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  1. I work with an office full of women who have no interest in football whatsoever, one of them is getting married in July and that's all I'm hearing!! WTF!! Think im gonna after say something cos I'm on edge already!!
  2. owl78

    F*****G OWLSTALK!

  3. owl78


    Are we having a ball??
  4. Jones is a done deal
  5. owl78

    Mark Reynolds

    I personally thought they were both poo !! Made to look very foolish for first 2 goals!! The 2nd goal was awful defending, I was sat in the kop and was closer to their striker than Morrison!
  6. owl78

    Darren Potters sending off

    At least theres one positive he wont be playing saturday!!
  7. owl78


    poo poo but not the only one today!!
  8. owl78

    donny chants

    We'll certainly know what you look like tomorrow night, you'll be the only fan in the away end, ya bell end!! Mind you does away end have double doors to fit ya big faking head throughSomething from doncaster