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  1. Bit pedantic, but... Said by every fan, at every club pal. Fans don't remember, or conveniently forget, when they have the rub of the green. On the other side of the fence... I know what you mean though, that we have had a lot of really bad one's, but until referees are held accountable for their actions and non actions, it will not stop because they know they can just perform how they like, for whichever team or player they like. It is like Wenger now, even though he was right to blast the officials last night, he didn't EVER come out and say that they got away with things when they were winning all the time.
  2. For the second goal. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Foooooookin work, missed it all.
  3. Sorry pal, must have missed that. Get's fired as imaginary gameshow host, embarrassing or what
  4. Bonus point for @S36 OWL for spotting the white lining.
  5. They do (you spotted that part, i didn't), that is what i meant about i cannot see the other shirt properly. So concentrate on the first shirt with the white lining.
  6. I am going to regret putting that aren't i. I only mean a different photo, not these at all different angles
  7. This could actually have something to do with what i spotted, but cannot see the other shirt properly. @Lord Snooty Do you have any different angled photo's of the shirts pal?
  8. Incorrect pal. If that was an answer to my puzzle.
  9. It is not because some are bigger or smaller than others either.
  10. Apart from that, and that there is no stripes on them.
  11. Spot the difference between the shirts in this picture. I don't mean that there is one shirt on some, and two shirts on the others. You can win absolutely zero in this game.