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  1. MAL

    Chelsea fixtures

    Nah, think we will play the first team .
  2. Yeah, Shrews scored in 71 - 77 - 81
  3. It's on it every year, we've won it before
  4. 4th December telephone records. "Ring" "Ring" "Ring" "Ring" Hello Ey up Aggers it's Brucey. Aggers: Hiya, what's up i'm just about to do the team talk for the cup match, then we are back onto the league next week. Brucey: Yeah, that's why i've called. Brucey: There has been some good performances under that bully guy, but that can't carry on. Brucey: Move him into the background, you do the tams and tactics. Aggers: Why's that Boss? Brucey: Well, given your track record, it will mean they play crap and have no wins. Brucey: Then when i take over, it will look like i know what i am doing, even if we only scrape draws with a few wins in there. Brucey: They will think i'm an Hero, turning it round and all that. Aggers: Oh good idea, i will have a look into it. Brucey: Don't waste time, just do your normal job. Aggers: Okay, that sounds... hang on what you on about.
  5. Foooooooookkkkkkkkooooofffffff