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  1. Keep watching this match pal, you will sleep like a baby.
  2. Nah How many managers do we have to change, before him, and a lot of others at a lot of clubs get the message, like i said earlier, somewhere along the line... They have to take responsibility for their own actions, not blaming it on everybody else The problem in the first instance, is that they get paid too much. Then they cannot be bothered, unless it comes down to a bit of showboating. This is why triers are thought better of than skill full players who don't give a fack.
  3. Ooh That's a funny one. Top scorer every season, or nearly every season? without looking like he gave his all. I would liken him to Hoddle/Le Tissier, but not in the same class, that was his style of play, every game. Whereas with Joao, you can see he is not playing to his full capacity every time.
  4. Is where actually tried his utmost.
  5. Yeah But that is why they are rich. The punters are more clueless, as proved on forums like this, but still throw money at them.
  6. I admit, i have come in at the end (hopefully) of this thread. But how anybody can say Bruce shouldn't be grateful is on the wind up. Plus, he knew the situation at the club when he accepted the job. He just didn't know the situation at Newcastle, until he sent his agent to have a word.
  7. Sorry don't agree. Some players, Joao is one (up to now) because they don't/won't/can't put the effort and application in. For example... Watch him closely when he gets the ball, all he is looking for is to do his drag the foot over the ball trick. When that doesn't work, he has the face on. Report card reads, Can and should do better. IMHO
  8. That is like saying, every footballer that has never made it, can blame the manager and set up. Sorry for the bold, but... TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS... YOU LAZY ARRSE YOU THAT THINKS YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE IT YOU THAT THINKS THE CLUB OWE YOU SOMETHING
  9. The only person stopping Joao thriving, is Joao. If the lazy arrse pulled it together more often than not, instead of the other way round, he could be a star. Until he does that, he doesn't get a starting place IMHO.
  10. His name is keefdave, not Paddington
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