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  1. MAL


    Thanks for the reply, but.. Take the point that rickygoo & others have made... IF DC walked away, for whatever reason... Would it HAVE to be repaid, or would it just be written off. IF nobody was willing to buy it, what would happen?
  2. MAL


    Highlighted part, is a question for anybody who knows. IF DC decided to walked away, would it have to be repaid, or would it just be written off.
  3. MAL

    Team vs Lincoln

    So, accordingly he will be grilling Wilder about the goings on from the hierarchy at the lane, will he?
  4. Yeah, it is a good thing, best retention figures for students, but, IMHO if the students weren't here, this City would die. We have not improved anything apart from building more, more, and even more student accommodation, when we cannot fill all the accommodation we already have (yes i know they are private). Just didn't think it was a fantastic thing, trying to better the other posters "Dynamic" quote with student accommodation.
  5. But they are all just student accommodation. Unless i have been wooshed.
  6. MAL

    Sean Clare

  7. MAL

    Sean Clare

    I'll second that
  8. £500k because he was out of contract. Yes, injured at the moment. Knew where the net was at Dingles and Derby, before his injury. Have their pants down, or tell them to phook off. This sale would help with our finances though, we don't usually make money on sales.
  9. I was just going to post this. This would be my choice, IF he is fit.
  10. Referee from the U S of A at the world cup. But no English referee. That is embarrassing.
  11. Got to page 4, stopped reading any more. Another thread spoilt.
  12. MAL

    Sean Clare

    You can undo you decision pal.