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  1. Who is the kid in between Pearson and Sterland? Is it Tony Gregory?
  2. Correct pal. Every one of the other pictures, no matter whether they have a kit on, are backroom staff, coaches, even the men in suits, are all on the same level. But Big Ron has had to have a higher chair than everyone else.
  3. This may be too easy, but look at the front line of the teams. Nothing to do with kits, or missing advertising.
  4. That will make 2 of us, i will be thinking about you, thinking about this
  5. No I will leave it on for tomorrow, see if there is any other weirdo that sees it.
  6. It is a very unusual one, not something you would readily notice, i will grant you that. I do not know why i noticed it, but it stood out instantly to me? Probarbly an insight as to how my mind works, or doesn't, as the case may be.
  7. Here is a little teaser for you. After looking at all the photo's... Can you spot a subtle difference in the 1990 - 1991 photo, from all the others?
  8. No dippers I'm afraid. But you can fill your boots with bingo. Probarbly about 2 quid a house 😁
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