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  1. Notifications have gone, so i'll just copy this.
  2. Just my personal opinion. I think Callaway are/used to be the best clubs for beginners, they seemed to have a bigger sweet spot, which gave more confidence. If you can go to American Golf (when they are back open) you can try the clubs out in the nets, might even get a little bit of free advice. Whichever name of club you do choose, if you then have a choice of sets and you cannot make your mind up, choose the set you like the look of. You will feel better looking down at a club you like, rather than one you don't. As you look down at
  3. We stayed in an apartment not far from there. Cannot remember which hotel it was now, but either the Falesia or Pine Cliffs we used to use the lift to get down to the beach. Do you ever go down to the little courtyard area (for want of a better description), where the Chinese is? We always went in the Hollywood pub, we had a good laugh in there with the Portuguese owners and a few people that went every year. An Irish family were looking at buying a house there. Another couple we spent a lot of time with, she knew Sheffield very well,
  4. Have you been before? Stayed there years ago around 2010, first time we ever went to Portugal.
  5. Yeah, i know that they vote some of the rules in, but there is still some one/person/persons/group or whatever, that write these out in the first place. The clubs do not bring them to the table.
  6. IMHO yes The efl board have just washed their hands of it, they have passed the responsibility and problems/troubles to the clubs to sort. Impose what the season regulations were, it should not matter what the clubs want, they know what they were before they started, if there is no decisions from the efl what the hell are they doing, apart from raking in the money. There has been this scenario before (not a virus, but still curtailment of the season), so at the minimum that scenario should have been written into the rules before a ball was kicked, then every
  7. As i see it, from what they have stated in the announcement. They don't give 2fucks about whether the season is completed or not. They have now put the onus on the clubs, with a huge get out clause for themselves. efl - Clubs we want to finish the season, but it is up to you, you can vote what to do, but if it doesn't finish then that is the end. Clubs - Whichever way they vote, it is like turkeys voting for Christmas. Clubs - Vote to continue, then the relegated clubs and those that miss out on the playoffs cannot claim anything, the
  8. A film started today at 15.15 on sky. The Field Guide To Evil. I cannot believe they have put this on at this time, even though it is PIN protected. If you like weird, this is for you. It is a lot of little films put together, some in subtitles. Don't watch it with the kids. IT IS WEIRD, DO NOT WATCH WITH KIDS. WEIRD.
  9. Not as directly as that no, but i kept trying with little innuendos, but you kept arguing against them Obviously the BIG innuendos work better .
  10. So you are saying, it is because the finances were not available anymore, there could be another reason for part of that scenario. It might (i emphasise on the might) have only took a little more finance to reach the pinnacle we were after. But if (i emphasise on the if) all the money for the club, had stayed at the club, we could have done a lot better for far longer. Can open, worms everywhere with that one, as i have tried to inform you numerous times in other threads Ricky (don't ask me to post anything).
  11. Not half bad that. Any more, to give a better review. Doesn't matter, found some more.
  12. I'm still a big fan of... Telling football to go FUCKITSELF
  13. I don't understand why anyone would be against something like this.
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