's about the chances created. I know people don't like this, but look at united, their strikeforce have never done it in that league before but they scored loads because they created chance after chance after chance, because they went for it, most of their goals were just normal run of the mill goals. On the other side we just played it across the back. We must have had the best record in any division last season for "Worldies", if we hadn't we would have had a very serious chance of going down. That is why we didn't have anybody scoring loads, it's mostly down to the system/tactics.
  3. Probarbly because people want to deny that GH did anything wrong, they want to blame the club at all cost.
  4. I don't need a woooooooooosh, i just felt like posting this .
  5. I once knew the real answer, and it was unbelievable, can't remember phookall now but that is the figure i keep remembering for whatever reason (for all i know it might be the seconds i put my pie on in the microwave). I worked it out at 50 yards to the corner flag, 15 yards to the gate, 40 yards up the Kop (all uphill on the steps though), 60 yards along the back of the Kop, 15 yards to the aisle, 15 yards to the tunnel, 20 yards from the back of the tunnel to the north west corner, 110 yards to the south stand, 50 yards again back to the tunnel. 375 yards in total (might be more, might be less) All i know is that he was pretty damn quick.
  6. I loved Willie Henderson (It's tough at the top), oh to have seen him in his prime. Mind you, could say that about Waddle and Francis, and probarbly a few more that i can't think of at the minute.
  7. My Eric Potts story. Think I've said it before, but hoping someone else knows it because i cannot remember how quick it actually was. For training they used to have a timed sprint race, one at a time, from the tunnel on the South Stand. It went up the longest steps of the Kop. Then along the back of the Kop. Then half way down the shortest steps of the Kop. Then turn right along to the tunnel. Then down the tunnel to the back of the Kop. Then round the back of the North West Corner. Then along the front of the kop. Then turn and follow the South Stand, back to the tunnel. This is the route... Eric Potts did it in what i think was 47 seconds (it was quick anyway) If anybody know's anybody at the club, i would love to know the exact time.
  8. Putting weight on by the looks of it.
  9. But not if you get another 80m (Guess), for the next three years when you come back down.
  10. People, a hell of a lot of people, keep saying that he has made a mistake, that he is not mature enough to make these decisions. But they then want 16 year old kids, to have a vote on what happens to the Country. Unbelievable Jeff. He, and his father should have their heads banged together.
  11. I was doing one of these, glad it got held up. It wasn't anywhere near as good as yours
  12. He has not cared since he's been here. I don't care where he goes. Just get fooked off.
  13. Excellent result. Congratulations and well done the Young'uns.
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