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  1. 1) If Wigan win, draw or lose by less than 4 we cannot move up. 2) If Wigan lose by 0 - 4 or 1 - 5 we move up to 16th. 3) If Wigan lose 2 - 6 we have the exact same move up to 16th on alphabetical order. 4) If Wigan lose by any other 4 goal margin we cannot move up. 5) If Wigan lose by 5 goals or more, we move up to 16th. 6) If Rotherham win by any score, they go above us. So... We could move up 1 place. We could stay where we are. We could drop down 1 place.
  2. MAL


    Owd on I cannot abide the *******, but you can't say it's the coppers fault, then blame them. Unless the last point is separate, then i agree
  3. MAL

    Still dicraceful

    But you put match winner, then include Westwood. I know we didn't win, but you don't think Dawson kept us in the game?
  4. I think Brown came across well, with the not given penalty we should have had for Fletcher. It was annoying, but not surprising, that the belllend that is andy hinchcliffe thought it was, but that they should have had another as well.
  5. We didn't play Leeds We played 3rd place (now 2nd place until tomorrow)
  6. MAL

    Still dicraceful

    Anybody posting this after tonight's display, deserves no respect for their posts whatsoever.
  7. Don't think he has it to make it anywhere, you described him to perfection, but... He will have more presence than Bazza.